SF4's New 2 button Throw FTW!

Does anyone think that the new 2 button throw will finally silence the scrub’s???

I only ask because I have friends that are rejoicing over the new throws in SF4. Their good players but live by the “old code” that tic throws are still too easy and too powerful so they don’t use them unless they are forced to. I just want to see what other people are experiencing or expecting will happen to the game play now that throwing isn’t as easy as it is in HD Remix. Any thoughts?

my thoughts are that your friends need to read the playing to win article by sirlin.

When I played SF4 tick throws worked the same.

The sad thing is that they have, and now they actually hate Sirlin saying that if he wanted to truly re balance the game, he would have changed the throw’s power or made it a command. I think they’ve played Alpha 3 for so long that it’s just not worth the headache for me to argue with them. For the record I don’t play by those rules unless I play them. Hey there my friends and I’ll respect their house rules just to keep it fun. But my question still remains. Do you think the new throws will change the game and or silence the edit* Old Schoolers once and for all. My guess is that they will find other reasons to complain about how I beat them but I wanna hear what other people think.

2 button throw isnt new

IIRC, the two-button throws have been around since SFIII and IMO it really doesn’t change much since you’re pretty much just adding another button into the mix. I have a feeling execution will just be as effective as the previous games. Anyone who’s familiar with the Soul Calibur games would pick up on two-button throws pretty quickly.

A3 also had 2b throws (or was it 3p?)

If anything, two-button throws are bad - because they decrease the chance of a random button masher suddenly getting an awesome throw animation. The more sweet stuff that happens within the first 5 minutes of picking up the game, the more it will sell.

They’ll find new reasons to complain. And they’ll complain about all the old shit too. There is no pleasing the scrub, because the scrub isn’t really bothered by the tactic, he’s bothered by losing, and as long as he’s playing in his made-up fantasy-world iteration of Street Fighter, he will always be a lesser player, and always lose to those who are better, and thus always have something to complain about.

Actually, 2 button throws are what turned me off to SF3 and SFA3. One of the reasons anyway. None of the reviews I’ve read have mentioned that throws are 2 buttons. Oh well, I’ll still try it, but that sucks. The closer it is to SF2, the better IMO.

I’ve always preferred 2 button throws and whiff animations. Are throws 2 punch/kick or are they 3rd strike style(hated that)?

Do believe they are Third Strike style. I’ve always preferred the traditional throw method, but that’s almost certainly due to familiarity with it.

I’m more an alpha player, so the 2 button method is more my style. Then again, I’m not a throw abuser, so as long as I can reverse it’s fine by me.

Alpha 2 is actually my game of choice. That one used the old-style throws. I played a bit of A3, and I believe I remember them changing it with that one, though I was never much of a fan of A3.

I dislike two button throws for one reason:

They take the variety of the throw game away.

That’s one thing I really like about SF2 is the variety of throws that each character has.

Scrubs just need to learn how to out-think their opponent. That’s all there is to it.

The only thing it really changes is that you can’t option-select throw. For example, in HD Remix walking toward your opponent and mashing on strong is a viable tactic. If you’re too far away or hit the button too early, you get a high priority attack. If you do it close enough and at the right time, you get a throw.

I understand the idea behind two button throws. It’s to make them a deliberate act and to avoid the option-select mentioned above. But I’ve never liked em. They feel awkward to me.

I do like the 2-button throw system, but the change that will really go a long way to weakening tick throws, is the fact that you cannot be thrown while blocking, unless it’s a command throw.

You can be thrown while blocking.


The change that will really go a long way to beat paper, is the fact that you cannot use paper to beat rock, unless the opponent sneezes.

SFIV throws are a command, can whiff, and can easily be teched resulting in 0 damage! You don’t want to play Street Fighter, you want to play Punch Fighter.

People who play me will still get thrown. I can guarantee that.