SFA3 Guy execution questions

I’ve been practicing Guy nonstop for the last few days, and while I don’t expect great results from my practice, I’m still running into the same execution problems. It appears that hit stun in SFA3 is so ridiculously short, that it’s hard as hell for me to confirm any of my normals.

After countless attempts, I still can’t confirm his s.MP xx lvl3 kick super. I mean I’ve been trying everything. You would think I’d at least do it on accident occasionally, bout to no avail. He simply doesn’t stay in hit stun long enough for me to get the L3 super out. There has got to be a way to do this. Is there a shortcut or workaround here? I can’t imagine people can do this on reaction successfully manually every time. It has to be the shortest window for a hit confirm I’ve ever seen.

Also in cases where I randomly do land his kick super, I have a hard time comboing after it. Is there some combo point on the super that I’m not knowing about. I don’t have that many problems with comboing after it, but I can only do it consistently when I mash a jab. Do I need to combo the instant the counter reacher the last hit of the super?

And lastly the FF chain. I’m having a problem with this as well. I’ve been able to do lp,mp,hp sequence consistently. Even though this seems difficult as well. However I’ve NEVER been able to combo the kick, ever. I’ve tried hitting HK late, early, doesn’t matter. Is the timing that strict?

I am aware of what links to what with Guy, I've seen enough combo and match videos to know that.  However, it seems like timing with Guy is just really strict.  Any execution pointers?

By the way, I'm using a pad, but I also play in the arcade, so stick pointers are welcomes as well.

I bet that everyone had this problem at the begining, all you need is practicing. I seccuss in about 2 or 3 days to perform everything about Guy.

MP, HP, lvl 3 Super kick
HP should be pressing without any move, at first try to perform only MP, HP then combined lvl 3 super kick.

this one need a specific timing, it differ in timing to perform if the opponent is in the air or the ground or after lvl super kick.
and just I said, you need just practicing.

Very rarely do people confirm it blind. This isn’t 3S. Most of the confirms you see are off whiffs during footsies.

I have a query, when I run the combo guy (Ken Bushin Gokusa) So far so good, but when I have the sequence JAB, STRG, FRCE and cancel it by Bushin Gou Rai Kyaku + RDHS, simply do nothing, I have marked the most quickly as possible and all the way but I can not do the super, or cancel for a simple Bushin Senpuu Kyaku or Bushin Izuna otoshi, can someone explain how do I dial this sequence correctly to make this complete combo … xenozip style …

can someone help me with my question :sad:

You have to hit RH and then cancel as quickly as possible from the round house, and I mean quick. Think Kara timing maybe stricter. Actually the only thing that is gonna help you is practice, as in 2 to 3 hours a day…

I’m not kidding.This is a very hard technique. You may be batter off mastering MP, FP, Level 3 kick super. Does hella damage, and in alpha 3 sets up untechable juggles that lead to taking 80 to 90 percent of the opponents bar. This may sound Complicated, but it is far more practical than what you are describing. Primarily because RH canceling is a B to do in a fight.

MP + HP + HK 3 super, I have no problems doing, just wanted to have more variety of combos and also be able to do all. but I will keep practicing, some day have to leave … XD

guy is awesome :chat: