SFA3 for GBA quick question

how do you input 3p’s or 3k’s on the GBA? i can’t pull zangief’s lariets at all. i hit the lp and the hp, which makes you mp, but what gives…no lareit.
am i missing something? i just inherited this version of the game from a friend, and while its fun to play on subways and what not… this one little thing is bugging the hell out of me.
some help thanks .

isnt this why gamefaqs exist

thanks for your help prick!

But that takes a marginal amount of time Hal, time that could be spent making a thread to ask said question to a board full of smartasses.

Hal actually has a point go check gamefaqs.

Damn I was gonna check but the fucking game isn’t in my drawer. I’m assuming you tried to swicth the controls around from the options menu :?

actually, my GBA button issues weren’t addressed on gamefaqs…so i figured i would seek help from my friendly fighting game community.
and yeah i tried switching the buttons around… nothing seems to whip it out.