SF5 Bison Findings

I know a lot of people can’t log on at the moment, but I expect them to fix up the beta connectivity sooner or later and plus they extended the beta window past the initial 5 days since the first day is a disaster.

I got 30 minutes in so far, dump your beta findings here. Bison army, you still in here? :open_mouth: Whether you saw some of the VesperArcade Bison primer here or not

Move - damage - stun - notes


s.LP 40 / 70s (chain)
s.MP 70 / 100s
s.HP 90 / 200s

s.LK 40 / 70s
s.MK 80 / 100s
s.HK 90 / 150s

c.LP 30 / 70s (chain)
c.MP 60 / 100s
c.HP 90 / 200s

c.LK 20 / 70s (chain)
c.MK 50 / 100s
c.HK 100 / 200s

df.HP 50+50


LP Blast 70
MP BLast 80
HP Blast 90
EX Blast 100

LP inferno 120
MP Inferno 130
HP inferno 140
EX Inferno 160
(regular head stomp can OTG off knockdown MP/HP/EX infernoes, whiffs on quick recovery)

head press 100
-skull diver LK: 100
-devil’s reversen 100 / 100s - Can link cr.MP

LK knee press 40+40 = 80
MK knee press 60+40 = 100
HK Knee press 60+60 = 120
EX Knee press 70+30+30+30 = 160
(NOTE: cr.MP xx LK Knee Press on block in corner has no push back, think USF4 Poison st.HP xx Fireball frame tramps)

Regular Links
st.LP, st.LK
st.MP, cr.MP
cr.LK, st.LK
cr.MK, cr.MP
st.HK, cr.MP

df.HP, st.LK
df.HP, cr.MP

I haven’t had too much time to mess with V-Trigger mode before I got kicked off, but for the normal special attacks into EX-special attacks that don’t require charge, you may not do the same attack. Also, EX-Knee Press is an ender as well as EX-Head Press, you cannot cancel another EX off it since it’s animating and EX Head Press doesn’t link.

So you can combo something like…
Knee Press >> EX-Inferno, EX-Blast, EX-Knee Press
Inferno >> EX-Blast, EX-Inferno, EX-Head Press
Blast >> EX-Inferno, EX-Knee Press or EX-Head Press
Knee Press >> EX-Head Press
Blast >> EX-Knee Press

Since the EX moves are unique in Psycho Power / VTriggered mode, they also drain the meter. Hitting all 3 EX-Special cancels after a combo drains like 35% or 40%, because not only are you using the % of V-bar but the duration is still running as your attacks are animating.