SF5 Juri combo thread



Just made this little video. It’s not comprehensive, but it does cover quite a lot of stuff



This is what I have so far.

Tick Throws

  1. crLK > Throw
  2. crMK > Throw
    **If you still have the habit off going for a throw after pressing normals which usually leads to your opponent punishing you…these 2 are the only deep normals Juri has to go for a deep grab. Of course you can poke wit stLP, walk in and out and grab or go for a counterpoke.

Counter-Poking 3f Normals

  1. crmk > stHK (This will requires match up specifics. You can normall use crMK to poke, wait for your opponent to press a button and then do stHK)
  2. stHP > stMK (Another Coutner-Poke set up where you have to so the stMK can hit all of these require spacing)
  3. stLK > stLP CH ~ crMP/crMK (EX/HK FUSHA)
  4. stLP > stLP CH ~ crMP/crMK (EX/HK FUSHA)
  5. crLP > stMP CH ~ crMP/crMK (EX/HK FUSHA)
  6. crlk > crLP CH + crMP
  7. stMP > crMP
    You can get more milage off of the above pokes, I just wanted to be simple.

Light Kick Ryodan* Combo Ender Set Ups (CC’s 3F)


  1. LK Ryodan > Dash > crHP CC
  2. LK Ryo > Dash > stMK CH > stLK > DP
    **This needs more experimenting. It works but I’m sure more can come out of this.

Target combo V-Skill Set Up (Quick Rise)

  1. TC~VS > Dash Up > crHP CC
    **This beats 3F normals, and Mika’s EX Peach. Needs more experimenting.

After a Forward Throw

Quick Rise/3f

  1. Sweep > Dash Up Meaty Grab (Beats 3f)
  2. Sweep > Dash > stMP CH
  3. Sweep > Dash > stlk CH

Normal Recovery

  1. Forward Throw > Sweep > Dash Up Grab (It will whiff) > stmp > crHP/stHP Counter Hit

The thing is with this set up…it’s based on a damn sweep. So if they block you’re fucked. I would only use this in like a long set or if your opponent is really freaking button happy on wake up. Or when you have VT so you can make it safe.


2. crMP stuffs IALL
3. stHP stuffs mistimed IALL
4. stMK counter pokes stHP
5. Jump Back Light Kick will hit and escape IALL
6. If you’re in the zone, you can air grab Chun during the first few frames of IALL

Juicy Set Up All 3 Stores

  1. CC st.HK > stHP >> MK Fuha > crMP > HK Fuha > LK Fuha > Dash Up Counter Hit
    1a. ON HIT - stHP > LK DP > SUPA
    1b. DASH UP LK Fuha
    1c. stHP > VT > stHP > MK Fuha > crMP > HK Fuha > MK Fuha

  2. You can land this combo without CC st.HK. The LK Fuha will counter hit 3 Frame Jabs and even Mika’s EX Peach. Once you see the Counter-Hit…
    1a. You can confirm
    1b. You can store again IIRC
    1c. You can go full out and start a VT Combo. This does about 75% Damage if your opponent pressed a button.

  3. This will also stuff Ken’s MP DP. This entire set up needs more experimenting.

**What happens if your opponent blocks this set up? You have enough time to confirm the Counter-Hit, and you have enough time to just block when you Dash after the LK Fuha release.

I haven’t done most of this tech in a real match yet because I’m still working on my Juri’s fundamentals…basically learning how to open people up to even get shit started. It’s weird having to use her heavies to get some confirms in. Specially when her normals aren’t as good as Kens…Cammys…etc. You have to get DEEP.

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Has anyone messed with making her specials hit meaty for plus frames on block? like qcf lk?


Another TC combo variant. Does pretty nice damage for spending only 1 Fuhajin charge.

st.MP xx f.HP xx qcf+LK (charged) xx qcb+HK (224/394)
st.MP xx f.HP xx qcf+LK (charged) xx qcb+HK xx Super (422/394)
(CC) st.HP, dash forward, st.MP xx f.HP xx qcf+LK (charged) xx qcb+HK xx Super (470/526) (seems more difficult to nail the Ryodan?)

Time the Ryodan input with when the fireball is about to hit the opponent. Do it too early and you whiff. Doesn’t work in the corner.


Not sure if people have talked about this already but…

If you need to charge, you can do target combo canceled into w/e charge you need. On block, the charge makes it safe, on hit, you can follow up (even after charging) with lk. dp or ex qcf.kk, possibly other things too, especially in the corner.




If you get a free jump in kick (and you have mk stored), a good easy follow up is: c.hp xx mk release, c.mp xx light ryodansatsu (quarter circle back + lk), and you can cancel the light ryodansatsu in CA if you wanna spend the meter.

There is actually many options here depending on what stores you have, but this is a simple one to start off with.


Thanks for not starting out the gate with v trigger combos


Very nice and orderly Venom thx


Not sure if this is posted, Target combo st.MP, f.HP xx qcf+lk
On block, just a safe blockstring
On hit with no charge, LP dp or EX qcf+k
On hit with charge, you can do multiple things, use other charges, lp dp, dash forward ex dp

You can probably do more than what I posted, havn’t really spent time with juri so don’t know about most of her moves juggle properties.

If you end with the juggle LP dp you have plenty of time to dash up and do some meaty or whatever you want (for normal recovery dash up st.HK will be meaty which shows how much time you have)

In just combo perspective from what I see missing above

mp xx f.hp xx qcf+lk (not charged), dp+lk = 178 dmg, 310 stun
mp xx f.hp xx qcf+lk (not charged), qcf+EX = 226 dmg, 310 stun
mp xx f.hp xx qcf+lk (not charged), dp+lk xx CA= 409 dmg, 310 stun

mp xx f.hp xx qcf+lk (charged), dash forward, dp+lk = 210 dmg, 360 stun
mp xx f.hp xx qcf+lk (charged), dash forward, dp+EX = 259 dmg, 394 stun


521 damage from this one (MK and HK charged)

jump in HK, st.HP, qcf+MK, cr.MP, qcf+HK xx VT, st.HP, qcb+LK xx Super


(j.hk),cr.hp xx mk fuha, cr.mp xx hk fuhajin vtc(first hit) st.hp xxmk fuhajin,cr.mp xx lk fuhajin xx hk fuhajin xx mk fuhajin (374/595) 336/528
leaves you in an good spot to crossup afterwards

(j.hk), cr.hp xx mk fuha, cr.mp xx hk fuhajin vtc(first hit) st.hp xxmk fuhajin,cr.mp xx lk ryodansatsu xx super 488/518 (524/581)




[quote=“CharminUltra, post:3, topic:180480”]

Found a string that with a single knockdown setup in the middle can lead to 90% ish damage, beats 3 frame jab wakeups.

J.HK -> S.HP -> QCF MK -> C.MP -> QCB LK … dash … S.HP -> C.MP -> QCF HK -> V-Trigger -> S.HP -> QCF MK -> C.MP -> QCB LK … stun … J.HK -> S.HP -> QCF MK -> C.MP -> QCB LK -> CA


Same setup but without the jump needed that’ll still lead to stun. Just a little optimisation



Here’s a more ‘practical’ setup which doesn’t require a high damaging combo beforehand. Simply a counterhit (or poke/punish) confirm from target combo.



That s. hp meaty, c. mp is nice.


Lol yeah he is the one spamming.


Could anyone give me some tips on how to link ST. LK > Tensenrin? By the time I input the DP motion the hit stun has worn off and it doesn’t link.



f+lk, d, df+lk.


368dmg, 596 stun. Non v-trigger.