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Dan 101 attempt

i’m no expert by far… i’ll just write some things on Dan
feel free to correct me


  • he has shotoesque normals, so pokes should be familiar
    s.LK close, c.LP/MP/LK/MK -> they all combo into Gadouken
    s.MK far (works as anti-air too)
  • don’t use s.HK ever! if you find any use for it… let me know. it resembles Guy’s s.HK, but it sucks even more
  • s.HP is not very reliable, use it from a safe distance (or after a j.HK because it’ll combo)
  • s.MP is your friend up close (can combo into Gadouken)

anti air:

  • c.HP = shotoesque godliness
  • s.MK is good too, more against big characters


  • j.LK is pretty good, but don’t use it for upwards attacks or against incoming angled air attacks (like Chun’s j.LK)
  • j.MP is a standard shoto normal and has very good priority
  • j.MK is very good, i’d use this mostly


  • j.LK recovers fast and you can do some sweeps, ground mixups
    can be used as a fast overhead upclose by jumping back and instantly hitting LK
  • j.MP / j.MK can combo into various things:
    j.MP / j.MK + s.MP + Gadouken
    j.MP / j.MK + c.MK + Gadouken
    j.MP + c.HP + Gadouken
  • j.HK can combo into: sweep, c.MK + Gadouken, c.HP + Gadouken

don’t ever use j.HP, ever… worst normal in the game!
Dan has a very good throw game: block & throw / tick & throw


  • Gadouken: a half-arsed hadouken, still very useful up close… can be combo’d from a lot of ground normals.
    it’s NOT RECOMMENDED comboing into gadouken against characters with meter… no matter if it hits or if it gets blocked you’re gonna eat a CC since the recovery time sucks

  • dragon punch: don’t rely too much on it… kinda sucks because it doesn’t travel forward. use mostly the LP version or the “invincible” white flash versions that occur randomly :stuck_out_tongue:
    also dp can be combo’d from a number of normals (s.lk/mk/lp/mp, c.lp/mp/lk/mk). since the move is a standing dp you might wiff it, so combo into it from almost point blank to lessen the risk

  • Dankuukyaku (hurricane kick thing): has silly priority, don’t use it from a big distance… use LK/MK versions for mixups, to get close or for chip damage

crossup: j.MK for crossup is too good, can combo like this
j.MK + 2x or 3x c. LP (or c.LK c.LP c.LK) + Gadouken (or hit confirm into Super Gadouken)
j.MK + c.HP + HK hurricane thingie (very hard to do)
j.MK + c.LK/LP + shinryuken super


  • super Gadouken: can be hit confirmed from tons of ground normals, even from sweep!! level 3 travels like 3/4 of the screen, use it for style points :smiley:
  • shinryuken-like: pretty good anti-air, can be hit confirmed from c. LK
    i’d recommend to do so for lvl 2 & 3 (when the super travels toward the opponent), not worth for lvl1 damage wise
  • HISSHO MURAI KEN (CERTAIN VICTORY RELYING ON NOBODY BUT MYSELF FIST <- WTF?): it’s good only point blank and 100% unreliable anywhere else since a lot of the hits from the super sequence will wiff & ends into a DP… your opponent will recover to punish you while you just wasted meter… use it for stylepoints
  • super taunt: forget about it… unless you dizzy your opponent and want to create some LULZ

alpha counters:

  • punch AC sucks because of low range and can wiff a lot. use it only for jumpins attempts
  • kick AC is a decent sweep. use it for ground attacks
    damage is garbage for both :smiley:

custom combos:
this is where it gets tricky… his custom combo has unreliable damage (at least for my execution). i don’t know exactly what to recommend. (maybe someone can help me out here)

lvl1: c.HK + LP dp x n (damage kinda sucks ~20%, but it’s good to escape from a lot of crap like throw setups in the corner)

lvl2 & 3: c.HK + LP dp x n + end with HP dp (sometimes does 70% damage… sometimes 50% or a little more)
c. HK + HK hurricane x 2 + HP dp (or something)

anti-air CC: start those from above with c.HP

Dan sucks hard against Dhalsim.
unless you can punish his limbs on reaction like Daigo or something… i wouldn’t play Dan for this matchup.
also Dan sucks against good fireball characters. the battle is uphill, but reasonably winnable.

don’t forget to air taunt or taunt roll to safety!! :smiley:

overall Dan is pretty awesome and provides lot of fun for shoto hating players like myself.
winning with Dan earns you respect or your opponent’s total frustration :china:

Dan is really gay. He is annoying up close nad his j.lk is chun like status, but all he has really is c.fp, c.mk/s.mk, and j.lk. His ccs are basically dps ended with qcb+hk. Cross up mk is good and when you have a lvl 3, combo into his dp super. His gadouken sucks, alot of characters can cc him if you combo into it or have them block it. He has some gimmicky stuff, like lk gale kick then cc, but even then gale kick can easilly be ac’d. High lvl dan imo doesnt even look fun, heres a vid [media=youtube]h3e-WsDiygk"[/media]

With Rolento, if I’m not good with his CC right now, should I just use meter for trip wires?

Not a chance.

Edit: That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go fishing EVER.

brb, off practicing CC. =P

I can’t get the timing right, am I just suppose to mash LK, or am I suppose to time it at all.
And I can’t seem to get them on in a 2nd rep.

Taken from maxstahs post on ggpo.net:

Quite a few people have asked me for some insider tips on Sim so I’m bored and my wife is watchin a movie so i’d figure I’d drop a few notes of random knowlege, Please excuse the mess that is to follow as I have no FAQ type listings, just randomness :open_mouth:

Well I’m assuming that anyone thats reading this knows sims moves,specials ect.

