SFA3: Adon X A V


Hey i’m trying to learn how to use him and i prefer playing x Adon, what r some cool and nifty things to do while i play as him?


poke with hp, c.hp s. roundhouse, use c.mp alot and make usre to learn the distances for jaguar kick, oh and air throw any time u get a chance with punch, but throw with kick on the ground


cr. MK not good as a poke in X?


imo no.
i mainly use him in a, sine x is so different air dinamics wise its hard to say, but j.mk is really good reach in a


X Adon builds meter crazy fast, just hopping away builds meter, jumping in and out is too good

try X Adon’s cr. MK its a funny feel to it, lots of range and it stuffs things…

one thing i’m working on is a jaguar kick rush down composed of the LK jaguars into crouching moves like the crouching short then i mix it up by whiffing the jaguar, landing and then throwing u think that would work?


most of the time if u wiff jag kick even if u crossup u will get hit with a combo if the people u play know what they are doing, just try to throw out like a zillion c.hp and kick grab


Um I havent used Adon since I switched to A-Rolento and V-Ken

If using A-Adon

Standing RK, and crouching FK are usual pokes, jumping FK is air attack of choice usually unless you want a bit more range in which you have to time the RK properly.

Crouching SP can snuff a surprisingly large amount of moves.
Standing SP is powerful antiair if you cant pull rising jaguar in time. Crouching FP can be used as long range poke, but I found it better to use as an anti air against players who are just starting to jump towards you, or who are landing just in sweep range.

Adon has fast movement and has a large throw range, use it!

Against average players abuse of FK Jaguar Tooth followed by standing RK is the usual pattern if the opponent is a fair distance away. In close the pattern is usually standing RK combined with crouching FK, with an occasional throw.

Dont jump, Adon can usually control the match with standing Rk + Jaguar tooth pressure. If you get an obvious opening, then jumpin or crossup combo followed by super usually.