SF4AE Tournament (S. Seattle) @ Gamebreakerz


I noticed this was posted in the tournaments and events section so I figured I would copy/paste it here to help get the word out.

The tournaments start at 7pm btw.


The owner (Shandor) has been communicating with us over Facebook, in order to find out about how to run the tournaments properly. I will be stopping by there sometime tomorrow to help unlock characters and to test the tvs there for lag.

I understand that Gameclucks is running something as well on July 9th. If you can make it to Gamebreakerz as well that’s dope, if you can only make it to GC then that’s cool also. I think having three venues is beneficial for the community (especially spread out the way they are, one up north, one in Seattle, one down south). Hope to see you guys there on July 9th.


I should be showing up.


While 3 venues is beneficial, what is not beneficial is doing them on the same weekends.
GC will be the 2nd Sat of the month for the foreseeable future, and has been for a while. I do not have another weekend to move it too, as I have a tournament every Saturday. So maybe new comers should move theirs to not interfere?


Shandor (Gamebreakerz owner) is a part of the NWSF group. Hit him up and let him know about your tournament schedule. From the outside looking in I always see the talk of events happening on the same day. I just hope there’s communication among the three of you (you, Mike, and Shandor) to prevent this from happening in the future. More events helps everyone.

To fill people in, I stopped by Gamebreakerz today to check out the place and it’s really nice. Spacious. The televisions there are vizios. I don’t know the brand # or anything like that, but these are the same type of TVs that were used at PAX last year for those of you that know. Basically they are really good for tournaments, while I’m sure there’s lag, I didn’t feel it so it must be minimal. I was able to do every combo I wanted ranging from rom loop to hyper grav loop to randomly long Dante combos. So it’s good. I also informed Shandor on how to unlock the characters in Marvel 3 so we’re good to go for the 9th.

Hope to see some of you South End cats there as well as others if they choose to make it out!


I live up north but will try to make it out to this. Sounds like a nice venue.


Just bumping this event up to let people know that it’s still going down. Hope to see everyone there on Saturday night!


So I seen KK’s tweet of top 3 for both games. Good shit y’all.

@ThaiVega206: Ae: 1 mhc bi 2 me ve 3rd trace yun mvc3: 1 mkp magsenphx 2 deezo spenwestask magwesaku magwestask 3 wenzel spenwestask amaspentask.”

Just curious as to how the turnout was? How many entrants for each tourney?


Great event and well organized. Also shout out to Paris for the tips!

OMG! Where have you guys been!?

Sum tvc would be nice. :<