#1 most important tool to winning with dhalsim is learning his CC its his #1 offensive and defensive tool. Its high damage and makes people 2nd guess jumping at Sim or whiffing a normal.
1st way of using this and the way most people know it is to do Sweep (close rh or long slide rh) into repeated SHORT yoga up flames. The short upflames are key as they have less recovery in a CC then forward and rh ones. On a level 1 you should cc you should be able to get 3 upflames in there with atleast 35 to 40% damage http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/172237/ (start of 2nd round for example) the key to getting max upflames in is getting the first one off right after the slide hits so first one is hitting right off the ground and continue hitting while raising up the char into the air. (aka the sweet spot) a level 3 should net you atleast 50% or more. Also ALWAYS be on the look out for whiffed rh sweeps from opponents or missed specials. Reacting 1/4 screen away with a CC into slide/upflames will keep people on their toes. http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/166032/ 2nd round

2nd way of using his CC is as Anti air. Sim has probably one of thee best Anti air normals in this game with his jab chop(more on that normal later) add that normal to the start of a CC when your opponent is jumping towards you gives you I’d say IMO 95% reliable anti air. Only thing thats gonna beat you jumping in is someone who anticipates you using this CC as anti air and activates on way down themselves but even then its maybe a trade still) http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/166729/ couple examples in 1st and 2nd round on that link. thats about only answer to chuns offense so learning it is key.
couple other useful CC trix is to throw a line of pearls (jab yoga fires) then time it so teleport is at end of CC and land behind opponent and use mix ups to break their block of fbs or throw them or REcross them up with rh drills back to original side.
another is if opponent is Far away and not much damage left 5/10% and you see an opening activate CC full screen and land a few repeated long standing strongs or standing fierces to punish missed moves for the kill (aka jeff shaefer cc’s)
Also activating CC after rh drill crossup (MUST BE DEEP) can lead to some good damage http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/162220/ 2nd round end.

After learning the cc’s you have 1/2 your game complete. the other 50% consist of good poking strings. know yer recovery of yer normals, only thing sim has for mid range char length pokes are standing strong and forward slides. both are relatively safe pokes (other then being AC’ed of course) always look out to poke with low fierce when u think someones gonna throw a fb, quick and will atleast trade at worst. mix in low long jabs also cuz after they block it they’ll assume it was low fierce and they’ll have recovery time at that point to throw a fb, WRONG throw a quick low fierce right after for a good follow up.
Standing jab like i mentioned before GREAT anti air use it as much as you can. doesn’t do alot of damage but usually safe if done correctly. back +strong other good anti air escpecially if opponent is more RIGHT above you instead of more at a angle.
short slides are great Bait to set up AC’s People will see the slide and think its a rh slide and a easy hit , block their attempt and quickly AC to gain the advantage.
Air normals are the most important MUST get used to using the up close (hold back) air normals as they are vital when in close. air to air combat is not where sim excels so stay out the air when u can.

Of course any Sim 101 is learning Sims mummy/drill angles, know when to use each cuz done too early are a great source of pain to sim as most can counter easily if done too early.

Alot of people used to say sims AC sucked, wEll they’re not rose or Ken calibur but overall they’re pretty damn useful. punch AC not great damage but if u know u can’t get a Anti air out in time on a jump in its always a good 2nd choice. just don’t do it when they’re too close to ground since it does have a tad bit of start up time,
kick AC very useful, like said before bait with slides to get a AC in , Slide AC damage is actually pretty damn good compared to most. Should only be used against opponents ground attacks, horribly useless against jump ins. also after kick AC , recover and drill to other side as they get up to activate CC as crossup and keep em on their toes.

Ok Sims supers

. Sim has supers? Other then Fancy points and trying to land the kick super x3 trick on people (see my post on srk ggpo forum) you shouldn’t be using Sims supers
ok like MAYBE if they are dizzy right in front of you and have 35% or less on their bar and u have a level 3
other then that? zip nada
flame super has horrible priority and well not even gonna waste time going over it, you should know.

Other random things, Sims Yoga flame, great priority , pretty much safe if blocked. Always use jab one has quicker recovery and quicker start up, learn your spacing with it and use it to Bait out AC’s from shotos. if spaced right they’ll AC and it’ll whiff and u can follow up with another for more block damage,
HIT Box of flame is VERY wide other then opponent being RIGHT next to sim its all hit box so do it up close(just outside of right next to opponent) they’ll think they’re safe but it’ll hit them and since yer so close(corner only) u can go into mix up games, quick recovery from flame u can go into throw(great tick) or if you think they’re gonna throw reverse activate a CC or short slide into throw or blocked flame,blocked low short into guessing game of throw/CC lots of things to mix in.

Learn the teleports Kick ones are most important land far screen cuz if yer teleporting usually u are doing it to get fuck out of dodge. rmemeber you candrill/mummy/activate CC when u come out of teleports in the air so if u anticipate them knowing where yer going get ready to try and counter

style points
Land Level 3 SJOD’s (Standing Jab O’ Doom) hold back and hold jab button for 2 full sec’s for full charge YOGA!(overhead also)
Kill someone with Noogie throw, hold up as they die and you can get a free appeal jump after the kill.

Most people forget also sim has Air taunt also where he floats jump a fb and float down (safe if char is full screen away with no meter lol)

Well if anyone has any char. specific type problems I’ll do my best to answer questions but please remember people ITS SIM. he’s not by any means top tier in a2 but he can put up a good fight if you got the patience to use him.

Gief 101 coming soon

Taken from maxstahs post on GGPO.net:

Hello all again. Mr. random notes is back once again for another installment. again bare with me as I have no rhyme or reason to the random thoughts that will be jotted down here.
Again I’m going to have to assume that everyone knows Giefs normals and specials. I refer to them as spd’s, gloves,lariets and rbg(running bear grabs).

