SF5 - Capcom Network - Private Sphere

with the new network system in sf5 everyone can see now all your matches and stats
which in itself is a interesting feature but i find it strange that its forced upon everyone.

maybe not everyone is fine with being so open and would prefer to keep this things private
for different reasons which i for myself think should be respected.

a option to enable all these stats just to friends or no one would be something that i would welcome.

feel free to discuss-

You must be German, since you value your privacy and call it private sphere.
My condolences, my friend.

Hopefully they include an option for ppl who want to keep their stats private

I don’t mind.

not native but yes i live in germany.
is it such a uncommon thing in other countrys that you
expected me to be one? :slight_smile:

i hope so too but from what i have seen so far there is no such option.
i havent even seen other people discussing it somewhere which i found pretty strange.

when my capcom forum account gets accepted i might bring that topic over there to see if i can get a official statement but
at the end we will see it in 9 days.

Does it actually save ALL of your matches? I watched some of the capcom network saved matches but it didn’t seem like that many were saved per person. Didn’t really fiddle with it much though.

Just sandbag all your fights

I welcome it, so I can steal people’s tech and shenanigans.

See, this is a tough one for me because I also would totally want it for that. On the other hand it does feel a bit weird that people can’t choose to opt out (I’m even fine with default being ‘on’.)

Are all my matches going to be saved? That’s going to be weird. I guess I can live with my crappy training matches saved but are they gonna do that for everyone? That’s a lot of save space?

Doesn’t it just save everyone’s last ranked match? But you can locally save as many of these as you like for any player? Or any of your own at any point, like every game.

From what I’ve seen a bunch of save games are saved, but not all. I don’t understand it yet. When you played in the beta it was ALL ranked matches so there was that, but even so It wasn’t too many games. I mean I played like 200+ games in the beta but MY saved games were like…20? I don’t get it.

Seems likely that it only saves the last 20 or so matches, and as you play more, the older ones drop off to oblivion. Unless you view/save the replay manually, then it gets assigned a replay code? I’m totally speculating, but this makes sense to me.

Also, I don’t think that the saved replays are actual video footage, gotta just be a complete match’s worth of command inputs from both players, and the game just uses that to replay the match in real time using the game engine. Takes up a lot less space and bandwidth I suppose.

I also don’t know what about the saving actually worked. I saved a bunch of mine and then told other people the replay code and they couldn’t see anything, and looking at the “last played” for particular people showed me nothing. Yeah I did get to keep my replay, but if other people can’t watch it on CFN even after I’ve had the replay “saved” on me for a while what’s the point of the replay ID? To me it seems like they’re having some sort of database issue holding all this stuff together.

Do you really think that many/any people are going to sit on CFN watch your matches? I don’t mean that in a demeaning way but we shouldn’t really worry about this. They will either watch their own matches, top players, or players they are training to compete against. If someone is training to compete against you and they happen to take note of your scrubby training matches - well done, you’ve just sandbagged.

This is already a thing in SF4. Now it’s just easier. It doesn’t save all your matches anyway. It was something like your previous 50-100 on the Beta.

in 4 it was up to you {or your opponent)[to upload matches which everyone who followed you or
checked out the replays/leadboards could see.

we will have to see how many matches will be stored in the final version but at the end its
the same thing just with a smaller amount of your matches.

as i said being able to see matches and stuff from other people is interesting but it should
be a optional thing.

They can just save the inputs and basic player data and play it back on the games engine, very small data space there.

Yeah total inputs for a match is at most a couple KB. You can store millions of the things.

Which only makes me wonder more why CFN was garbage at saving matches during the last beta, it didn’t seem to be saving mine or anyone else’s matches beyond their “last played”, when looking on CFN rather than your “Favorites” list.

haha, everyone who wants their stuff private i will look at all your stuff, no hiding from me :pensive:

I will sell your data to the chinese.

This is E-sports now. No privacy.

IF you want privacy you probably gotta play offline matches in versus mode.

Exposure is only for the best. Not all tech will be exposed though. We won’t always be able to tell what’s going on.