SF4Remix [Gameplay Mod] Match Meeting


Hi fellow street fighters.
I came upon this not so new but still updated gameplay mod for ssf4ae which is really interesting. This tries to be more sane and balanced than the koryu mod for vanilla. Gameplay changes include alpha counters, rolls, magic series, new moves and move properties. For a few matches now and then it seems a lot of fun. Here is a little demonstration of this mod in action:

I’d love to play some matches online. So if anyone want to with me or others, I suggest posting your steam nick and location here and make contact in the ssf4ae group:

You can find the mod and the wiki with the game changes here:

I uploaded the mod with a batch file, so you don’t have to overwrite files. Just extract it in your game folder and execute the batch file. If you want back to unmodded AE execute it again.

My steam nick is Sp00kyFox (Central Europe), usually online in the evening hours.


That’s pretty dope that M.Bison would be scary


GFWL: Overlord_Raknus
Steam: Vortigon

I’m from The Netherlands.

add me on steam first. It’s much easier that way since you can see which version I’m playing. I’m always up for some games.