(SF4AE): How do I pick a main suited to me?

I’ve been flailing at fighting games like a newb for most of my life, but I recently picked up SF4 and decided I was going to put in the effort and will to actually learn to play. I’ve been using Ryu as he seemed like a good entry point for learning the basics of execution, but I don’t forsee myself sticking with him.

But the roster on the game is pretty huge. Is there any advice on how to pick a character to main, particularly one that fits well with my playstyle? (I seem to gravitate towards a sort of proto-rushdown, in that I feel I’m having the most fun in the process of fighting when I’m getting in someone’s face and pressing the attackattackattack)… or is it just, “keep trying out different people until one seems to click”?

Keep trying out different people until one seems to click…

What geese said. Try cammy, sakura, or cody.

its pretty difficult to say who is good for you until we know that you understand all of the mechanics of sf4. You may say that you like rushdown, but certain mechanics may change your opinion on that in this game, because rushdown in this game is different than in other games, such as kof.

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