SFA3: Cammy

I don’t see anything on her so hopefully someone can help with her in this game. I hope this thread gets some responses because I know she’s extremely umpopular in this game.

From 30 min of using her I come to the realization that she is not that great of a character. But my oponents are CPU and kaillera kids so that’s not a worry.

What’s her best ism? I just use her in V because of the command normals. I haven’t figured out a good full screen VC yet though.

Bread and Butter? Uhh so far all I come up with is C.jabx2 -> Cannon Spike.

Cannon Spike seems to be very effective.
Cannon Drill seems like garbage, doesn’t go under fireballs, jab version is easily punished…I’m not even sure if it hits low(but it HAS to)
Air strke grab special is slow and almost useless.
Her down air kick is horrible, can’t combo after it and if it’s blocked you are fucked.

So what does she have??
So far all I see is a couple of good normals and cannon spike…somebody please help me.


VC1 -> (RK Cannon Spike -> RK Cannon Drill -> crouching FP) repeat until corner


VCany (experiment) -> (Cannon Spike) repeat

On specials:

Cannon Spike is ok, but compared to, say, multihit anti-air like Akuma’s, Ken’s, or Gen’s, it suffers greatly from a VC drop-through.

Cannon Drill is not that useful, even within combos. It has funky hits, and there will be times when you swear it should have combo’d but didn’t, leaving you in big trouble.

Also, between Cammy/Juni/Juli, Juni definitely rules. She has pretty much the same moves and VCs, but Juni has more options, as well dishing out some damaging throws.

i’ve been trying to learn cammy but couldn’t find any decent VCs.

  • pokes i use are stand forward, low forward, stand roundhouse, stand fierce.
  • gotta love her walking speed. walk in and out FK is cute. throw a lot too i guess.
  • far SP is bufferable (eg c.JP c.JP SP xx SK.drill).


  • are her counters really worth using?
  • any idea how to land the KBA (Z-ism L3)? i thought anti-air counterhit SP xx KBA would do it, but no luck…
  • her spinning knuckle move… is it any good…?

Instead of repeated cannon spikes in the corner VC, wouldn’t it be better to do:
[Cannon Spike, st. HP] repeat

I don’t really know how the damage compares, and the timing is kinda wierd, so if someone could clarify, it’d be much appreciated.

Well after 2 days I pretty much have Cammy’s basics down.
Her Corner VC’s are pretty easy, mostly cannon spikes, B+Fierce’s and cannon drills.
Her midscreen I’ve gotten a couple of times, I need a little more practice with that
But what about Guard Break VC’s??? Havent found any yet. If she had that HCB+Punch move in this game that would’ve been helpful…

Her counter(s?) I haven’t used against human opponents yet, so I don’t know how effective they are. I was just surprised she had them…weird.

Her B & B is: C.Short->C.Jab->Roundhouse Cannon Spike

Her S.Roundhouse seems to have high priority, which helps her game a lot.

I have gotten her Back+Fierce->Crouch+Forward to combo a couple of times(not on counter hits). That is useful to know especially for guard break strings.

EDIT: Oh yea fighting Juli and Juni at the end was amazing…I didn’t think this game had endings like that.

k… does anyone know if she had an unblockable VC? i just remembered she had the hooligan roll grab thingy. maybe she could setup a shadow spike/drill/etc so it juggles upon hooligan’s release?

b.FP > c.FK is a link? i didn’t know that…

but she has the hcb+P in other isms. frankly i don’t know how useful it is, since it’s so goddamned slow and the invinicibility area is still fuzzy to me. what does it do…? i’m guessing u could force something like a mixup guessing game from halfscreen away between her hooligan roll, cannon drill and the spin knuckle, but i don’t know much bout it.

eh… if anyone’s having trouble with the counters, it’s all about the hit area, not the timing. i dunno why i just mentioned that…

The Back+Fierce->C.Forward link is a little hard but I think it will just take a little practice to get it down.

