Sfa3 Juli Thread


I’ve just started mucking about with sfa3 for the first time in a while, and i’m looking to pick up Juli. Any tips are much appreciated, any ism is fine.



I started playing Juli more seriously a short time ago, she’s fun but … well yeah she’s in the lowest tier, mainly because of her below average damage output and options (low comboability, VC’s have range issues and aren’t that damaging, no real VC ender) and weak defense (weakest together with Juni and Claw iirc, about 10% extra damage taken). Her move palette is solid though, so i think you’ll be fine with her when you get a grip on her basics. Oh, and you should definitely play her in V, the other Ism’s don’t make much sense with her.

[ VC ]

anti air:

  • [VC1] s.fierce xx dp roundhouse, [s.roundhouse xx (late cancelled) qcf forward, whiff s.roundhouse xx dp roundhouse] x N to the corner, dp roundhouse, [s.roundhouse xx dp roundhouse] till meter runs out
  • [VC1] s.fierce / c.short xx qcf roundhouse, s.roundhouse xx dp roundhouse, [ see above ]

I haven’t found a consistent setup for a crouch cancel ending, at least i couldn’t do it. Maybe someone else can help you there.

Juli has some unblockable stuff in the corner, i suggest watching Middlekick’s V-Cammy combo vid for that stuff (it’s basically the same for Juli), it’s better seeing in action than reading about it.
You can see some more funky stuff (and the standard VC i mentioned above) in Xenozip’s V-Juli combo compilation, but beware some of that stuff is hard to setup ;>
VER also made a small clip with V-Juli combos, haven’t found it anywhere online though. Maybe i’ll upload it to my youtube later.

[ V-Juli(Juni) ] - normals

  • move
  • (damage, dizzy, gauge plus whiff/hit)
  • [startup, hitting frames, recovery, frame (dis)advantage block/hit/counter]
  • rating

(s = standing, c = crouching, j = jumping, f = forward)

s.jab (5,2,0/1) [4/4/8,+2/+3/+8] **
c.jab (5,2,0/1) [3/4/7,+3/+4/+9] ***
j.jab (5,2,0/1) [3/10/20]~[5/10/2] *

s.strong (12/9,4,1/4) [4/4/16,-1/0/+4] ***
c.strong (12,4,1/4) [5/4/10,+5/+6/+10] *****
j.strong (11,4,1/4) [5/8/2]~[6/8/2] ****

s.fierce (15,8,1/9) [6/5/12,+6/+7/-] ****
c.fierce (13,8,1/9) [8/2/20,+1/+2/-] ***
j.fierce (16,8,1/9) [5/6/2] ****

s.short (4,2,0/1) [3/6/6,+2/+3/+8] ***
c.short (4,2,0/1) [4/4/7,+3/+4/+9] ***
j.short (5,2,0/1) [4/10/2] *****

s.forward (9,4,1/4) [5/2/16,+1/+2/+6] **
c.forward (9,4,1/4) [6/4/19,-4/-3/+1] *****
f forward (8+4,3+3,1/6+3) [28/3~3/13,+3/+4/+8 ?!] ****
j.forward (9,4,1/4) [7/8/6] **

s.roundhouse (16/14,8/6,1/9/6) [8/8/26,-11/-10/-] *****
c.roundhouse (14,8,1/9) [7/4/27,-8/-/-] *****
j.roundhouse (15,8,1/9) [6/8/6] *****

… order of importance (imo):

[***] s.roundhouse, c.forward, c.strong, c.roundhouse, j.short, j.roundhouse
[*] s.fierce, f forward, j.fierce, j.strong
] s.strong, c.fierce, s.short, c.short, c.jab
] s.jab, s.forward, j.forward

[*] j.jab


Wow. That’s a lot of information, cheers. I’m still a little rusty on my Vc’s but all those stats proved enlightening.


Some more things to add after playing her for a while now …

A number of characters can crouch her best poke, s.HP (that’s why i rated it with 4 stars instead of 5). Those characters are:
Guy, Chun, Gen, Charlie, Karin, Sakura, Ken, Rose, Mika

Unfortunately, when those characters do crouching attacks it’s also harder to hit them with her next best poke, s.HK. Still you can’t just stop using s.HP and s.HK altogether, you just have to be a bit more passive, and use c.MK and c.HK a bit more.

About her VC’s:

I learned that it’s better to activate VC2 when doing her anti air VC, it’s much more consistent and the only way to juggle fatties like Gief. Also starting an aa VC with c.HP instead of s.HP is a good idea, as it’s hitbox is a bit more dependable and it seems to position the opponent better for further juggling.

So this would be my new advise for an aa VC:

  • [VC2] c.HP xx dp HK, [s.HK xx (late cancelled) qcf forward, whiff s.HK/c.HP xx dp HK] x N to the corner, dp HK, [close s.HK xx dp HK] till meter runs out

I’m still looking for a good VC ending …

Another thing with her ground VC: it’s really tricky to get the range right when starting the VC with s.HP or c.LK (if the character can crouch s.HP) xx flying kick bla bla, and you also need to cancel it pretty fast to make it a combo. Another way to start is just using dp HK when close and hope the shadow hits (should read 2 hits) for you you be able to juggle. You still need to be really close, but at least you don’t have to think about height differences of characters and cancelling into flying kick as fast as possible …

ground VC 2:

  • [VC1] (close) dp HK (2 hits), s.HK xx (late cancelled) qcf forward … [ see above ]

So she can only activate when right next to the opponent ? Well, yes, but you can start at least some confusion VC’s at sweep range. Example: activate with VC1 and c.HK xx qcf LK to land behind them, then immediately another qcf LK to fly past them again. If it hits, you can dp HK into ground VC from there, if they block it you are in perfect range to try crossing them up and go from there. It’s definitely nothing you can depend on, still better than nothing.


I discovered some new stuff regarding Juli’s VC’s …

No unreliable VC1 activation for ground VC’s anymore, woohoo ! Here’s a VC2 ground VC starting with cannon spike:

reliable version:

  • [VC2] dp HK, s.LP (hits) -> whiff c.HK xx qcf HK, whiff s.HK xx dp HK, [s.HK xx (late cancelled) qcf MK, whiff s.HK xx dp HK], (corner) [s.HK xx dp HK], ending
    fancy version:
  • [VC2] dp HK, s.LP (hits) -> whiff c.HK xx qcf HK, whiff s.HK xx dp HK, s.HK (hits) xx dp HK, [s.HK xx (late cancelled) qcf MK, whiff s.HK xx dp HK], (corner) [s.HK xx dp HK], ending

The fancy version does a bit more damage, but is a bit less reliable, e.g. i noticed it’s inconsitent against Sodom and doesn’t work against Gief at all (they will fall right past the third s.HK). To position the first qcf HK well, i whiff a c.HK after the s.LP. It’s easy to cancel the qcf HK out it with negative edge, and makes the whole juggle afterwards way more consistent.

As a punishment VC (most damage) i now use:

  • [VC2] near s.HK xx qcf LK, s.HK (or c./s.HP) xx dp HK, [s.HK xx (late cancelled) qcf MK, whiff s.HK xx dp HK], (corner) [s.HK xx dp HK], ending

Beginning with near s.HK does the most damage, and it doesn’t matter if the opponent is crouching (like with s.HP). I have no clue why i haven’t thought of that earlier :confused:

Oh, and i found a VC2 ending for her ! …

[VC2] (corner, meter running out) … [s.HK xx dp HK], s.HP (hits) -> (late chained) whiff s.HK, (shadow hits) instant j.MK (unflippable), …

You can start a small series of crouch cancelled j.HK’s after that (max i can do is 4 before the opponent falls too low), then end with s.HP (or whatever fits in) xx qcf HK for meter recharge, or going for a KK air throw (which is a slam throw) for maximum damage.