Gief has been one of my favorite A2 char’s for quite some time now. He has a variety of options and mix up games all of which can usually lead to tons of damage. MOST of which can come through (drumroll please…) yep u guessed it the Ol’ favorite. the CC.
Giefs BnB CC is sweep followed up by repeated jab gloves, then ending with a lariet at the end. A level 1 should net you around 35 to 45% http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/204523/(couple level 1’s in that vid) A full level 3 can lead to sometimes 80% damage if done correctly. I’ll be the first to tell ya. its not easy. I’m either on it or not. alot of times timing is off and i end of with quite a few useless jab chops so practice the CC timing and know your opponents juggle weight. each char falls at different speeds http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/185554/(level 3 minus a few missed gloves good damage) A variation of the CC is to not use it as a juggle but as a ground combo such as Crossup,Activate CC, low forward, repeated jab gloves then land SPD at end of CC. but IMO this is risky as messing up the CC as a ground combo will leave you open where as starting with a trip (or coutnering a missed dragon punch ) lets you juggle with the gloves and if you DO miss time it you can always rely on lariets for extra damage and a sure knockdown.
2nd use of a CC is to use as anti air. Activate CC and immediatly start Punch lariets for juggle. The advanced tatic way would to be cc then start with kick lariet , pause slight sec, then juggle with jab gloves then end with last sec. lariet for max damage.
also there are few other good anti airs with CC, if opponent is jumping at certain angles especially away when you activate, run towards them then quickly hit rh for his anti air rh into repeated gloves,
3rd use of the CC is a RUN button SPD someone, land then immediatly activate CC (don’t hit anything and let gief run up to the opponent so that you be next to them as they get up. AT this point you can start guessing games when opponent gets up you can spd them (AKA magic grab) as they get up IF you think they will try to hit button or do some move , if they don’t the spd will whiff cuz remember IN a CC the spd has properties as a HIT not a throw.
Next mix up is to spd, activate CC , get next to opponent and if you think they’ll try to throw u on wake up or if opponent has a shitty wake up reversal activate kick lariet to stuff it, at worse they’ll be forced to block first few hits till CC ends
Again i would only recommend these run up tatics at no more then 1.5 super meter filled or else you will be in trouble if left with more meter after kick lariet ends ect. If you do find yourself with more meter try keepng your opponent blocking with standing shorts so you can Tick into a SPD once the CC ends.

Supers… again not a great use of super meter for A2 gief. Level 1 spd is pretty much a waste of meter. why try to do twice as much for 5% more damage then a normal spd (if that)level 2 meter, eh… somewhat decent. Level 3’s are well worth it. Doing them as magic grabs is a great set up(See magic grab section) Also using it as a AC reversal is very tight. standing short is easiest. Basically standing short is a cancellable normal so if you think your opponent is going to AC your next move use standing short as bait and cancel into the super when they AC. If you did the motion slow enough and they DID AC the super will come out. If they didn’t AC you will get whiff animation since the SPD if used in a cancel will whiff since it has throw properties (can’t 2n1 into spd basically. only as a link-tick ) hope someone understands that. makes sense in my head heh.

Kick super (aka SUPERMAN) yep another useless waste of meter. go for it on style points. level 1 and 2 have NO priority and level 3 has minimal. use it as a anticipation tatic and/or you are sure u have your opponent beat.

Alpha counters
Punch AC Pretty much only to be used against ground based attacks and very deep jump in attacks up CLOSE to gief. Very quick and good damage. If opponent gets AC’ed into corner you should be able to follow up with magic grab. Do not use this move against multi hitting attacks such as akumas dp ect as it will get beat. http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/204649/ (example of spd follow up after AC)
Kick AC is pretty much his best option for anti air and most ground attacks. If oppoent jumps in with early attack try to AC at the first frames of block stun so you can get quicker recovery from the AC and alot of times you can walk forward a sec, jump forward and magic grab as they get up(character dependent) again if ground based and you hit oppoent toward corner you should be able to magic grab when they get up.

Anti air stuff

Pretty much other then the CC stuff gief best anti air is of course the lariet but its just not as simple as that. The trick is to DUCK right before you activate lariet so that it hits deep and counters most jump ins that way. done without the duck it will usually result in a stuff or a trade. remember to do this in the CC also.
crouching strong is also a pretty good anti air but I tend to stay away from this when they have meter since its bait for people to activate CC and drop through the move and counter with a high damage CC.
Some people swear to giefs standing jab but I’ve played with it quite a bit, its just not Sims or ST gief properties so i tend to stay away.
there are also certain matchups that giefs jumping moves are his best anti air, like against bison and rolento, jump away jumping jabs and shorts are key.

MAGIC GRAB section.
Gief can spd or kick spd or RBG run spd a opponent on their first frame of waking up which can allow for another set of mixing up. The timing is tight but if done correctly the only way out of it is for opponent to wake up with a Reveral such as a DP, super,or CC. Opponent cannot wake up and jump out of it if you timed it correctly. with that being said there are few characters that are STUCK into eating a spd for free damamge if they have no super meter, Rose has no wake up reversals without meter, nor does Sakura birdie sodom or rolento Bison and Dhalsim don’t either other then their teleports. so against them do this FOR free when they have no meter.
If your oppoent is cornered it is possible to land the TRIFECTOR on your opponnent. knock opponent down, time it so that you do aSHORT RBG(does not toss gief back as far as other kick variations) as they are getting up. the RBG will grab them throw them back in corner, land take brief walk forward and jump towrads them, you should land right next to them on their first frame of getting up(different timings for different characters wake up times vary)do kick spd (close one)the 2nd part of this spd will put gief into the corner and therefore removing his normal push back that normally happens allowing gief to recover then jump back toward opponent a 3rd time as they’re getting up and be in range for a punch spd. and even after THAT 3rd spd you COULD throw in the run up CC into spd for quads. lol. bunch of variations. http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/185541/ (here is one of them) but remember only a sure thing against those char’s with NO super meter. All this stuff can be reversed (though hard) with wake up specials ect. but thats where the fun starts cuz if you know your opponent is good and will try to wake up DP your spd attempt just um…let them and block, then activate CC for max damage or spd them if no meter.
Fun thing to do against a shitty gief opponent is to do repeated short RBG’s in corner, Gief cannot get out of this other then to wake up spd as a reversal. A2 infinite of some sort haha.

