SFA2: Hitboxes now available


I do. Although I’m really rusty. My reaction timing is pretty bad. Just jump at me all day! Lol.


Depends on the attack height. Jab DP is vulnerable low but invincible high.


I LOL’d when I read this since I usually play JPN version.


:lol: I’m trying to learn this game, need people to play though :[


I’m more than willing to play just hit me up on aim: Feilong9842 or pm me when


Mmkk, will do. (After exams lol)


I’m well aware of that, I forget other people aren’t, I always use low meaties. It will trade at times though.




I guess it is time to update this thread. Figures when I want to my scanner doesnt work. Regardless, I need someone who can translate japanese. All the guides are in this thread but I am gonna have to copy and paste them into another thread, then link the thread from here since you can’t link posts anymore.


Any tips or vids for Sagat vs Bison? I looked through a channel that had a TON of Sagat play ( http://www.youtube.com/user/oukiito?feature=watch ) and I only found one match where the Sagat got cornered and completely destroyed by him.


That match has to do with normals and building meter to deter bison from trying to headstomp. Once you have a lvl 1 you can bait a jump or headstomp/skull diver and punish with cc or alpha counter. Once the Bison is trained to be scared or headstomps you can start using tiger shots more, between low and high. High shots tend to catch bison trying to headstomp on the way up.


Just stopping by to say thank you.

Started playing the first day GGPO was released and play for 2 years. In the first page, the video Azis posted it’s me playing against him so many years ago.

After 1 year without playing no fg’s really (before that I player SF4 competitively), I am building a Candy Cabinet and returned to GGPO. This thread is a godsend.

Just wanted to point out that not all brazilians are turbo-friendly or hacked and most of us that do like to play normally also hate these cheaters.

I really don’t get why A2 is not played more. I think it ties up really well with ST as the 2 best Street Fighters ever made. I’m really happy to be playing it again and I even bought an original CPS2. The problem is that I didn’t see it was a Zero 2 Alpha, so I’m gonna try to trade it.

Just wanted to share and say thanks!


No problem, the more people to play the better. This is probably the most under appreciated SF game imo.


You can’t be serious after everyone here bashes A3 so ignorantly like it’s there job.


Dead serious. The more popular a game the more haters it has. There is no contest on how much more people like Alpha 3 from the series.


The facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/StreetFighterAlpha2/

It has hitboxes available for download. I haven’t got everyone done yet, but most are there. Some things might be missing and if you notice it let me know. I’ll update it. I’ll be working on frame data soon. I have all frame data except for the advantage/disadvantage on moves.

I have the lua script to get the info, problem being it is a bit inconsistent. For example something might be +3 then I do it again and it’s +4. Rose’s c.fp I got -1 then 0. Has something to do with frameskip I think, even normal speed has some frame skip in some games.


anyone knows where I could find the frame data (numbers) for sfz2 ? been looking for them for months but everyone seems to only have the hitboxes.


I have all the standard frame data, but it does not include the frame advantage. There is a formula for it on here, but it’s inconsistent in my testing. Basically I have the start up, active, recovery, and invincibility data.


yes, this is what I’m looking for. frame adv or w/e isn’t important for now


Well the book is back home and I’m overseas for the next ear, but if you want to buy it you can find it on ebay “All About Zero 2”