Unblockables?? hmm I don’t know too much about this game…I should probably read James Chen FAQ to save me some time.
She has no overhead attack that I can think of(down kick?) so it would have to be a hooligan grab.
but I don’t know the properties or her hooligan yet.
Can it grab Crouching oppponents?
Or maybe she can do VC2 or 3 cannon spike then jump air strike kick…if that’s an overhead?(which I hope to god it is, then there will some use of it)

hey it so happens i have been playing A-Cammy for the past three months on kaillera…I might have a few useful tips to add, I certainly would love to share toughts with anyone on Cammy.

the RK version will go under fireballs nd hit low at the last part.

That takes me to the fact that in my view the Spiral Arrow (aka Cannon Spike) is her best move. I will elaborate. It’s very useful as a sort of long range poke. It’s so fast that the opponent has to anticipate it to counter it. When you do use it as a poke, then always use it at its full extent, just tick wit your toes. This will leave you out of their sweep range. This goes for all three.
Also, be careful never use it upclose unless in combos, thats just a guaranteed opening for the opponent.

Keep in mind that the SK version has minimal recovery and is an annoying poke. The FK version can be from further away, it’s useful but don’t get predictable. The RK version is indeed useful from its full range because when an opponent retaliates with a fireball you will go under it.

You should keep mixing up spiral arrows with walking back and forth, s.RK and sometimes far s.FP. the fact that anticipating the spiral arrow would hit it clean could lead an opponent into throwing a fireball in anticipation, which is an opening for your jump-in combo. the opponent will have to take a big risk to counter your spiral arrow before it connects. if the opponents gets tired of blocking and wants to retaliate with a sweep, special or even SC/VC. you will be out of range. all this sums up the spiral arrow being a hella annoying poke.

this midrange game of walking back and forth, s.arrows, RK’s and far FP’s is completed with some extra tactics.
1.a sporadic hooligan combo (very confusing, but easy to counter, good damage, making this a supplemental move).
2.when you get close to the opponent, say after a blocked s.arrow you can go for a cross-up combo with j.SK.
its quite hard to land against a wary opponent, the hitbox is very small and hitframes are a very short period (this is an SK after all) compared to the cross-ups of Sakura and Ken for example. in other words practice your positioning and when you do control it, still don’t use it too much:p
3.JP Spin Knucle. Key to this move is that its first frames are NOT invincible, then the invinciblity window follws and when the backfist comes out shes vulnerable again. In midrange to close the JP and SP are useful. i prefer the JP one because for that one the invincibility sets in reasonably fast for you to use it against pokes reactively. another thing you should notice is that you should never use it upclose, same as for the s.arrow.

tick throws (love em): when you get close enough, cammy has a set of moves that are fast coming out an retracting but very limited in range. c.JP, c.SP and c.SK make for excellent in your face poking after which you can quickly walk in and throw em. note that Cammy has a very good throw range, I sense it just a little bigger than Charlie’s if that helps, but you should get used to it immediately. Cammy’s throws deal fat damage. after a throw into the corner. follow up with an immediate hooligan combo for extra damage the second they get up.

speaking of throws, combined with her jumping speed/range and throw damage, cammy’s air throws are a great weapon as well. could be used as a late anti-air, if you sense a deep jump-in. don’t do it too early or they can react with a JP or SK when they see you coming. you can use it on cross-up happy opponents when they get close and you feel they will attempt that cross-up. when they start teching, replace the throw with a mere JP/SK.

phew that’s enough for now…I still have some ideas left; I haven’t covered her SC’s, the cannon spike and her combos.
so, more to follow, and if you are interested, it will. I welcome feedback :smiley: cheers

Thanks for explaining the properties of her cannon drill. I haven’t experimented with it that much, especially the roundhouse version. I’m just pleased to know it can hit low.

I think her crossup is great. Like you said, it’s not like a Sakura or Ken J.Forward but it’s still very effective. I use it in CvS2 so I know how to use it’s hitboxes, but I can tell you it’s much better in Alpha 3.
Crossup short->Close S.Fierce->C.Forward->S.Roundhouse is great guard break chain. The S.Roundhouse is the only reversable part of the attacks, and aside from invincible dragons and moves that go under it(slides) it seems to stuff everything.

