SFA3 Dan Topic

Anybody here know anything about Dan? Post general things/combos/strategies etc about Dan any ISM.

Crouching SP is probably his best move. Weird vertical coverage.

Yeah, cr. SP as anti-air and anti-poke. Jumping SK is probably his most high priority air move. You can do some decent pressure with the SK galekick, other than that, he’s still pretty much Dan. V-ism is his best since he does have some pretty easy VC’s and the push-block ability he gets can keep corner crushers off him.

I forgot how many moves, but every like… 8th special move he does, he gets invinciblity on the move. You see Dan generally turn all white for a quick second.

He’s not as good as he used to be in A2.

Actually, Dan has some nice blocked strings and pokes. You should learn all of his normals/specials/supers/vcs and their properties.
S.strong has very high priority with a long lastin hitbox (sort of), I traded with Adon’s jaguar tooth with it. Nice meaty poke.
s. fierce is one of the very few fierce attacks that give block advantage.
C.short has as much reach as a normal shoto low forward while being a low recovery short, making it a nice poke.
s.short is a good priority move with block advantage.

The move flipFlop is talking about is Dan’s kouryuken, and the odds are 1/22 or 1/15 not 1/8.

Another move of note is his gadoken, things to remember: unbeatable poke (projectile), frame advantage on low or medium version, can’t be punished by jumping, cancels other people’s projectile.

His s.Roundhouse is great for juggling when used during a Cutom Combo, same goes for his Gale Kick that is an exceptional and excellent move anyway.

I remember to have experimented on some corner pressure with his Gale Kick, though I don’t remember what its exact properties were when I had done the move back then. I think it’s possible to link a 270 Gale Kick into some good stuff for great and quick damage. Also, its 270 version is safe, I think.

Dan actually isn’t the worst character in the game. People always assume he is because he’s Dan, but he wasn’t in CvS2 either.
-He has great normals and a juiced LK gale kick is fast, un-punishable, high priority, and leaves you right next to them for more pressure.
-He can activate from a mile away with a juiced FK gale kick, his VCs all do decent damage, and he has pushblock to get out of unblockables/confusion VCs or just give him room to build meter.
-Low gale kicks also give him a ton of mobility and let him build meter very quickly.
If Dan had more range and some invincibility on his DP, he would probably get out of the low tier, and yeah think of his gadoken as a high priority poke, not a projectile.

V-Sodom VS V-Dan

Probably the best V-Dan player I’ve seen. He messes up the post VC CCs a bunch of times 'cause he forgets he’s on P2 side, but other than that, it’s good stuff. He utilizes activations well, pushblocks to get out of a pressure VC, and actually has this guy backing away half the time.
There was another video of him fighting an A-Guy player, but it’s not on youtube. I think TS has another video of him up, but the quality is lousy.

Dude, that V-Dan was teh eye sex. :tup:

That’s one dan-gerous guy… He did alot of cross-ups during the match, and he used his j.Jab as anti-air, too.

How does Dan do his backward gale kick?

Just jump back and do the gale kick motion, You can do it during any jump actually.


Yep, sadly low quality with no audio.


HIRO from Japan has uploaded videos from Ultimate Zero 6 to his YouTube page:

There’s a Dan/Ryu/Blanka team that did very well in the 3-on-3 tournament, he appears in some of the videos there.

The invincibility on his dragon is it 1/15 and 1/22 dragon attempts or is it of it is done as the 15th / 22nd move altogether?

TK backwards LK gale kick to build bar.

if you know your cross up will land you can j.MK st.MP HP dragon for good damage.

Basic VC: VC2/3: Jab Dragon, st.HK, late MK galekick, LK galekick xN to corner.

What is his CC after Vism? Set up? I still have problems doing his airborn corner VC st.HK (fireball wiff) xN

st.MK is also a great poke, as it hits sooner depending on how cloase the opponent is plus has a low to high hit box/animation.

Try and use push block on every single move, watch how annoyed people get.

could anybody tell me a VC that ends with some crouch cancels? I want to practice crouch cancels.

V-Ism Unblockable : VC1: jump in and activate -> j.lk,c.lk,[gadouken]xN

dumb question but how exactly does one perform the pushblock?

Just like the VS games. f+PPP

Thank you. I just got into GGPO and A3 is basically the only thing i play on there. My name on there is Mr.Badguy