SF5 Title Flair Thread: V-Trigger Bling


Alright guys, this is the proper trial run of Title Icons. As of right now, I have to do these manually and I only have access to universally used icons that Discourse recognizes. Which means that I’m limited on what I can do. For now there’s plenty of stuff we can have fun with:

Country flags:


If I have access to it here, I can very likely add it to your title line. We have a pretty international user base in this subforum. Leave a friendly reply here with your country you’re living in and I’ll be happy to accomodate.

CFN Names

SF5 has a fancy friend system to it. If you want people to add you, place a request here.

Youtube and or twitch:

I have access to both the :arrow_forward: and :movie_camera: so if you want to advertise a youtube channel or a a twitch channel put it in a request here. For example:

:arrow_forward: Rooflemonger for youtube

:movie_camera: SRK_Forums for twitch.

If it has both icons, same name on both places. Rooflemonger is not the person doing Twitch SRK_Forums (yeah boy, we’re announcing this soonish…).

Good Poster Rep

We sort of have a rep system but it awards badges that you get on your account, not something people can see. In order to flash some bling at them boys, we’re going to do it manually. Anytime you earn a good reply (10 likes on a post), post here and I’ll award you a:


Get 5 of those and you get a:


Get 5 of those and you get:


If you see a post that you want to highlight, by all means post it here so people can read it and give it likes. If you feel a person should be highlighted individually as a post, put a link to the person’s post or just shotout the person for something great he did and I’ll add a :+1: to his title line.

You get one of those thumbs up a week or something. Basically I’ll be eyeballing it so it doesn’t become a clusterquack of thumbs all over the place.

Challenger Icons:

Coming soon. You’ll be able to play certain SRKers for a chance to win an Icon that lets you hold that W over them. All of these are going to be individual to beating that SRKer in the events so make sure you keep an eye out for their announcements.

Special edition Icon:

If you’ve had an account since the dinosaurs roamed, so from about 2005 and before, you can get


On your title line.

We may also do random special events in the thread that we signify with random icons. Just keep active and you may get a chance to go in on some of those. Right now a lot of people have :face_vomiting: on the title line from losing a forum bet. As long as its fun, we’ll think of it.


Why can’t I get all this 10 million emojis on my title line that I want?

Because I have to do them manually. This also avoids people putting a weird string of emojis that says something weird that I wouldn’t know about. So for now this is the slow rollout of the idea.

How come you aren’t doing X, Y or Z? Obviously you should do Z.

Pilot program at the moment. If you have ideas on ways we can reward people or other messages to add, feel free to leave a post here and I’ll read the suggestion.

Can I title line bet somebody for an agreed upon message?

As long as its streamed so we can verify it and both people agree to it, I’ll enforce it. Nothing vulgar or that breaks the rules (no racial slurs or epithets).

I put in a request for title stuff and still haven’t gotten it.

I have to do these manually so it takes a bit. I’ll get to them as promptly as I can.

Do this I want it

Being rude about it things gets you nothing. Do not be rude.

Something isn’t showing right.

For reasons outside of my understanding, not all browsers process the emoji codes the same way. That means that something show properly in my cellphone browser but not on Firefox. Emojis may change colors too. Trial run stuff and another reason why I can’t guarantee that I can do all custom jobs people could request.


SFV Lounge: Revealed DEEZ NUTZ! They don't reveal $H1T. Momochi plz wakeup super
SFV Lounge: No News after the grass, 10K POWERRRRRRR

I like

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Well to kick things off I’m


CFN: FlyingVe
PSN: NotFlyingVe
Xbox: FlyingVe

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PC CFN: Vhozite (Main SFV account)
PS4 CFN: SRK_Vhozite

@Pertho until you get some help or an easy way to maintain this do yourself a favor and keep this simple.

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SFV Lounge: Revealed DEEZ NUTZ! They don't reveal $H1T. Momochi plz wakeup super

lol, SF5 subforum, peeps only need your CFN.



PervyJin01 / PervyJinPC

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CFN: NCK_Kakarot

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CFN: -Frost




CFN: LosingWithStyle

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CFN: SP_Wesker215

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Us flag
Cfn: moyosp33d

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CFN: Relusion

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CFN: GetTheTables



CFN: Flack0

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This is a complete sentence.

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Australia (UK citizen)

PSN - MossBrosss

CFN - BraboChoke

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Flag of Taiwan
CFN: ZioSerpe
Steam: 外国人

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Is that your twitch name?




ever heard? young upstart PC gaming store/platform

my Twitch is Zioserpe