I finally uploaded the (small) vid featuring 2 VC’s done by VER, where you can see how to end a VC when you activated VC1: [media=youtube]bAZjuP5ZV5w"[/media].
The second VC looks really nice :>

EDIT: I just noticed after rewatching Xenozip’s V-Juli combo compilation (for link see my first post) that he uses the exact same VC2 ending i just wrote down, in the second to last VC in that vid (man i’m really slow when it comes to figuring out VC’s ;o). Even though the opponent does an air flip in the vid, it’s really unflippable if timed right, no matter what they do. He probably let the opponent flip on purpose to maximize the damage.


Honestly, Juni and Cammy (especially Juni) are both much better versions of Juli. I don’t see the point of playing her.


Why do you have to be so cruel, Kyo-kun?

Nice finds, Iczer. I’ll get around to her eventually.


The reason i’m playing Juli is because i think she’ll teach me how to be a better player, especially when it comes to V-ism. If timing, positioning and knowledge of what to do and what to avoid aren’t spot on, i can’t expect to win with her. She’s my indicator of how good my basics really are, that’s what makes her so interesting to me.

Well, that and the flying kick, i really can’t live without it y’know :wink:


If you love the kick that much, go for it :stuck_out_tongue:
She does have a giant rack at least, I suppose. Seriously, take a look at the official art sometime. Those things are ridiculous.


its sad to see though how juli ended up in the low tier. Juli is a pretty good character, and her moveset may be like cammy’s, but her sniping arrow gives her a tremendous advantage for any ranged attacks the player may want to make, and it was good for a lot of V-ism combos.


I’ve been playing Juli lately, really digging her.
I’m having a ton of trouble selecting her on 2df. I highlight Karin for a few seconds,then i go to the random box and hold up. Thats supposed to select her,but it doesn’t. Any suggestions?

Oh,and are there any practical uses for her half circle punch move?


How you try to select her should work (highlight Karin for 1 charge period ~ 1.5 seconds, then move to random select and hold up in the upper boxes and down in the lower boxes before pushing a button to select her). Do you have a save state ? Juli is only available via time release in the arcade version, you can’t select her by default. You can adjust a time release option it in the dipswitch settings i think.

About her hcb P:
It has a lot of invincibility in the startup phase (~ half a second), so you can use it as a reversal on wakeup to dodge some stuff if the opponent tries to be fancy and isn’t expecting it. You can dodge some meaty crossups with it, risky though. It’s just too slow to be used effectively, after it’s invulnerability phase you are vulnerable for 13 frames before it’s hitting, everybody with average+ reflexes will hit you out of it on reaction. It still could’ve been an okay move if it wouldn’t move you forward so much and push the opponent out so far after they block it, since it gives you a slight frame advantage after all … but yeah the way it is it’s nearly useless, don’t ever depend on it and only use it as a surprise, if you ever need one …

[EDIT] Because i wasn’t mentioning it: it’s just 2 frames of full body invincibility, after that just her lower body is invincible (she does a small hop after all) for ~ half a second. That’s why you can’t dodge fireballs with it, a shame really.


juli is beast, idk why shes in low tier, she can rip a lot of charas. no point in putting her there.


I didn’t realize she was time release. Thanks.

I’ve basically decided to pretend that move doesn’t exist.


do the sniping arrow a lot too, in like necessary moments. it’ll be effective.


And Juli’s pretty easy, i’d worry more about people who wanna master Juni.


This Sniping Arrow was awful recovery, and its use is not recommended, except in limited situations such as after a knock-down.


or when they’re dizzy, which i usually do :o


Why would you do that instead of a jump-in?


I got a VC for Juli

(VC1)DP LK, [St. HK, LK Sniping Arrow, DP HK] repeat till corner. In corner juggle with DP HK.