Sf4ae: links and the training room

Hello all, new to the forums, and just wanted to share something I realized while grinding in the training room the other day. I’m sure this is already known and posted, but with 2012 coming out, I’m positive there will be a good deal of new people not in the know, and to a new player (like myself) something like this is extremely useful. So, I’m posting it here in the case that its not that well known (because I sure haven’t heard of it before I found it.)

So, when you’re in training mode and you’re smacking the training dummy around, if you observe the training dummy’s health bar, you’ll notice a shimmering red neon-like glow that shoots from the left side of the bar to the right. Its super subtle and very easy to overlook if you aren’t aware of it, but should be obvious if you are looking for it.

Anyway, what that indicates is the hitstun that the dummy is in, and when the glow shoots off the right side of the bar, it indicates the dummies out of hitstun. Knowing this takes the guess, test, and revise section out of practicing links, and provides a more efficient way of pinpointing where you’re messing up. You want to input at some point while the glow is on the bar (obviously), if its off the bar, you’re doing it too slow. I found it works pretty well to build muscle memory (although Its still a little tricky to use it with one frame links with them being fast by nature, but I am still new so perhaps its just me).

If I’m reposting something well known, or already well-posted, my apologies! In any case, I hope its helpful to some of you. Happy grinding training room disciples :slight_smile:

i noticed that but it is really impractical way to do links

The animations in the health bars were proven to have no correlation with hit stun a few years ago.