As there are no char. discussions for SF5 now, I’ll start this thread here.

Do you think Vega will be in SF5? Why? Why not?

And what principle changes would you like being made about him if you think he is in?


Maybe. He made it into SFxT when they could have put in a bunch of other characters, so maybe someone at DIMPs likes him a little bit. I hope so, since it looks like the game will favor his play style compared to SF4. No FADC garbage at least for now, looks strong on the footsies game. As long as there aren’t armor moves and Focus, then I think Vega has a good shot at being strong.


this game seems to be after third strike, isn’t shadowloo dead?


I doubt Vega would care, he still has his cat and mouse game with Chun.


I don’t think he will be in. Reasons:

1-ex.fba and its derivations caused too many problems for Capcom. cr.mp-ex.fba still doesn’t work on some crouchers. It whiffed on most of them in vanilla. He was not even able to reach the wall during normal fba (Which still happens). U1 also caused many problems

2- He is not a fan favourite. According to some eventhubs poll made last year, it turned out he has mainers only. Noone uses him as secondary. Only those few(few among many) mainers will miss him. He is one of the most hated chars after El Fuerte and Blanka. People even leave lobbies after they get beaten by my Vega, which became far from satisfying with time and become annoying now.

3- He is hard to balance. In SF2 he was God-tier. In SF4 vanilla he was bottom after Dan. It required 5 updates of the main game to make him really balanced.

4- He appeared in every game except Third Strike. They will want him to take a rest.

5- They couldn’t find a proper storyline for him although he has the deepest and most original background, early life and personality in the series.

If they are going to put him. He has to see some changes imo:

1- Losing the claw is ridiculous. Rolento doesn’t drop his stick. Poison doesn’t drop her whip even though you can see she doesn’t hold it in some of her getting hit animations. Rose doesn’t drop her scarf. Sodom doesn’t drop his blades. Even though it would be more reasonable for this chars to drop their weapon, as they are holding them and Vega has its attached, it’s only Vega that loses his weapon.

2- He should have more combos.

3- His punch hitboxes must go until the very tip of his claw. In SF4, most of them , let alone reaching the tip, are only on half of the claw. i.e: far st.lp,mp,hp and many others.

4- SHC must be removed or get a massive update

5- He has to have an outfit with his hair loose.


The answer is simple: If Shadaloo is in, he is in. If it isn’t, he is not.
I can see maybe Dictator getting the spot (on the 16 characters cast rumor) while the others leave room for other characters. But I doubt that there’s ever going to be a game that Sagat/Boxer are in and Claw isn’t, or vice-versa.


The reason why FBA whiffs is because of how the game swaps between 2D hurt/hit boxes and 3D during animations. For frames with active hit boxes, it swaps to 2D including the hurt boxes, and then any time otherwise, back to 3D. Crouching and walking are also the only other times it seems the games have 2D hurt boxes. Otherwise, animations of characters reeling, have hurt boxes changing all over the place.

This isn’t a fault of Vega or his design, but the stupid game engine. You can’t fault the character for that. That’s all on developers. If they handled the hurt boxes during hit animations to NOT change and remain in 2D state, the combos would be fine, but that’s not how the game is.


The only reason Vega is in Shadoloo is because of Bison’s promise of presenting a tech that will give Vega eternal beauty. It is obvious that it’s a lie and Vega is too smart to believe in this s***t. I want Vega leave Shadoloo and become the terror of both good and the evil sides of the cast.

I want him to go berserk and do what he wanted to do from day one: kill Balrog. And I want a permenant scar on Ryu’s face, left by Vega’s claw.

So, I can see a game where only Vega is in but not Sagat and Balrog.


While I don’t think he will be in SFV, he’ll probably be pretty strong(as per usual) if he makes it.

Really? I thought it was because he was a murderous psycopath.


Obviously if shadaloo is in he will be in too but I think there are chances he will make the cut even with shadaloo disbanded as his personal storyline isn’t shown as de facto finished. What concerns me as other have mentioned, is the limited fan base of the char. So I guess his inclusion is highly reliant on the number of characters of SF5, more than 16 or so will probably mean vega will be in.


SF4 established (though it’s kind of always been this way…) that Chunners and Vegs are rivals. If she’s in, he’s in. That simple.

And on a serious note, since when does story matter for who gets in and who doesn’t? C’mon, Gouken was dead long ago and they retconned him only being asleep for 50 years just to put him in SF4. E.Ryu post SFA3? Oni? Hakan? Fuerte?


She was in 3S, he wasn’t. It’s really not that simple.

Especially when you say story doesn’t matter when determining who’s in.


However, with the system of SFV looks slow like tekken, I don’t think Vega will be strong. His advantages since SF2 TB come from the speed and fancy wall dive, it may not happen in this new version


I know, I was partially joking. Considering that SFA1 and SFA2 did not have Boxer or Claw, so even having Shadaloo doesn’t mean he will be or not be in a game. To say a character will be in a game because of story is a weak argument :slight_smile:

Partially agreed. Speed does come into play greatly, but so does things like footsies and pokes. In SF4 pokes feel pretty weak because of armored moves and FA. Also Vega can’t really capitalize off hits and combos unless he is in close proximity, which isn’t good for him as a ranged hit and run fighter, and in turn, single hit normal attacks don’t do a lot of damage. IMO it’s mostly the game he is in. Even if SF5 was slowish, if normals did higher damage and there weren’t armored moves or Focus, then I think that would already be a significant buff to his play style.


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If Vega doesn’t make it, I at least hope Geki does. I need a Claw!


I just want that character never to appear again and make Vega seem like a copy from an earlier character. He must be treated like a mistake that was deleted.


Nah, Geki is pretty cool. Maybe he taught Vega, who knows? I’d love to see them both in a game.


“If Vega doesn’t make it?” what? Maybe I am a fair weather fan or just one of the few claw supporters over the years. I may have a shit record of gameplay but I basically look for him on the SF cast of any game before purchase so I know i’ll have my safe bet. A SF without Vega is not a SF I would be interested in buying.

That said I believe he’s a strong contender for SFV simply based on his playstyle being so vastly different from the rest of the entire cast at this point. Save for Deacpre and half of Gen in IV there are very few Capcom characters that can match Vega’s uniqueness IMO. To release a game without one of its oldest signature characters would baffle me.

And GI that Model in your Avatar is absolutely beastly.


Thanks. It’s a present. I think the best one I’ve ever gotten :slight_smile:

I also don’t think I will buy SF5 if Vega is not in.