SFA2: Rolentos CC's


Can anyone give me some good CCs for Rolento in SFA2?


While I am no expert on this game (more like the complete opposite), I do know that a sweep into a s.lp and jumping shorts pretty much sucks most if not all of their life.


Sweep, cancelled into Super Jump (down, up), repeated kicks, land, repeat Super jump + kicks. Damage form jump kicks in the CC is abnormal!

Should net you around 70%. Highest I have done was 83-85% damage.




The one I do is sweep, rk stinger, and then high jump rks until the meter ends. The most I got was 8 hits and it does around 70% damage.


You can do more. Like I said, 80%+ is possible. Depends what you do during each High jump. Experiment and mix up short, forwards and RH.



I can do the first super jump, but i can’t repeat it the second time. How do you do it?


I think i saw a 100% in an NKI video its shorts during the super jump


True, but I think the damage was put on higher than normal, or maybe it was normal damage. I can’t figure out how to do it.