SFA3 "Glitch" question


So I’ve got a friend claiming that due to some mysterious glitch, a character’s jab can break through/nullify a projectile - the specific example used was Sakura’s jab against a shinkuu hadoken. The most in-depth explanation that I can get about it is “Jab + collision with projectile = jab breaking through.”.

Am I right in assuming he has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about, or does something like this actually exist in the game?


You obviously don’t understand the concept of a glitch like i’ve said many times before. Further more instead of starting random arguments because someone Disagrees with you in SF maybe you should actually do some research.

I never said it happens often or that its even possible to do purposely, Its a very rare sight by a punch can go through a hadouken because of a collision detection error.


I’m not starting any arguments, I’m trying to end them. You, however, came all the way to these forums, registered a brand new account, and posted in this thread in an attempt to start shit.

When requested for a more in-depth description of this phenomenon, your explanation of what this glitch actually entails and your understanding of game mechanics is sketchy at best, leading me to find confirmation of it elsewhere.

I’m trying to find a civil resolution to this dispute, I’m not going to let you flame this thread. If you keep with the trolling, I’m just going to find a mod to lock this thread and I’ll ask elsewhere.


Start shit? Acting civil? You’re doing ANYTHING but acting civil. You had to take our argument which you have started countless times from Icon Ultima and bring all the way over here to Shoryuken.

To be honest this thread should of been deleted the minute it was made. You knew i was going to reply to this to defend my Point and if you wanted to “stop the argument” you shouldn’t of brought are argument here in the first place.

Edit: And if this is trolling, I’d like to see what isn’t.


I can’t believe someone managed to start an argument over this.
Even if it did exist (which I doubt, since I haven’t seen it in all my years of playing and your friend is likely full of shit as most “friends” are), it’s useless since there’s no way to do it consistently.


If by Shinkuu Hadouken you actually mean one of Cody’s rocks or Rolento’s knives…


Thats what I was trying to say. But Thanks.