SFA3 Guy

Seeing him arrive in SSF4, I wanna get ready for Guy and get used to him when I face my friends. If anyone could point me out to a post w/extensive info on him, or anything like that, that’d be nice. A combo I DO know is:

Next to a wall, do his K throw towards the wall. After the throw, jump up, do his P air throw towards the wall. As soon as possible after the throw, use any cancellable attack, then heavy Bushin-Senpuu-Kyaku, then a cancellable attack, then another heavy Bushin-Senpuu-Kyaku.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg to me though.

FYI This is Alpha 3 arranged (hold select and choose alpha 3).

I need help doing a corner combo. Im trying to do J.roundhouse (2 hits), s.short, s.jab, s.strong, s.fierce, s.roundhouse, then s.jab, s.strong xx roundhouse cyclone kick, QCFx2+Fierce (level 3). Problem im having is the fact that i can’t get the s.jab, s.strong to cyclone kick to juggle. Any advice will be very helpful, thanks.

interesting combo. any youtube vids for that?

interesting combo. any youtube vids for that?