SFA3 Dreamcast


Virgin post here. I’ve been browsing these forums and website for a bit and enjoy what is offered. I enjoy a good game of street fighter, though I’m an extremely casual player

I’ve noticed that in all your talk of SFA3, there is no mention of the completely awesome Dreamcast port. Is the PSX version superior? Or perhaps you all have the arcade machine at your house :smiley:

I was playing through world tour yesterday and I maxed out at level 32, easily defeating everything and everybody w/ Fei Long (is he even in the PSX version?). I was greeted by a bonus stage of sorts in which I was to defeat the three dramatic battles consisting of the teams Akuma and Evil RYU, Shin Akuma + Aism Bison, and dual Xism (final boss) Bison.

I can beat the first two teams around 40% of the time but the last set is completely sick. They have infinite super meter, which they use at the same time. I’ve never lasted longer than 20 seconds. Anyone else every done this?


fortunado, if you been keeping up with a3 threads, you would know that the dreamcast is the most horrid version out there when it comes to the real a3 players. nothing works right. V is totally different. characters were changed, especially dhalsim. characters are tiny, and so on. just enough to make the game completely different. the psx version is crappy too but better. sure there are load times, but atleast its more accurate, but still shitty overall. then you got the saturn version. its pretty damn close to the arcade but unfortunately suffers from some massive slowdown and framerate issues on vc activation and during vc’s. but its a pretty damn accurate port atleast…

VC’s own up that last world tour stage…



I never really played it much on the arcade so I have little to compare it to. I don’t own a PS



VC= Variable Combo = Custom Combo

Ya know…V-ism.

Anyway, what’s so different about the PSX version of A3 Sabre?
I’m fully aware that the DC version is ass, but never noticed a difference with the PSX version.
Care to explain. :slight_smile:


here’s thread on differences between arcade and dc: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=31030

Psx version is pretty good apart from load times, frame rate and kattobi cancels are messed up.



Dhalsim is a bit slower. But a lot of the things are the same.

I can do every combo, every vc that I can do in arcade on DC.

except it’s hard for me to get the OTG grab from BAS’s Akuma combo on DC