Her Jump Short is just good in general, even if you are not crossing up, I’m surprised how easily it combos into Back+Fierce(or close Fierce). Just don’t neglect J.Strong and J.Roundhouse because those are great Jump attacks.

Her C.Forward is a sick poke because of it’s range and speed but always use C.Strong when in range. C.Strong is a beautiful normal, it’s creates so many counter hits which starts combos(like another C.StrongXXcannon drill, or C.Forward)
Her B+Fierce is also very fast and creates a shiet load of major counters which lead into Cannon Spike combos. This is one reason I have to use her in Vism, command normals (and easy damaging VC’s), although I have admittly not used her any other ism.

GianL your feedback is definetly welcome. We need to support this neglected A3 character(that’s the impression I got when I tried to search for info on her)…

KBA is decent because it can’t be air blocked. Can be damage reduced (counter mashing) though.

A-Cammy is pretty good. I played her way back at MWC2001 :slight_smile:

One thing to note is that she is totally different from her CvS2 incarnation.

Crouching and standing forward are good pokes. Also, she has really sick throw range, so learn to abuse it.

As for supers, Spin Drive Smasher is good for punishing mistakes, Reverse Shaft Breaker can be good for wakeups (though use sparingly), and Killer Bee Assault is almost free damage on jumping opponents. Against V-Ism, it’s usually better to save your meter for ACs.

It’s been a while since I played her, so all I remember for combos is cr. short, st. short, short Cannon Spike. I’m sure there are better ones, but that is a good combo off a cr. short.

That’s all I remember for now, hope that helps.

on KBA: it’s kinda slow tho isn’t it…? unless your opponent is Sim u really have to anticipate the jump. or maybe i’m just slow…? i dunno.

what’s Cammy’s optimum range? i’m thinking just outside FK range, since from there she can mixup between hooligans and drills (and knuckles if you’re in Z). this goes back to ST but i never played that well…

don’t forget her crossup loop:

[cross up short-> low jab-> rh spiral arrow] x n

after the arrow, yr at optimum range to go into one those really-difficult-to-block-cross ups. really great vs x-ism charas.
If they try to escape by rolling, low rh then try for the cross up(it will be harder to get the good cross up this time) or low short->low jab-> level 2/3 SDS/level 3 RSB.

I haven’t read all of this thread(oh the guilt) but has anyone mentioned her low strong? like, after a CH low strong, you can do a low rh for a 2 hit combo or another low strong-> level 3 SDS OR if yr in v, you can activate vc3-> stand fierce-> standard vc . Also low fierce is a pretty good mid distance anti-air. also stand forward is good vs gief.

one weakness is that her arrows are fairly easily counterable with c.JP’s, just like the sumo headbutt or blanka roll. but as far as i know online it is not widely used, not at all, which has to do with the lag.

her standing JP is also a great anti-air, especially for jumps you’re countering on reflex cause you have to act quick. if you’re used to the KBA motion, or combos with charlies ss.justice, you can even try comboing the s.JP into the KBA on a counterhit. its too flashy for me.

and one other thing, her cannon spike isn’t as obvious for an air counter imo. its moving forward so its good for far jumpins ad those pesky air tatsumakis. im not too fond of the spike, i stick to her ground moves myself. but I don’t have real experience with it either, i going to experiment first to know for real. I would love to hear someone talk sense about the strengths and weaknesses off the 3 different spikes. anyone?

like the shotos, the weak version of her dp is not suitable for countering sweeps/low attacks. the rh version however, beats all and also has more horizontal range. i can’t remember about the forward version.

the KBA can be controlled as to where you want it to go. the direction that you end the motion on is where she goes, so you can go backwards, straight up, or toward the guy. you should be able to easily land it even from full screen, you don’t have to anticipate the jump. as soon as you see someone jump, or throw a fireball, do the motion and you’ll land the super.

Yeah, I’d go with that, The motion grab gives her a slight edge, and the half-teleport has a few uses.

I’ve recently been playing the Juli/Juni Dramatic Battle a lot just for a laugh (I’ve recently got back into a3 after not playing it for over a year), and I’d forgotten about those two extra supers in A-ism… In fact, the only bad thing about ginger Juni in 1-player Dramatic is that the computer keeps pulling you across the screen with that healing move… very annoying when you score a dizzy!