Other random notes. Build meter no matter what. Any moment you have to build meter you should. mostly by kick lariets and jab gloves and even if you get hit while building by sonic booms, fbs, ect. who cares. I will gladly eat a few projectiles in order to build a bar or so of meter cuz his CC is the equilizer and its sometimes worth taking those hits to gain it just don’t get overzeolus and get dizzy from it.
Another thing , this goes to any char. not just gief but people need to learn meter managment. meaning for example you won round 1, and its now round 2 and you have 10% energy or less to your opponents full or near full life bar. Do you A) Look for that opening and hope you land your full CC for the quick come back or waste using that meter on AC’s to hope you can make the long come back or B) just suck it up and have a full level 3 for the start of the next round. IMO answer should almost always be B so do what you can to get yerself in the best shape for the following round. Build your meter and make them use theirs to kill you. Most people don’t think that far ahead and just worry about the kill on that round and will waste meter to do it.
Landing a Spd followed by landing and doing 2 quick (and safe) jab gloves ='s a full 1 meter

AC reversals. Gief really isn’t made for Delayed AC reversals so his best bet is to do like crouching short or jab in hopes they are going to AC it(specially if they’re waking up and you do it meaty)if they AC it you should jam 3kick lariet for the reversal.
Against blocked gloves CC if you see them AC during CC immediatly switch to kick lariet for the reversal of the AC(good against shoto kick AC specially)

CC reversals. Most people don’t realize but if your opponent has activated a CC you have like 1 or maybe 2(not sure) frames to counter it before they can land a Valle type cc. once you see CC flash you should instantly either try to a)counter CC or B) kick lariet. countering a CC with kick lariets are pretty much for free if they’re up close if you practice it. It will knock them right out of CC its instant.

http://ggpo.net/dojo/replays/watch/185541/ has an example of option select at end of 2nd round. you’ll see i went for a tick low short as he was getting up but noticed he woke up with a super hurricane after i had already started the crouching short, so knowing that short can be cancelled i quickly tapped all 3 kick to cancel the short and buffer into the kick lariet for the counter.

also doing kick lariet right as they get up is a great counter to most peoples wake up attempt as it has great priority against alot of moves.

Tick/SPD stuff
landing a spd with gief should be as normal to you as landing a normal attack.
good ticks for a spd are jumping forward knees or fierce splash into spd(his bread n butter)
meaty low forward spd, low jab (or x2)into spd, low short into spd, these are the most common and useful. hell he can do meaty long low forward or low strong , standing forward, standing short. I tend to not tick too much against higher skilled opponents as its common to be reversed so use sparringly.

Air normals. I’d say Gief more then any other has best array of air normal uses. each one has a great use for angles and for stuffing air to air moves ect. only one i’d say is not needed is jumping short knees, no specific use that forward knees don’t cover. jumping strong is giefs best long range air normal to hit far and keep gief compact in the air to get over projectiles . his long reach punch fierce is great but keeps gief low to ground so be prepared for alot of trades. (usually in giefs favor)

Style points. knock opponent down with low rh then taunt, taunt recovers just in time for magic grab as they get up. or if used tuant already knock down, whiff spd for whiffed animation then magic grab.

Again if anyone has any character specific matchup questions i’ll try my best to answer them. thanks for taking time to read my notes of randomness. hope it makes sense to someone and helps them.

So sad we dont have dojo anymore…

Rose 101

Uh man here we go.

Rose. She can be played various ways effectively, so use whateverstyle fits you whether aggressive or c.mp x100. Hands down top 4 in A2, no arguing about it. And if anyone wondersm Rose has always been my favorite character way before I even knew she was any good.


Poking- c.mp is a all around get the hell off me move and highly abusable, when used smart any way, dont expect to just mash c.mp and win, but on top of that she does have a very good set of normals, df+mk for example.

Anti-air- c.mp, c.fp, and s.fp pretty much cover almost any AA situation you can run into.

ACs- Hands down best acs, Punch ac is godly and kick ac is too good, more on these later.

Supers- Well, hands down best single super, Soul Illusion. This baby gives you shadows that mimic you and power up all you moves, and is the key to doing unblockables. Fireball and grab super buff as well.

Matches- No bad match-ups imo, being a even 5:5 in general.


No-wake up moves with out super, this is really bad vs gief

Thats all I could really think of lol

Normals Breakdown


s.lp- good little poke that alot of characters can not duck, gives enough frame advantage to link a c.mp, and can stop characters from jump when close.

s.mp- good priority poke, but gets over looked since c.mp is so much better

s.fp- Works as far anti-air in alot of cases, and can cancel into andy super or special move. Good to use vs characters who cannot duck it, canceled into soul spark.

s.lk- Rose does a shin kick with slight frame advantage and very good range. Good use up close, then counter hit with c.lk, c.mp xx drill.

s.mk- Very under used normal, even by me. I beats alot of moves and anything low, and cannot be grabbed once she starts animation. This can actually avoid magic grab if the gief players timing is off, I havent tried this vs regual tick grabs.

s.hk- Abuse this vs people who cant crouch it (Gief, Sagat), great range and early anti airs jumper, good AA from a distance if they do swing early.


c.lp- quick fast liitle poke that links into c.fp or c.mp.

c.mp- All man, if CvS2 Sagat’s c.fp and 3S chuns b+fp had a love child, this is it. This move right here beat a good 98% of the moves in A2 and trades with the other 2%, even works as anti air vs alot of character. Any character wants to get pokey, start pressing this bad boy to stuff their move. If you want to get more advanced, buffer into soul spark while whiffing. Links into itself and very good meaty attack.

c.fp- Her main anti air, just as effective as shotos c.fp. But wait! There’s more! This bad boy can be canceled into lvl 1 soul grab for 40% damage. This move is a very good meaty which you can link a c.mk xx lk drill after (drill misses on small characters unless in corner) also can be canceled into any special or super. Vs Gief jumping on top of you, do c.fp LATE to trade, otehrwise you will get stuffed.

