Sf5 players that plays Clash Royale


Just scouting out for sf5 players knowing the mechanics of fighting games which is a big benefit for Clash Royale pvp can join my clan.
Clan name is Evil Balrog, we have 25/50 members and the name of the leader is baby god. Please enter in srk forum’s to join in.



What is this black magic you speak of.


Shut the fucc up and take a walk scrub :tdown:


Street fighter 5 is shit and so are you ya little smelly critter.


Take this bullshit to gamefaqs, please. This site is not for your purposes.


Is Clash Royale that medieval themed mobile game, the other medieval themed mobile game, or that one medieval themed mobile game but with cards?


Please be adults about it and ignore if you don’t play Sf5/Clash Royale. Thank you.


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If you wanted folks who plays SF5 to join your “clan” then perhaps you should have posted this in the appropriate subforum? Thank you.


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I see what you did there…almost got me.