SFA2 Evil Ryu Code?

Does anyone know the code for Evil Ryu in SFA2 for PSX? I read that it’s: Hold start on Ryu for one second, then go right, down, up, left, hold start again on Ryu then press punch or kick. This however, does not work :lol:

Can anyone help me out? :badboy:


I tried that , pressing start twice, nothing seems to happen. Thanks for the link though.

I thought PSX Alpha 2 didn’t have Evil Ryu, and the code you describe was for the arcade?

There’s still Shin Akuma whom the arcade doesn’t have. I forget his code though…

evil ryu cheat for arcade alpha 2 is press start on ryu, move right, move up, move down, move left , hold start on ryu for a few secs then press punch or kick.

for psx alpha 2 hes not selectable, but hes selectable in sfa2 gold for sf collection just by pressing start 2 times.

TWO punches or TWO kicks.

no dadesi, two punch or two kicks just makes him a diff color, just 1 button on its own is necessary.

Yes like what ToXY said Evil Ryu is NOT in the PSX version of Alpha 2. He was only in the Saturn port and Arcade version. But he is in Alpha 2 Gold.

Damn. Oh well, Ill probably get A2 Gold eventually anyways:lol:
Thanks everyone:tup:

ur welcome