c.lk- Very very good lk, offer enough frame advantage to link into c.mp or c.fp. Good range, I like to walk up and poke with this alot, and this is what I i usually use to stop tick throw vs c.lp.

c.mk- Rose does a quick low hit, decent priority and range. Nothing too special, but is cancelable into anything.

c.rh- Very good ranged sweep, giving her one of the longest Vallee ccs in the game


j.lp- Ive literally never used this, her other normals are so much better

j.mp- Very good air to air vs high jumpers (Bison, sim, etc)

j.fp- Good jump in with decent priority.

j.lk- This is a very good jump in, awesome priority and angle. Beats most anything when done early, but dont do it early above their head, they can just mash grab, jump from a distance. This normal is a instant overhead, which is…well…badass.

j.mk- Very good cross up and air-to-air. This is the normal I use 80% of the time.

j.hk- Awesome ranged jump in, allowing to punish fireballs from afar, very good jump back normal.

Special normals

df+mk- When done at max distance you can counter hit c.mp xx drill, but if not done right you can be hit if you attempt to swing. This normal is so useful once you scare your opponent. Why? Cause…

1.df+mk, block then punch ac, buffer soul spark

2.df+mk (MAX distance), c.mp xx lk drill

3.df+mk, lvl 1 or 2 super fireball

4.df+mk, walk up throw

5.df+mk, cc

There goes some options, fun times. Best option is #1, cause it they swing, you ac, if they dont, c.mp xx soul spark comes out.

Fun huh?

Alpha Counter

Punch- Best ac in the game, use for any situation, wake-up, anti air whatever.
Now, why so good? Its a grab that grabs anything. Rose will dash forward and grab the opponent and switch side, leaving them stunned. This allows for c.mp xx lk drill vs everyone (except chun, drill will be blocked, do soul spark) and s.fp xx hk drill vs Gief. Another reason this is so good is because it BUILDS METER. Yup 1/3 a lvl 1. If you do 3 acs in a row you will have a lvl 1. Fucked up huh? This will not trade with anything, will grab any multi hit move. THIS WILL NOT GRAB FIREBALLS, use kick instead. When alpha countering always buffer into soul spark.

Kick- This is the AC to use vs fireballs and set-up cross up and unblockable.


Hp- She grabs the opponent, goes vertical with her hands on their heads and saps life from them. If done with opponent in corner it sets you up for a meaty jump in.


Soul Spark- Rose’s fireball. Slow coming out but good recovery, when opponent cornered i usually throw like three in a row, try to bait a jump etc. You are not gonna win any fireball fights, dont even try. This has a special property, Rose will actually push the opponent away with her scarf while throwing this out. Ive been saved plenty of times from this, where my opponent did a cc, got pushed back and got hit by the fireball.

Soul Throw- Her grab that isnt AA at all. Dont even bother, cc ender only.

Soul Reflect- These are her fireball reflectors, each with a different property. All version are safe on block and actually useful meaties and good in poke string, EX. cross up mk, c.mk xx hp reflect, df+mk.

Lp- Rose will twirl her scarf absorbing any fireball, except iirc, Charlie’s super. This will absorb one hit of supers. This give you roughly 1/3 of a lvl 1 and powers up your soul spark (chip damage also) with each absorb, up to 6 absorbs (i believe). This power up leads to Rose’s 100% cc. Special note about this though, power up last for ONE soul spark only UNLESS you are in cc. So if you absorb 6 soul sparks then fireball, power up is reset to normal, BUT if you are powered up then cc, each soul spark does powered up damage.

Mp- Rose twirls her scarf in a circular motion, reflecting any projectile forward and key to A2 tennis (patent pending) lol, and her 100% corner combo. Good meaty.

Hp- Does a diagonal reflect and main one used in poke strings. This will reflect the fireball at a 45 degree angle. This is very useful vs Bison and Charlie, as Bison tend to try to headstomp after and Charlie tries to jump after a couple mp refelects from afar.

Soul Drill- This is your special move to combo into. This move does very good damage when rh version is used. Lk drill can be comboed from any medium attack and rh version can be comboed from andy hard attack. Try not to do these when opponent has meter or long limbs, because it is punishable is those cases.

Custom Combos

Rose’s cc is very good due to crazy range on her sweep, at they HURT.

Lvl 1- c.hk xx hk drill x2, soul throw

lvl 2- add 1 hk drill

lvl 3- add another

Simple enough :slight_smile:

Anti Air- c.fp, let them fall a bit, hk drill, end with grab. Im lazy with her I just c.fp x10000, soul throw lol.


Soul Grab- Buff version of her special grab, beat everything and changes per lvl. Truthfully all you need is c.fp xx lvl 1, and other lvls are not worth the meter, maybe lvl 3 is it will kill or you need a quick 50% damage to catch up.

Lvl 1- Regular soul grab animation, roughly 30%.

Lvl 2- Rose does her c.fp, then soul throw. 40%.

Lvl 3- Rose does a rushing punch, c.fp, soul throw. 50%, can combo off light attacks

Soul Spark- I love this damn super, consistently AA’s for full damage at lv 1 and is safe 99% of the time. Good damage at lvl 1.

Lvl 1- Rose throws a 3-hit version of her soul spark

Lvl 2- Rose gets fancy with it and does some acrobatic shit then throw a soul spark.

Lvl 3- Rose does a reflect then soul spark. The reflect will send back any projectile to INCLUDE SUPERS.

*Soul Illusion

Yeah, this gets its own section. Soul Illusion is the best super in the game, hand down. Leads to tremendous damage and unblockables. When canceled from a normal leave you with a ton of frame advantage. Best time to do the soul illusion is when you opponent is cornered or when canceled from a normal. This super allows rose the pressure and acs will trade. HK drill does about 10% chip, If anything trades with a HK drill, Ive seen the trade at 40%, so not worth it for them.

