SF4AE Is plinking and double tapping for normals only?


In combos does plinking and double tapping do anything for special moves if you are linking them ?

for instance ultras ? I know a lot of specials are cancelled but if they are linked for whatever reason does the plink for 1 frame and double tap for 2 or more rule still apply ?


There are no rules about anything, it’s about what you feel comfortable with.

I don’t plink special moves, because you’ll often get the EX version of the move instead. It doesn’t have anything to do with if it’s just a link or a cancel. I double tap virtually all of my special moves to insure accuracy, which was much more important in older games, but isn’t really all that necessary in SF4 due to more input leniency.

You can plink ultras, but that’s really only needed if you have a slim gap to link a ultra in a combo. This isn’t required for the majority of ultra moves, and requires that you assign a button bind for x3 punch or kick to a button.


I believe you can plink special moves with button combinations like HP+HK (disable taunt), MK+HP, LP+MK, and LK+MP (among others like LP+HK, etc.). Can you plink LP+LK for specials? I dunno.

I know I should probably be plinking things such as Adon’s Instant Air Jaguar Kick, but I don’t… as the hand positioning is extremely awkward for me and introduces a lot of tension in my hand.

Special moves have buffers (like 3D games have buffers), so most of the time you don’t need to be too precise, e.g. mashing out a 3f Shoryu block punish. Or even Ryu’s SPS, HP SRK- not hard at all to link because of the buffer period.

As mentioned, plinking ultras isn’t really utilitarian. Very specialized… like, you can plink into a standing 720 . . . but who does that?


People actually plink that? I don’t think it’s required. It just takes good timing.


With the gigantic buffer window in Tard Fighter 4, there’s really no need to plink special moves, but you can.


It’s good insurance if you can plink consistently. Like, if you’re going for (excuse number notation) 8~214K, but you hit K too early and it ends up being 8~21K4, plinking it will make the jaguar come out more consistently, instead of whiffing a neutral jump/forward jump kick and getting bopped for it…

I really prefer using special moves as block punishers (when applicable, anyway), because of how consistent they are (because you hardly need to time them because of the buffer). Why plink cr. LK when I can just mash…? We talking about practice?


unless you can double tap in 2 frames, you should save that technique for canceling into specials. plinking does that for you but because it can be a problem with EX, most people use it for normals linking.


I usually plink normals and double tap specials/supers/ultras


what about yang mantis slashes ?

double tap them ?