SFA3: Character VC's Reborn


Anybody gave any good stylish VC’s? Damage doesn’t really matter but just to get some “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s”


Why does some of Cammy’s (maybe others, but I havent tried them) VC’s that in the corner sometimes cross you up? I have done the repeated Cannon Spike in the corner, but when it comes time for the fierce->holligan combo, the hooligan just flies behind them. If it makes any difference, I play on player 2 side, pushing them to the player 2 corner. I have seen the vid with the cross up Cannon Spikes, but havent learned it yet. Is there any reason this happens?

I guess some characters hit boxes just arent the same. I tried the standard antiair VC1 (st fierce->rh cannon spike->cannon drill, etc etc) on Cody, but for some reason the Cannon Drill misses completely. His sprite falls on the Drill, but there is no hit whatsoever. On some characters, point blank range VC1 Cannon Spike only hits once (Gief, Charlie)…


Actually that’s exactly why. Uneven sides. Player 2 crosses up during corner juggles, which makes CC infinites harder for player 2 (but not impossible).


Does anyone have a transcript for the Sakura crossup VC? Is it unblockable, or is the side it hits random, or was I just blocking wrong?


Rose corner transition in VC3-
Crouching SP xx c.FP xx neutral standing RK, jump and cc shennanigans.

Standing Roundhouse has to be done super-late, like the last couple of frames (frames in terms of time, not just animation) before they can air-recover. There’s a period where you can’t cancel it into a normal anymore, and they get to flip…as late as possible before that.

Fei stuff:

VC2/VC3 Rekkas(FPx3), [b+RK Rekkas (JPx2, FPx1)] to corner

Can be done in VC1 also, but you need to use far standing Roundhouse IIRC, and I think only the shadow hits them. Does less damage.

Confusion and high/low sutff:
VC1 c.RK xx f+RK, overhead (f+FK), c.SK…Rekkas to transition into midscreen.

VC1 c.RK x2, [FK chicken wing (Tiger Knee motion+K) to crossup, c.SK, c.SP, c.RKx2]

VC1 c.RK xx whiff JP or SP Rekka (x1), crossup j.FK, c.SKx2, repeat. You can also use crouching Forward, or even crouching Forwardx2, but that seemed harder (at least on Juni, whom I was trying it on at the time).

VC2 C.RKx2 Crossup FK chicken wing, c.JP, c.SK. Doesn’t work on Zangief, but did work on Bison and I’m assuming all characters his size and smaller (also worked on Ryu). The chicken wing is both an overhead and a crossup.

All of those can either transition into the mdiscreen, or repeat, though the VC2 one has a gap in it. I think you might be able to do [FK chicken wing, c.SK, c.FK]xn vs someone in the corner…also has a gap in it, but should be a bitch to block since the chicken wing hits multiple times and will even hit crouching Juni.

corner stuff:

Rekkas, [s.FP xx FK dragon kick] (b, d, db+K) for VC2, use the Short version of the kick for VC1. Sometimes you may need to use b+FP. VC2 version does more damage.

Didn’t think to look for any anti-air VCs.


For anti-air you can start with 1st wrekka whif 2nd, hit 3rd. I think standing rh does more damage than b+rh? blah, all his VCs do shit damage.

Corner blocked: VC2, rekkas, d.lk, lk-twisty kick, guard break… whatever.


I have a bison vc on the ground for 40%

Activate standing forward kick
2 in 1 into RH sissor kicks
Hit Standing FP whiff sk sissor kick and repeat until the end and stomp and dive to standing RH.

Any other cc for him or blanka? Anti air for bison? Anyone know Blanka unblockable cc?


So uh… Ive been practicing sakuras cc ender to her corner vc, and it seems to me that people can escape it by teching in the air then blocking. What im doing for reference is jp.dp -> (st.fp xx fp.fireball) x 6 -> quick st.sp while the fireballs coming out -> jp.sp -> walk cancel -> jp.fp x 3 -> cr.fp xx fk.dp … if i set the opponent to do nothing but stand this works great, if i set the opponent to tech and then block it doesnt work. So i ask you fellow srkrs, do you have to anticipate the tech and do a diff combo or what?


any good corner combo with V-Fei long, after breaking their guard?

BTW his VCs are REALLY hard to pull, but well.


Can anyone recommend a consistent ender for Charlie/Nash that’s flexible enough to be used during or after any VC regardless of % or distance once I get to the corner?


When you get them to the corner it should be standing jab (s.LP) or nothing at all and let the shadow hit.

Then j.SP (j.MP)

They can tech before the j.MP, but if they tech and then block your j.MP then you’re doing something wrong. The j.MP should not be blockable with a proper tech trap.


anyone can show me some v juni and v juli stuff,kinda havin trouble with them on v-ism


About Juli, there are some vids linked in the Juli Thread (which you probably already know about).

What exactly is it you have problems with ?

[EDIT] Please be more specific, can’t help you if i don’t know where to start.


custom combos. check the custom combos thread, but it kinda helped a bit.
also juni’s earth direct and combining it with another move.


I have a question regarding crossover VCs, this goes for any character but I’ll use Charlie as an example, it seems as if every time I try it, they get pushed too far for the c.RH to connect, or my combo breaks midway through. I believe Charlie’s is something like (VC1), c.RH, whiff f+FK, late crossup j.FK, c.SK, c.SP, c.SP, c.SK, c.RH, whiff f+FK etc, what exactly am I doing wrong, am I pressing it too fast, too slow, or is there some trick I’m not picking up on? Thanks in advance.


New Ryu mid-screen by Alioune: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=nc1eDBp4rUc


Oh nice


How much Damage can Gen’s Shitenshuu level 3 super do

Thats the one where he hits you and 5 seconds later they go dizzy, I know as each second passes energy goes down.

But if all the hits connect of a level 3 and all the seconds go down, how much will have been taken off before they have now gone dizzy ?


You gotta be kidding me…

And what does that have to do with this thread?



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