[SF4AE] Can't find in-game tutorial


I just got AE and I’ve looked around in the menus and I can’t find the tutorial. All I can find is the player challenges. Where are the tutorials that teach the basics?


There isn’t a basic tutorial in the game…you are better off reading up the stickies threads, checking youtube, or the wiki:



All right then. Playing a bit of the Skullgirls tutorial on PC last night spoiled me. But I had to stop because keyboard was a pain. :stuck_out_tongue:


SFxT has a basic tut mode

For SF4, look for “Vesper Arcade” on Youtube, they have an excellent beginners’ series for the said game.


Thought this isn’t directly the topic, it still confuses me and is related.

Why do all the videos and guides about the challenge mode seem completely different than the ones in Arcade Edition? In videos it looks like you practice some normal moves first, in mine the first thing you do is Hadouken. Then the combos ramp up in difficulty like crazy, the first one you have to do is a 3 hit combo with hard timing, then the next one or one after that is a 4 hit combo that’s just nuts, then after that there’s one with an air attack into a punch, hadouken and focus attack or something. The challenges in the videos seem to ease into those combos but mine is nuts right away!

Edit: The trials listed here are completely different than what I have in game. The first one was a hadouken, then shoryuken and so on. The whole challenge was that, perform the move once, then by #7 it stopped being “perform this special move” and became “do this 3-4 move combo with delicate timing.”


It looks easy in the videos because they have the timing down pat. The skullgirls tute applies a lot to SF4 too such as blocking and teching throws. As said before, look up VesperArcade’s tutesbon YouTube. Gameplay starts at around chapter 4 I think.

The trials in Super Street Fighter 4(Arcade edition) are different from vanilla SF4.


Mono. Not how easy it looks. The things shown in those video and text guides are completely different than the trials the game has asked me to do.


The guide was last updated in 2009. So yeah, more than likely things have changed since then, and that Guide isn’t terribly reliable. However, a lot of the core basic mechanics behind combos will still apply, and the Vesper tutorials are excellent for covering that. Not to mention the fact that combos take a backseat to good fundamentals, such as learning how to properly block, anti-air, spacing, zoning, all that stuff. A majority of which is covered by youtube tutorials, as well as the stickied posts in this section.

The in-game challenges and trial mods are terrible. The majority of it is useless in the context of playing a live match. Rely on community-produced guides and tutorials instead.


Sounds good I guess. The annoying part about the combos it gives is that I feel like i got the timing down, then I mess up right after, even feeling like I hit it on timing (used to play music so I have decent timing in my head). Sometimes it feels like it just didn’t respond. It doesn’t help that HK is mapped to R2 by default for the controller. That trigger makes it even harder to time it. Then anything involving PPP or KKK means I need to hit the trigger because hitting 2 face buttons like that is annoying as well. Can’t wait till my stick comes in.


It’ll get easier with practice. Some of these combos can be extremely difficult to time, and they typically only give you anywhere from 1-3 frames to connect certain attacks. With music games, you’re given a very easy visual AND audio cue as to when to hit the button. It’s a lot more difficult to find these cues in a fighting game, especially if you’re playing online or on different offline setups than what you’re used to.


Well I meant I used to play actual music, I played clarinet in my high school band for 5 years (it was a full 1 hour class every day of the week for the last 2 years). I was trying to get the timing down. The c.lk, c.lp, lp, c.hk combo trial I only succeeded at the first time because I did it with my eyes closed and just timed my presses in my head.


I’m assuming the combo was for Ryu? There are certain execution techniques that make certain links (lp->cr.hk) much easier so don’t worry if you don’t get it 100% quite yet.


Such as? How do I learn things like this? It seems like ridiculous amounts of trial and error.


I wouldn’t worry about it too much at first. Just try to do it with basic timing, and later on you can work on more advanced execution techniques. More importantly though, learn the basic, fundamental skills. Learning and practicing combos are neat and all, but it won’t mean jack shit if you’re never in a position during a match to use it.


VesperArcade SF4 tutorial on YouTube is the best source if you want to see the technique and hear it at the same time. I’d suggest not worrying about it until you can already understand and play the game. Learning techniques to improve combo execution won’t help you be better at the game and shouldn’t be prioritized until you understand footsies and other fundamentals.


Cool, I’ll check out his tutorial then. I’ve been watching the one posted in this subforum. Does he explain how to practice the things he’s teaching in an easy way?


Trials become easier when you get a feel for your characters. I mean, just as an example, I play Akuma, Blanka, and Chun in most Street FIghter games that they’re in. I got all 3 sets of trials completed in about an hour.
Characters I never use, like Rose for example, I went in not even knowing what her attacks were, as I never picked her in any Alpha game. That was MUCH more difficult than even Guile’s, who’s considered pretty hard.

Get a feel for your character, play some matches, and learn to just move first. People forget that… You have to learn to move before you get your execution down. You need to learn your characters’ rhythm.


I think he does, or at least shows examples that are easy to replicate. If nothing else you can just use the character he’s using to demonstrate the technique. He goes over 98% of the general game. If you want character specific information you can go check that character’s subforum and someone probably knows the answer.


By three sets you mean one for each character right? The trials seem like they used to be better about building up to bigger combos but now they’re just straight into it, no explanation.

I guess I’ll need to just try playing a bit then.

Sounds good enough to me!


The explanation is there. There’s just no reason to start with things like, "Hit f+MP"
That’s like teaching somebody how to write and needing to start by telling them which side of the pen goes on the paper.

The 3 sets, yup. Meant for each character.

What each trial does is build upon itself. Starts with getting you used to all their specials and then moves into basic combos. First is links and then cancels.
I think that’s ass backwards, as cancels are easier than links.
e.g. I think Ryu’s c.mp, c.mk is MUCH harder than c.mk xx hadoken. But that’s the order of the combos for whatever reason.

Starts with links, then to cancels, then to links + cancels. It does build, but it avoids going over the same thing twice, which is why it seems like every combo is so much harder than the last.