SF5 Lounge: Idom save us, X-Kira damned us and Seth is waifu

Oh look Zeku got fancy combos now, isn’t it great. How about we just body his st.lk in young form as a pressure tool and a frame trap so people can do CAWMBOWS.

Old thread:

Go to it, has a bunch of early notes on changes.

What the hell did I just sleep through.

Firstly, congrats to Idom and fuck him for getting Poison nerfed next year.

Also, and I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but Lady Seth looks really cool. And I’m not only saying this because of the boobs but this is the first evil lady boss we’ve ever had in SF, even if technically he/she’s probably just a gender-neutral whatever.
I also love the copycat move and how it makes him/her/it (?) change appearance if the opponent is a big monster like Abigail.

Very positively surprised, definitely going to burn some FM money on Seth. The only thing I wonder is whether his nostalgia costume will have any impact on readability because he’s significantly bulkier that way but the hurtbox will stay the same.

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streat fightir

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Poison and Laura got buffed fam. Idom winning it all next year.

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oh fuck me menats vskill 2 is straight up called soul spiral

rip rose


Soooo G’s VS2 has a SECONDARY use…


Oh so he’s literally got Q’s defense stacking taunt


Are there any proper patch notes? I’ve read this resumé on Capcom Unity but it’s worded a bit oddly. I did see that Poison’s EX Kick is now an overhead but punishable on block which is an okay buff. Lots of start-up times seem to have been updated as well so here’s hoping st.HP isn’t as criminally slow anymore. That said I think V-Skill 2 is her best buff anyway.

Edit: lol, these Falke buffs. Her pressure with standing shot is going to be retarded good.

I think I’m going to play this game again tonight.

Wait is that permanent? Kind of ridiculous if it is.

Yeah this thing seems legit with this damage decrease buff.

This is basically G’s defense tool now, nice

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Nah apparently it goes away on KD

Come to think of it, his VT2 might actually be a legit alternative with this VS2 :thinking:

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Not super knowledgeable on Poison. I have basic knowledge of Laura and she got buffed. Season 5 Laura versus Season 5 Karin would have had Punk in tears.

One thing I noticed in Seth’s trailer is that any of the moves he steals with v skill 1 has him turning completely black. Here’s him with Juri’s, Guile’s, and Abigail’s moves.

Another thing I noticed is that he uses Bison’s stolen move in the last combo of the video. It’s his scissor kick.


Cody still feels a little too fair. Wanna know the sway and knife change details.

Really love Seth’s Tron design. Lots of potential for alternate colours.

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Alex is going to sneak into my room while I sleep and fucking strangle me to death.


Yeah but if you randomly glance him while you’re sleeping he can no longer kill you.

CFN website is up now with the changes.

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