SF5 Etiquette


Hello guys, I’m new and this is my first thread :slight_smile:
I’m playing SF5 since its release or so (maybe a week later), my main is RYU, ingame name is Radamanto, like the name I choosed as username on this forum. I’m not a pro player, I can play a good match and lose 8 match in a row, no problem at all.
Well, there is a thing I want to discuss with other players. When I was younger and I used to go play Arcade game, so we are talking about SF1 and (expecially) SF2, there was some kind of etiquette between players that can be shortened on two points:

  1. do not abuse of game glitch or lame attack if the opponent is really unable to reply to them;
  2. Never, never, never, never, never hit somebody stunned.

Now I’m a lot older but I still apply these two simple rules when I’m playing online against people. It seems nobody have my same idea about going back when opponent is stunned, or change strategy when, for example, opponent can’t reply to cross-up or when cornered or can’t figure out how to avoid throws. What I’m saying is that we can give opponent some quality time by playing fair (you can win without abusing the same weakness over and over).

Well, I don’t see fairplay in this game, neither in battle lounges or casual matches, so I would like to know if I’m the only one acting like that or if somebody else care about the person controlling the opponent.

Also sorry if my english is not perfect.


When I stun someone my reward 4 making all those gd decisions is the damage from the stun combo I do.

If my opponent has a weakness I can exploit, I will because well why shouldnt I and hopefully then once they see the glaring weakness in there game they will work on it.

If u consider that not fair play thats up 2 u but by ur logic no one would ever get better at this game, so yeah ur probably on ur own in that way of thinking


Long story short: abusing the same weakness over and over and hitting people when they are stunned are both perfectly fair.

Longer story: go read this


Yeah, that prefab stun etiquette no longer stands, probably due in large part to the fact that stun combos tend to be highly scaled anyway. Back in the day, you could easily kill a stunned opponent with one more combo or even just a throw, but that isn’t quite the case nowadays. To not capitalize on stun is even more offensive now; you’re essentially saying “haha, you’re so bad that I stunned you and don’t even feel the need to take advantage of it,” IMO.


Get good, scrub!


SFV Etiquette


There isn’t any. Not in retrospect. Not like the ones you mentioned.
Play the game. Play for your entertainment. Play to win. That’s what it comes down to.
In a tournament environment? Same thing. Just maintain a positive attitude and you’re good.

Note: There are NO rules against taking advantage of stun or utilizing certain moves. None.

For more elaboration on these concepts, search for:
Sirlin’s Playing-to-Win Guide
Seth Killian On Cheapness

… And, such.


It’s a video game. The idea is to beat your opponent with the tools the game gives you.

-If the developers didn’t want you to spam moves, they would put a “cool down” period on them.

-If they didn’t want you to take advantage of a stunned opponent, there wouldn’t be any stun in the game in the first place.

If someone is unable to figure out how to beat the tactic I’m employing, I’m doing them a disservice by switching it up. I know I wouldn’t be happy knowing that I won because someone was playing it easy on me, and it’s probably a tactic I need to work on countering if it works on me over and over again. it would be good practice!


The only etiquettes i practice are:

  1. avoid taunts
  2. if it lags, i back away, reset.
  3. if i overpower the other first round, I let them try stuff the second round. Take a loss. Play hard again 3rd round

  1. No throwing
  2. No fireballs
  3. You cant pick the same character as me
  4. You cant block supermoves- we will watch all the animations
  5. I get the game pad with working up arrow
  6. I have an allergy to the red dye in kool-aide and wheat so I get final word in what snacks mom makes


Just happened. Against a Ken, I lost first match, won second, going for third match, won first round, done a lot of damage to Ken on second round, he got stunned, I stepped back and… ragequit. Yes, maybe some people think that not hitting when stun mean “you are not good enough”, even if my purpose is to allow people to try a reaction if the round is going bad.


Fighting Game Etiquette: Play to win.


I think, you’re a troll.


I became better at fighting games when opponents own me for free


Lol, you have my ingame name, you can check the replays if you think I’m telling you lies to troll.


Eeeeeeeeeeeh… Yeah. This is not getting anywhere. Another kind of ediquette that I firmly believe in is…


1). Whooping people’s ass online and offline with sexy ass Cammy.
2). Showing people how awesome Cammy’s sexy ass is… while still whooping theirs.

@d3v I think it is about that time…




SFV Etiquette: don’t rage quit.


The only time to care about any of this is if you’re playing against someone you actually care about or are trying to teach someone, and even then it’s not about being “nice” it’s just about not purposely pissing off your friends


just go with the mvc2 mentality. Be GDLK or GTFO. RTSD everything. Play to Win.

Also, if people say “I just play to have fun” your reply should be "Winning IS fun though. You should try it sometime.

Fact: This will be my one and only sfv forum related post because I find this entire thread stupid.

  1. Fuck that…I’m gonna taunt whenever the opportunity arises.
    Wait…I can taunt in this game??!

  2. If it lags I’m gonna play it out until the end of the match…likely won’t rematch.

  3. Fuck that…I’m gonna go all in.
    For me I would be insulted if some random player would intentionally sandbag me without me knowing…save that shit for training mode.
    If the opponent wants a respectful rematch…I’ll most likely respect that back.
    If the opponent is going to be a sore loser…don’t need/want you in my gaming life.


The only time I ever let someone escape a stun is at the price of having to watch me taunt them. Sometimes if I’m fighting a particularly strong opponent who just made a string of really shitty guesses then I’ll back off the stun, do my taunt, give them another shot. But you gotta hold that salt.