Time to once again breathe a little life into this old thread.

I’m surprised I didn’t see anyone mention her b+RH or b+SP.

c.FP is her obvious mid and far anti-air. However, b+SP is also really good for stuffing close-range jump-ins generally anything directly over Cammy.

b+RH has similar applications for stuffing close jump-ins, but it can also be used as a good anti-crossup because the hitbox is also very wide.

Cammy’s far FP is probably my favorite poke. Like her RH it has two parts to it, the elbow at the beginning, and then the extended arm (knuckles). The elbow part has a really huge vertical hitbox and will actually stuff a lot of low pokes, such as Chun c.FK or Gen c.SP, which is really impressive and useful. Plus the fact that it’s very fast and covers a pretty decent range.

b+FP was already mentioned in this thread. It’s hitbox is pretty high, so it’s not going to stuff a lot of low poking, but it is really really fast so it’s able to catch a lot of far-range mid/high pokes. Major counters off b+FP are confirmable into Hooligan Combination -> Cross Scissors Pressure.

c.FK is a really good poke, but the recovery on it is actually pretty large and the hitbox is really low. Mostly useful at max range. And, you have to watch out of things that go clean over it, like Ryu/Akuma toward+FK (hopkick) and such. It’s speed and range make it useful for stuffing things like fireballs during their start-up animations. V-Cammy has to spend a lot of time walking forward and blocking in order to get in, and of course she needs to use a lot of c.FK’s to supplement her progress by stuffing the opponents pokes. Far FK is of course a great poke, too.

After a major counter or if the opponent is jumping vertically or what-have-you, far FK, far SP, far RH, and far FP have varying levels of use for popping opponents out of the air. Far SP has the added benefit of being cancelable, so if you do hit them out of the air with it, you can usually hit them with a Cannon Spike during their hit-reel (before the become invulnerable), and it also has a deceptively large hitbox (vertically and horizontally).

I find vertical jumping RH to have a lot of potential. It sticks out really far and has a great hitbox. Same as her diagonal version, but I think it’s pretty useful for controlling space.

Her V-ism combos are fairly easy to execute and are both versatile and damaging. Reliable anti-airs and midscreens. It can be a little annoying to transition between her mid-screen juggles into corner juggles, due to the fact that you’ll sometimes crossup after a Cannon Drill, but fortunately her good ender can be done weather it’s mid-screen or not, and it’s also fairly easy to switch sides again so long as you’re anticipating the crossup. It’s even possible to do her corner DP loops while midscreen.

Though, generally it’s annoying to accidentally crossup a cornered opponent by using a Cannon Drill.

Also, throwing near the corner (air or ground) is actually really risky. If the opponent tech-hits the throw they will recover before Cammy does. The only one that’s really safe is Cammy’s air punch throw.

Unfortunately the two special moves Cammy gains in V-ism are really not so good. It’s generally a bad idea to aim her dive kick (Cannon Strike) at the opponent due to the fact that it’s extremely punishable. I tend to use it more as a poke by intentionally whiffing it, or really just as a way to move forward.

And then her command counter (hcb+P) is absolutely useless. I really wish they just left V-Cammy with the sping knuckle instead of that stupid command counter.

Still, over-all I’d say Cammy is definitely better in V-ism. So the order of precedence would be: V, then A, then X.

Though in the grand scheme of things, Cammy is definitely lower-mid tier (not quite bottom tier, but definitely pretty low on the list).

I guess I should post it in this thread…

Does Cammy (or Juni?) have a midscreen VC that works against pre-A3 characters in HSFA?

Damn A1/A2 tiny hitboxes… :sad:

FP [FK Drill, FP, RH Spike]xN
works on some characters, but the timing is retardedly strict. I don’t think you could do it consistantly in a match.

I was also able to do FP [FK Drill]xN
But the timing is pretty strict too. It might be a lot easier if you do an occasional SK Drill. You cross up on the second Drill, and then on every Drill after that, so maybe throw in a few SK Drills to ease the timing. Or something.