SF5 Discord starting netplay Pro-Am tourney series similar to CPT this weekend!


The universal SF5 Discord has been been hosting weekly and monthly netplay tournaments for half a year now. We thought of a neat idea to have a Capcom Pro Tour like rating system for these tournaments where your placement in the tournaments determines the amount of points you get.

You will only get points for getting in the top 8 of a tournament. There will be season finals (3 months for the beta, 4 months for the regular season) and yearly finals at the end of the year for the top qualifiers to determine who is the best in our Discord server. NA and EU points will be tracked separately. Some tournaments will have potential money prizes to them, more details about those will be revealed in the Discord chat in the future.

We’re going to have a ‘beta’ season for the rest of 2016, starting September 1, 2016 going through the end of November. We’re going to use this beta season to sort out any kinks as well as provide a fun way to see who currently does well in our NA/EU tournaments.

The first ‘real’ season will start January 1, 2017. More details about points will be coming soon.

We hope that this League system will provide an incentive for more people in this Discord to participate and have more fun in our tournaments.

For a rundown of planned dates and handing out points, please check this document made by Firkraag:

The amount of points for each user will be kept track of here:

In order to partake in our tournaments and get a chance to get on this leaderboard you HAVE to be an official member of our discord. To join the Discord click here:

Make sure your username that shows in Discord as well as your username that shows in all future challonge brackets is the same as your CFN.

You can sign up for our first NA tournament (Saturday, September 3, 5:00PM PST / 8:00 PM EST) here:

You can sign up for our first EU tournament (Sunday, September 4, 5:00 PM UK / 6:00 PM Paris) here:

All upcoming events will be kept track of here:

We will stream the top 8 of every tournament, if you’re interested in watching the stream here’s our shared twitch channel:

If you have any questions make sure to PM me or one of the mods in our Discord. Or you can e-mail us at sfvdiscord@gmail.com or tweet us at https://twitter.com/SFDiscord. Hope to see you there!