Soul Illusion make throws whiff. This is SOOOOOO god vs birdie and gief. They try to tick, you SI, they go into whiff animation, free s.fp xx hk drill XD

Instant overhead lk in SI mode does good damage. Another use is to throw, ex c.mp xx SI, walk up throw, or point blank SIm then throw. Walk up c.lk is good and is one connects you can sneak in a c.mp xx lk drill.

If opponent jumps , activate SI, c.fp as anti air does 3 hits for good damage and can be canceled into soulthrow super for a solid 50% life.

Here are various ways and combos/unblockables with the SI. All combos are from point blank or after a cross up unless mentioned other wise. Lvl 2 soul spark does tremendous damage in SI mode.

c.mk xx SI, sweep

c.mk xx SI, c.mp xx lk drill

c.mk xx SI, walk forward, c.fp xx hk drill (can just s.fp if they are standing)

c.mk xx SI, lvl 2 soul spark

c.mk xx SI, walk forward, c.fp xx lvl 2 soul spark

c.fp xx SI, sweep

c.fp xx SI, activate cc, any lvl cc

c.lp, c.lp xx SI, c.mk xx lk drill

c.lk xx SI, c.fp xx hk drill

Punch AC, c.mp xx SI, lvl 1 cc

In the corner cancel any mediums attack into a SI then c.lk xx hk drill.

The way this works is doing any meaty to where only the last shadown hits and rose isnt in attack animation from that normal. This isnt easy but not impossible. Here are my set-ups:

sweep, immeadiate SI, meaty df+mk (ub), c.mp xx rh drill

c.fp xx SI, sweep, meaty df+mk (ub), c.mp drill

You can get creative with it, but like a said it isnt easy. c.lk works well also.

Powered up SI

Credit goes to zoo for this. Basically do a cc and only 2 fireballs powers up SI and lets you do crazy shit in the corner. Mp reflect with allow you to juggle in the corner with anything, you can just do mp reflect x6 to kill or get fancy and mp reflect, mp reflect, j.mk, c.fp, j.fp, land and super. But also a hk SI drill will do like 70%. Neat stuff

Alpha Counter CC Bug
If you punch ac some while while they are doing a blocked custom, they will get up facing the opposite direction. When this happens they actually have to block TOWARDS you if you do a meaty attack. EXAMPLE:

You punch ac a blocked custom, c.mp xx lk drill follow up. Jump forward with a meaty j.rh, c.mp xx lk drill. If they didnt hold towards you the rh will hit and you can repeat the process til they block the right way. Also if they know about the glitch you can time your attacks later so they just walk into it :).


Same as above, point blank or after a cross up.

Bread and Butter: c.lk, c.lp, c.mp xx lk drill

c.lk, c.fp xx HK drill

c.mp, c.mp xx lk drill

c.lp, c.lp, c.lk xx lvl 3 soul throw

Corner only:

c.mk xx hp reflect, lvl 1 soul throw

General Strategy

Well play however you feel comfortable, you will have to play differently vs different characters, but the basics are the same. Rose can zone very good vs the entire cast so don’t let anyone run over you. Remember to AA, and punish HARD. One mistake and rose can win the match. I’ll add more later Im tired, never write a 101 at 7 am. When in doubt, c.mp lol.

If you have any questions just hit me up. Ill update this quite a bit im sure.

Here is some stuff you need to know about A2 game engine.


Custom Combo (cc)- Press 2 punches and 1 kick or 2 kicks and 1 punch when you have at least a lvl 1. This allows you to do multi special moves in a row, canceling recovery. Once activated you move forward very fast. The high the lvl the more invincibiltiy you get, generally for a normal sized character, at lvl 2/3 you can go thru a fireball.

Valle CC- If they opponent is standing, you can activate a custom combo and start with a low hit which is unblockable into a whatever cc.

Blowout CC- When around point blank to your oponent, when cc is activated and the opponent did any normal attack or was not blocking, they go into a stun animation. This allows you to hit them with pretty much anything for free.

Counter CC- Basically, your opponent does a cc, and you cc right back. This isnt easy but not impossible, allowing you to counter Valle ccs and blowouts.

Air super CC glitch- When is cc mode, as long as you have the meter, you can perform your air super if in the air. Akuma can super fireball from a f+mk.

Juggles- Some moves have juggle properties this move include:

Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut
Akuma’s Shoryuken and Hurricane
Adon’s Jaguar DP
Various Fireball supers
Chun-li’s upkicks, super upkicks, super puffball, d+mk in the air

Note that all fireball super only juggle for 3 hits, so best used at lvl 1 for anti air. As for Akuma’s juggles after a lk hurricane you can actually do the tech roll motion in the air and the dp will miss.

Alpha counter (AC)- b, db, d+p or kick. Varies per character and some are very strong like Rose’s punch ac or kens kick. Piano kicks for best result. Do this when is block stun to cancel out into a pre-determined attack, which has some invincibility and temporarily creates a freeze effect. Knock down acs cannot be tech rolled except by Sodom’s Tengu Walking.

Alpha counter reversal- Delay any safe normal into any invincible move that will beat a alpha counter but will not come out unless the normal was ac’d. Ex. Shoto’s c.fp, attempt to cancel it into a shoryuken right after cancel frame window is up. If the opponent ac’s, your c.fp will be on the active frames since the acs freeze it temporarily and you will shoryuken the hell out of them.

Kara-cancel- Canceling any normal quickly before the hit frames come out. Ex. f+mp xx raging demon or c.rh xx fireball. This allows for quicker meter building, ex. Rolento kara c.rh xx lp roll.

Throws- Forward or back+ mp/fp/mk/hk. Not all character can throw with all buttons, ex Rose and Sagat only have punch throws.

Tech-throw- Basically when thrown, you have a slight window to reverse by throwing, to avoid most damage from the throw. Some throw do no damage at all when tech ex Rolento’s kick throw.

Tech roll- After a non-ac non throw knock down, do b, db, d+lp, mp, or hp. This will roll you torwards you opponent depending on strength used, with lp getting up in place and hp rolling far. These are punishable by any low hit, so be careful when using.

