SF5 Steam Beta gift x3

Greetings, SFV beta is currently up. I
Just prepurchased SF5, got 3 beta gifts for steam.
If you have a rig that can play, and have the rest of the night available, i’d be happy to give all three of them away.

Please only ask for one if you can play for the next few hours, dunno when the beta is going down, would hate to see them wasted.


I dont know when this was posted but if you still have a code im dying to play! Ive got all night

Send me your steam name via pm, or post it here, i’ll link you up brother.

My steam name is zenicallfather

Oops its zenicallfather

My phone messed up

I need the name you use for steam games, not your log in. If you open your friends list, the name it shows you as there.
I just did a search for zenicallfather, and found nothing.

Its Zenic

My little picture is a black circle on a white backround. Whats your steam name I might be able to find you

That should work too

Ok, one beta key out. Two remaining. hit me up!

Hey, i would be glad to receive a key as well. Steam name: Erazor
Account name: erazor4ever

Edit: Just saw the line about having the rest of the night to play. Well, I need to get home from work first which will still take a few hours. But if you can spare a key I’d happily take it.

They just shut servers down for maintenance, but you’re welcome to a key. Hopefully they bring them back up.
Edit: there are a couple hundred people with Erazor name, you’ll have to pinpoint location and profile pic for me.

Awersome :slight_smile: My profile pic shows Dive and Kick from the game Divekick. My location is Germany.

Think I found you. Will gift after we confirm in steam chat.

One key left.
Servers are down for maintenance, dunno if they’ll come back. But i have a feeling the beta will come back before release.

Avi game is on point young man… kudos