SF5 Tournaments - Needs to be changed to 3 out of 5 games

Been watching tourneys over the last few weeks scouting players, and the matches in these tournaments are just too damn fast. I think that 2 out of 3 games is not enough for this iteration. There are too many standard combos that are 40% plus that require little resources and that nearly every character has. It really only takes 2 or 3 mistakes for you to lose the round. With that, it’s apparent that the players can’t really get into the depth of the fight because there are too many high damage gimmicks that will end the match. I’ve been watching the highest level players battling and ending a 2 of 3 in 2 minutes, and this has been constant.

With all of the other games that share these same characteristics (Tekken, MK, Marvel), I really think that all future SF5 tournament formats should be 3 out of 5 games. This game is no molasses SF4 and it needs to be removed from that mindset. SF5 is a highly offensive game that is fast, has high damaging and high stun combos from easy 50/50 setups. 2 out of 3 is not going to do the SF5 tourney scene any justice. Just my old man pennies. Discuss.

I actually think MKXL is being changed to 3 of 5 at final round.

I actually like how fast the matches go and with record breaking competitors signing up, 3 of 5 for SF may be just too much.

I wouldn’t mind 3/5 as since we’re getting into eSports any ways, you should have more time to play your opponent. Most anything else competitive lets you play your opponent longer than SF does in a tournament situation.

With that said, it’s mainly the logistics that will keep this from being possible normally. We’ll see where it goes.

One thing I’ll agree with was that it was pretty stupid that any part of Capcom Cup for SFIV in December was 2/3 matches. A complete death bracket of 32 of the world’s earned killers can’t do more than 2/3 matches to start the first match before being moved up the winners or into the losers’ bracket? Doesn’t make sense to me. Every single match for SFV Capcom Cup better be 3/5 minimum. That’s too much work put in to make whether you move up a death bracket all come down to a short 2/3.

Give it time to develop. There is a good chance it will become more defensive as the game develops and people learn how to defend against some of the current gimmicks.

I agree. FT3s are more enjoyable as both player and spectator.

I don’t see tournaments adopting it any time soon though. While it would bring quick matches to a more reasonable time, it’ll also really drag out slow matches.

Though… it’ll still never be as slow as CvS2.

I actually like best two out of three, it gives you a short amount of time to learn your opponents patterns and adapt.

If we make it FT3s I can only imagine how much the tent pole majors will slow down. Evo has over 3000 entrants for SFV, do we really want FT3s for the entire thing?

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