SF5 Ryu: A Newbie's Execution Question

Hi all,

Been practicing some combos for Ryu in SF5 and have noticed a consistent problem I seem to have with cancelling crouching anything into a special move.

I have a tried with stick and with pad and whenever I try to cancel (for example) a crouching fierce into DP at full meter, I end up using my Critical Art. With the changes to the Critical Art motion only needing to be down forward down forward rather than double QCF, I’m struggling to get this to not happen (unless I just don’t have full meter). Funnily enough, I was the person getting Shoryu instead of Ultra in USF4, and now it’s the reverse. So I know I have an execution issue here, but my hands just don’t know what to do haha!

Does anyone have any tips/tricks on how to get the true motion on a D-pad and/or stick? It would seem I’m always getting DP motion plus forward, especially on pad. And that works fine for a standard shoryu or when I don’t have full meter, but I want it to be right all the time. On stick I’m just holding the stick diagonal down forward at the end of the special and it works(ish). But for D-pad it seems really difficult to secure the clean execution. Is it also possible that I’m pressing the punch too early/late? For Ryu, it seems cancelling out of crouching attacks is a nice option in his move set so I wanna get it down. I understand that it’s a case of practicing it, but I need to get a clearer idea of how to execute the motion better so I can practice it.

Sorry for rambling (and sorry if there is already a thread somewhere out there addressing this). But I’m really in love with this game and want to get better, so I figured it makes sense to consult more experienced players about this in case there’s any advice that I can incorporate.

Thanks! <3

Hi There,

DP has a shortcut that will likely help you out with the specific example your provided:

DF, D, DF + punch

Really deliberately finish your DP motion in the corner and you shouldn’t get a fireball or CA. Helps if you have a stick with square gate to really hit the corners easily.

Use the shortcut like MumenRider points out. You hold down on the d-pad and then press forward twice to get the DP. For example, for the sMP, cHP xx H DP combo you press MP, then hold down as you do the HP, then press forward twice and punch to cancel into the DP. As long as you keep holding down you won’t get the forward so you should never get a fireball. The problem with it is that you don’t get any kind of feedback from the d-pad as you are doing this because they are not designed for this kind of shit, unless it’s a better d-pad then the 360 that I’m using. When you hold down on the 360 pad, it becomes much harder to press forward, and as you press forward there’s counter pressure on the down direction so if you don’t hold it hard enough, you’ll lose it. It’s trash basically.

two words: square gate.

Thanks MumenRider and freddie for the advice. Really helped!

Thanks Todd also, but I was looking more specifically for advice on pad. You’re totally right about the square gate though.

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

It’s the same with pad. Try to hit the diagonal.