SFA3: Max

Wow…I never really gave this little title a look due to it being a fighting game on the PSP. I could just never grasp the concept of a “good” SF game on a handheld. I spent some time traveling this past week and picked it up at a local GS for $10 and I can’t believe how well it plays…even with the shitty dpad and crappy button layout that is the PSP. Having no other gaming outlet besides my psp I just decided to give it some time and get used to the controls and i’ve very glad I did.

This has to be by far the best version of any of the alpha games i’ve played. I would kill for this to be released for a console so I could get some stick time with it. I’m pretty much assuming that theres about .0001% chance we’ll ever see this on a console, right? Well I guess we could see it via the Playstation store since SFA just recently dropped…what do you guys think?

I still can’t get over what a great version of SFA3 this game is…I just wish I could play it on a big screen with a stick…

I know the SFA Anthology is out, but I find this version of SFA3 to be much better not only for the extra characters but for the world tour mode as well.

Nice! Thanks Ryu…thats fantastic, i’ll have to give this a shot. Got my custom 360 stick working a few weeks ago to so it should work with no probs on my pc. Thanks for the link, I really appreciate it.

How’s the lag with the PSP -> PC connection though?