Magic Grab- Gief can spd the first frame of you gettin up or coming out of block stun, giving you and 1 frame window to reversal. Cannot be jumped from or mashed out of, must dp/cc/super.

High Knock Down Juggle Glitch- This is best explain by a old post from Endy 22, so I’m gonna copy and paste. Basically it is a knock down that pops your opponent WAY up in the air, allowing juggles. If you are too lazy just know easiest way to set it up is after a cc, ex Sagat does his cc, opponent tech rolls when Sagat is done, Sagat does c.rh which creates a HDK, juggles with HP tiger uppercut.

Awhile back I posted an article about how special juggle combos could
be done after knocking someone down with a CC(i.e. with Sagat;
couching Roundhouse, juggle with Fierce Tiger Uppercut). Since then
I’ve learned a lot more about how the high knockdown trick works as
well as a bunch of combos that can be done using it.

For those who missed the original article or have yet to see someone
use the trick, I’ll explain how it’s done…

Basically, when you’re in CC mode and you do a move that knocks
down, the opponent is knocked higher than they usually are when you
are out of CC mode. For instance, when you activate a CC and then do
a crouching Roundhouse, your opponent is knocked up in the air higher
than a normal sweep would, so it’s easier to follow up with another
attack during the CC(this is one reason why the Valle CC is so
devastating). The interesting thing is, you can still get the benefit
of a high knockdown(HKD for short) after a CC ends (meaning your CC
meter has completely run out, and your opponent is getting up from the
knockdown your CC caused). In order to get a HKD, you must first hit
your opponent with any kind of CC that ends in a knockdown. Then, as
your opponent is getting up or right after, if you connect with a
move that knocks down(a sweep for instance) they will be knocked high
in the air(much higher than they normally should) allowing you to hit
them with a juggling move before they land. note: You can only follow
up a HKD with a move that juggles, like Akuma’s DP or Guy’s HK, all
non-juggling moves will whiff.

An interesting thing about HKD’s is that you can normally only juggle
an opponent knocked in the air on the way up or at the apex, as soon
they start to fall you can no longer juggle. However, with a high
knockdown, just like in CC mode, you can juggle an opponent no matter
how high they are off the ground. This means, if you do a crouching
Roundhouse that results in a high knockdown, you can wait till just
before the opponent lands and still juggle them. Also, you aren’t
limited to initiating a HKD with a sweep, certain special moves that
knock down will work, too. Another cool thing about HKD’s is that
they can be initiated with combos, as well. So, with E. Ryu as the
opponent is getting up, you could do crouching Jab, crouching Short,
Fierce Red Fireball(HKD), juggle with a Fierce Dragon Punch. It’s
also possible to do repeated high knockdowns. For instance, with
Sagat I could do a crouching Roundhouse as their getting up(HKD),
juggle with a Fierce Tiger Uppercut. Then as they’re getting up from
the TU, I could do another crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce TU,
crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce TU, etc. As long as you keep
getting consecutive HKD’s it can be repeated.

Now, landing a CC and then hitting your opponent with a knockdown move
or combo as they’re getting up will not automatically result in a
HKD. Whether you get the high knockdown or not is completely
determined by what your opponent does after getting knocked down by
the CC. Obviously, if they just block as they’re getting up, there is
no way you can hit them, so there’s no chance for a HKD. So, you can
only get a HKD in certain circumstances(most of which involve your
opponent doing a particular action as they’re getting up). Those
circumstances include:

  1. The opponent rolls after the CC - This is the easiest and most
    common way to land a HKD in a match. If your opponent rolls right
    after getting hit by a CC, simply hit them out of it with a knockdown
    move or combo and you will get a high knockdown, FOR FREE. note: This
    will only work in regular SFA2, since you can’t roll after a CC in
    A2Gold(and I’m assuming, Z2A).

  2. The opponent whiffs a Reversal Attack(“Reversal” has to appear)

  • This means if they do any kind of Reversal Attack(including Supers),
    and it misses, you can hit them during the recovery with a knockdown
    move or combo and get a HKD. i.e. Ryu does a Reversal DP and it
    whiffs, if you do a knockdown move as he lands it will result in a
  1. You stuff their Reversal Attack - Just like #2, except if you
    knock them out of the Reversal Attack with a knockdown move you will
    get a HKD.

  2. You do an AC reversal - If you stick out an attack as the opponent
    is getting up which they AC and you reverse it, you will get a HKD.
    So with Sagat, you could do a crouching Strong(they AC), 2in1 Jab
    Tiger Uppercut(knocks them out of their AC and results in a HKD), then
    juggle with a Fierce Tiger Uppercut.

  3. The opponent is holding ‘back’ - Meaning, if they’re simply
    holding straight back on the stick while they’re getting up and you
    hit them with a knockdown move or combo, you will get a HKD. I have
    no idea why this works, especially since holding in any other
    direction won’t result in a HKD. note: While experimenting, this
    happens to be the easiest way to get a HKD, and is a great way for
    doing repeated high knockdowns.

  4. You dizzy them with a HKD move or combo - If you dizzy your
    opponent with repeated HKD’s, then hit them while they’re dizzy with a
    knockdown move or combo, it will result in another HKD. i.e. With
    Sagat, you do crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce TU, repeatedly till
    your opponent gets dizzy. While they’re dizzy you could do a combo
    like Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Fierce Tiger
    Uppercut. note: This is only really useful while practicing, since
    landing repeated HKD’s on someone in a real match is just about

  5. You counter them as they’re getting up - This one is kinda hard to
    explain, since I’m not exactly sure why this sometimes works, and
    sometimes doesn’t. When I originally posted about the HKD trick, I
    believed that all you had to do was counter your opponent with a
    knockdown move as they’re getting up and it would result in a HKD.
    Meaning, that if your opponent is entering any kind of joystick
    command(besides blocking) or button command, as they’re getting up and
    you hit them with a knockdown move, you’d get a HKD. I soon found out
    that is not always the case. It works a lot of times when your
    opponent is going for a Reversal and miss-times it, and your knockdown
    move hits them, but not always. I guess it’s something specific that
    they’re doing that makes a HKD possible, but I’m not exactly sure what
    it is yet. note: This makes jump-in or crossup HKD combos possible.

