SFA3 layout request (little bit of final fight)

Hey IMM, I have request for anyone who is willing to do alittle bit of PS work for me. I just got my new stick case and I’ve ordered the parts. I even have the template for the stick, but I have no picture editing programs except MS Paint, and I have no image editing skills anyway.

Here is the layout: http://home.comcast.net/~spiffyshoes/stickcentral/REDOCTANETEMPLATE.png
(please ignore the first two downward curved buttons, my stick only has the 6 straight ones)Thanks to SpiffyShoes for the template.
I ordered a blue Happ(battop) Competition stick and 6 blue buttons. I want to use a Street Fighter Alpha 3 theme (with logo, background and SRK logo) and a emphasis on Cody, Guy, R.Mika, and Ken. I know thats alot of characters, sorry. Also, on Guy and Ken, it would be cool if they could have matching blue outfits by changing their color to blue somehow(I’m guessing PS can do that).
Here are links to some good SFA3 art, I think they might require registration:


I want you to be able to have some freedom with it, but I really like these characters, so having these pictures in there would be really cool:

Also this would make something of a cool background:
http://www.slateman.net/sf/art/sfa3/sfz3-poster1_big.jpg (the best in my opinion.)
or http://www.sfgalleries.net/art/sfa3/sfz3-poster2_big.jpg(might work well on a a far side or something)

If someone can make a cool looking layout for me, I’d be very grateful and give you full credit. I’m sorry I want so much into it, but the rest I swear you can be free with, and include any other flairs you want to express yourself with. I’m sure I could even help you out in the future, maybe like a really cheap price on some buttons and stuff once I start getting more parts. Thank you!!!:karate:

Dang hotlinking… But atleast they state what picture they are inside of the SFA3 section. And the last picture link has a small error…here it is again:

please PM me questions =p

ok ok I’ll throw in some money if it’s good. Please show some love, SRK!