  6. You AC their Reversal Attack - AFAIK, this one is worthless. If
    you rebuild your meter through repeated HKD’s then have your opponent
    do a Reversal and you do an AC that knocks down, the AC will result in
    a HKD. Unfortunately, you can’t follow-up the HKD because your
    opponent will have that ‘spinning’ animation and apparently can’t be
    hit. I only mention this one, because I haven’t bothered to try it
    with all the different AC’s, so I’m not 100% sure that none of them
    can be followed-up.

  7. You link a knockdown move at the end of a non-knockdown CC - This
    is a special circumstance where you don’t actually have to knock your
    opponent down with the CC before getting a HKD. Basically, if you do
    a CC consisting of all non-knockdown moves(like a bunch of standing
    normals or stream of fireballs) you can link a knockdown move at the
    end of the CC, and get a HKD. So, with Sakura you could activate a
    CC, do a bunch of standing normals(lame, I know), then just as your
    meter runs completely out, link a normal crouching Roundhouse while
    they’re still in hit stun(results in a HKD), and then juggle with a
    Strong DP.

Here’s a list of moves for each character that will cause a HKD after
a CC ends.

Ken: Crouching Roundhouse
Ryu/E.Ryu: Crouching Roundhouse/Crouching Roundhouse, Fierce Red
Chun Li: Crouching Roundhouse(close)
Rose: Crouching Roundhouse, Soul Spiral
Zangief: Crouching Roundhouse, df+Roundhouse
Sakura: Crouching Roundhouse
Akuma: Crouching Roundhouse, Fireball(close), Red
Fireball(1,2 or 3 hit), d,db,f,uf+Punch move
Sagat: Crouching Roundhouse, Jab Tiger Uppercut
Charlie: Crouching Roundhouse
Rolento: Has no moves that will HKD
Dhalsim: db+Roundhouse, Strong/Fierce Yoga Fire, Yoga
Guy: Crouching Forward, df+Roundhouse
Adon: Crouching Roundhouse
M. Bison: Crouching Roundhouse(slide)
Sodom: Crouching Roundhouse(slide)
Gen: Has no moves in either style that will HKD
Dan: Crouching Roundhouse
Birdie: Crouching Roundhouse

Ok, now there are two basic types of combos that can done using the
HKD trick…

Normal HKD combos:
Combos that can be done by characters who have specials that
juggle(Akuma, Chun Li, Guy, E. Ryu, Sakura, Adon, Sagat) and can be
done after any CC that knocks down(every other character has to
rebuild meter so they can juggle with a SC). Examples:

(pardon some of the generic names for moves)

Adon - Jumping Fierce, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Roundhouse Jaguar

E. Ryu - Crouching Jab, crouching Short, Fierce Red Fireball(HKD),
Short HK, Fierce DP. (vs. Zangief, corner only)

Chun Li - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Triple

Sagat - Crossup Short, crouching Strong, Jab Tiger Uppercut, Fierce
Tiger Uppercut

After Rebuilding Meter:
Combos that are only possible after you rebuild your meter through
doing repeated HKD’s. Basically, there is no way you’d ever, EVER get
this type of combo off in a real match, but do indeed work with some
setting up. Examples:

Charlie - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Level 3
Somersault Justice (corner)

Guy - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Forward(HKD), Level 3 Air Punch

Ken - Jumping Fierce, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), 2in1 Short Roll,
Level 3 Shinryuken

Rose - Jumping Roundhouse, crouching Jab, crouching Short, crouching
Strong, Short Drill(HKD), Level 2 Aura Soul Catch (corner)

Akuma - Jumping Fierce, crouching Roundhouse(HKD), Short HK, Short HK,
jump towards Level 3 Air Super Fireball or Level 3 DP

Dhalsim - b+Fierce(headbutt), Jab Yoga Flame(HKD), Level 3 Yoga
Inferno (corner)

Zagief - Crossup d+Fierce, bd+Roundhouse, Level 3 Air Catch
Super(A2Gold, Z2A only)

There’s a bunch of other combos that can done using the trick, but the
examples should give you the idea. Also, it’s possible to juggle
with a CC after a HKD when you rebuild your meter.

Well, that’s about all I have to report on the high knockdown trick.
I hesitated to post all this, since A2 is such an old game, but
figured someone may find it of interest. There’s also another little
CC trick I found that I was thinking of posting in the future, but
this should be enough for now =).

Rahmon Omar DeLoney __ rdelo...@norfolk.infi.net

I’m slowly adding all this stuff to the wiki so you don’t have to do everything lol. Good shit man.

Cool, I wasn’t even sure if anyone was reading this stuff anymore lol Everything is linked on the first post.

I finished doin sodom’s wiki and even updated it a bit. Completely re-did Rose wiki.

I’ll try to add some stuff to Birdie later this week. He’s bottom tier, but can hang if you’re willing to pull mind games and use your meter appropriately. There are two camps of Birdie players: Those that swear to saving meter for level 3 CC (not me) and those that use meter for hop super set ups and AC’s. Your game is gonna vary depending on which philosophy you play with. So…yeah. I can only speak for the latter. :bgrin:

I use both lol

Really useful character write ups, thanks for the trouble =] I think Im gonna head on into the A2 room for a little bit today, so if anybody who knows whats up is in there, don’t be scurred to tell me I suck with Charlie and to quit doing x and start doing x more etc. Probably my least played SF game…don’t know why though =/

Uhm, imma try to be done with Ken and Birdie by Saturday.

I’m eagerly awaiting your Ken stuff!

I’m reading Rose’s 101.

Thanks for posting, RSX.

No problem :slight_smile: