SFA3 or SSBM redux!


Ok, let’s try this again the right way.

First and foremost, this is a poll for SRK members that have been with us for some time. This isn’t intended to be a poll for the entire fighting game community. This isn’t meant for anyone who has recently(meaning within the last 6 months) become a member. HOWEVER, all honest input is welcome. This isn’t meant to be a lame ass poll that means dick since ppl use multiple accounts and other forms of bs. This is for my knowledge to see where the SRK community is at in regards to the issue presented. I will not vote, initially, and I will not post my opinions either. This is to ensure that I am not attempting to sway anyone’s opinion myself.

In order to make this happen properly, I have rules for this poll that I respectfully ask everyone who votes to follow.

1.If you vote, you must post(or you can be a jerk and intentionally mess up the poll). Why? So that I can correlate the votes with the posts. This is asked in order to deter dishonest folks from using multiple accounts. It’s easier to click a vote with multiple accounts than it is to post 10 times with each vote. Also, a post will also allow myself and others to see when the account was created so that folks don’t ruin it by creating accounts to sway the poll.

2.Give your reasoning. This helps all that vote to see both sides and make an informed decision. It could be as simple as one line.

3.Be respectful to others. If you think that their reasoning is lame, agree to disagree. There’s no need to judge. If someone’s opinion is harsh, let it go. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Be mature about things but also, be honest. If you pick SSBM because you think SF players are elitists, say so. If you have a problem with that, go hit the bag. Don’t dis anyone for their feelings. In the same sense, if someone says SSBM is ghey. Let it go. Some ppl won’t go to a club because the music is lame to them. That’s legitimate and so is anyone’s feelings about both games.

That being said, feel free to debate. Understand, however, that the value of one’s argument is subjective and should be treated as such. If someone has a “stupid” argument, other posters will notice without anyone having to call the “stupid” poster lame or retarded. No need for mudslinging. Post intelligently and don’t judge one another.

(deep breath)

If these rules aren’t followed, the validity of the poll is so much more questionable. Therefore, it’s pointless. In all honesty, I don’t know if it’s possible to have a real poll here and could easily do one at Evo which could be validated much easier through personal contact. I may do one there as well but it’d be nice to learn and prove that a legitimate poll could happen on SRK. Otherwise, every poll is really pointless, isn’t it?

I apologize to all that posted in the original poll. I did not request that it be deleted. I just didn’t want the usual and random SRK poll so I asked that my initial post and name be removed from the “re-invented” poll. I’m sorry about that. I may have been misunderstood.

I also respectfully ask that this poll not be closed or taken over by SRK staff.

Also, understand that this poll has nothing to do with affecting Evo. This will not change anything about the Evo line-up.


If you were in control of Evo, which game, between these two, do you think should be represented? Should Evo be representing SFA3 or SSBM first? Even if both could be there, which game should have priority? Which game would you like to see international competition on? I hope what I’m asking is clear. I can’t come up with a zillion ways to ask the same thing but, I wanted to be clear what I was asking.

One final note:Arcade or console A3 isn’t an issue. DC A3 is fine as well. Rules for SSBM are not an issue, make up your own perfect ones and decide.

Myself and a few others will monitor this poll and when the votes get grossly out of proportion with the posts, it will be deleted and we’ll do a 100% accurate one at Evo. Either way, we’ll find out how long time SRKers really feel so, if this gets deleted because ppl intentionally want to mess it up, don’t sweat it. No one will be able to “fix” it at Evo.

Thanx for your input. Sorry for the lengthy poll but, ppl seemed to misunderstand the purpose of the last one. Like Seth, calling it unfair for asking long time SRK players, lol. Logic tells me that I don’t need to ask SSBM players if they want it at Evo, lol. This is ON SRK for SRK peeps. I think that makes sense to reasonable folks.



A3 (Arcade version, obviously) Vote:

  1. It’s the last of the Alpha series

  2. I wil beat Apoc in a grudge match


i dont really know much about either game, but if i was about to play one with some friends i’d pick a3


For the third time, SSBM.

A3 had an equal chance to shine at EVO2002, right next to 3S. 3S picked back up, A3 did not. In general, the SRK staff would have rather had A3 pick up, but it didnt. The community now pales in comparison to 3S, let alone SSBM.


I vote SSBM, a3 is old and stale and no one plays anymore at any major tournament.


A3 arcade version

I don’t even see why its a question. I feel like this whole issue has been brought up a million times…

A3 is SF, its classic, its deep, its hands down a great game, and it belongs at evo at the very least for posterity’s sake.

I think our japanese and european visitors would really like to see a3 at evo ( :: points to absolution:: )

I’m not really looking forward to this thread bringing up the same 109587091385 arguments and counter-arguments that we’ve already seen, but if thats what it takes, so be it… luckily we’re gonna have a3 at evo whether its official (which would be great) or not.

lol Apoc it seems like you never get tired of talking about why a3 should be at evo. People have gotta give you mad stubborn points for that.


oh yea i’d also like to add that i think A3 would make a great final 8 and a great addition to the dvd, considering there’ll probably be 4-5 japanese and 3-4 americans in the final 8, and who can’t get enough of USA vs Japan?



Smash Bros is a better game with a bigger scene than A3. Someday it may be feasible to represent every game with even a miniscule following but for now, SSBM deserves a place ahead of A3… heh A2 even deserves a place ahead of A3 for being a better game too IMO. TTFN.



I vote for SSBM, because I’ve already seen high level A3 at a billion other tournaments, I’d rather play a new game than A3 at EVO, and the because the A3 scene in the US is, well there isn’t one. The game is done.


I also think the outcome of this poll isn’t truly representative of the gaming public. In order to get a complete and accurate sampling, an identical poll should be posted on Smash Boards, Tekken Zaibatsu , and GameFAQs . :smiley:


Thanks, so far, for halping me do this legit-like:) Right now there are 3 votes for SSBM without posts? There’s a good reason for the vote, right? Hook it up so that it doesn’t look like peeps are coming around just to vote and sway shit fellas. Come back and post. As is, you can tally the votes by posts anyway. Make it legit:)

Good points by all, so far, imo. Although I think Shirts is still feeling the effects of 4/20:eek:



SSBM at Evo just might be that “gateway drug” that helps pull other competitive SSBM-only players into other fighting games. It’s another thing that will help set this tournament apart from all the other fighting game tourneys across the states. Simply… you gotta take bold steps to help this community grow.


After Apoc’s 3 pages of rules about who can vote and how, this poll may finally succeed in producing the amazing conclusion that “Many SF players prefer SF games to non-SF games!” This would be important for exactly zero reasons as it’s been stated REPEATEDLY (and deleted by Apoc) that it is not “A3 or SSBM?”

If people played A3, it would be at EVO. Simple as that. SRK staff likes A3 better than 3s. And yet, 3s repped itself, had tournaments, the top players traveled and improved. A3 players did not do these things. Fighting games that no one plays are not at EVO. SSBM could be there because people DO play it.

I can name at least 4 different 3s hotspots around the country. I can’t name a single A3 scene, hot or otherwise. Can you? Can anyone? I can name a few individual players, but that’s it.

If you want to do something meaningful, instead of holding a totally manufactured forum poll, why not hold an actual A3 tournament? As you well know, talk is cheap, and forum talk is the cheapest of all. So why not hold an A3 tournament? Maybe because you can’t find 7 friends to make a bracket?

After getting too many pro-SSBM votes in a hurry, you deleted your entire thread. You complained that no one was posting reasons, even though they were doing exactly that- you just deleted it so fast that people’s answers didn’t get posted. If you were as fast at the SF machine as you were in deleting a poll who’s results you didn’t like, Daigo would be making you breakfast in bed.

Then you started a new poll. You resposted your material, but deleted mine, as well as the rest of the pro-SSBM material.

I seriously have no idea why you continue to go on and ON about this- the reasons were already given, very clearly. Though I suspect this post will ALSO be deleted (because SRK is trying to control your poll!), I’ll repost it later so anyone who happens to be reading in the next 30 seconds can hear them before you cover it up again.

Well I’m glad “logic” told you that. Jesus and your mom might tell you you’re a winner, but that don’t necessarily make it so. Are you so nuts that you’d actually LAUGH about the fact you’re brazenly trying to bias your own results (and I’m not even talking about the fact that you deleted the results when you didn’t like them before).

According to Apoc: You don’t need to ask SSBMers if they want it @ EVO, because it’s obvious they would. On the other hand, it’s a very good idea to ask SFers if they want an SF game? The results aren’t obvious, and will be super-meaningful? And not just ANY sfers, we want OG sfers- no newjacks or extra accounts (though I guess Nibor is not a newjack since he’s proA3?).

This poll = top science.



True enough Ponder. It’s only designed to get a srmi-accurate reading of the SRK community at this point. I would’ve posted it elsewhere if I was trying to see that.

Actually, initially, ppl weighed heavily against SSBM here. You can just look at the thread. I’m seeing if anyone’s warmed to the idea of SRK focusing more on the fighting community instead of SF like it used to. Still, let’s face it, things haven’t been the same since the forum crash. Just seeing where things are at now regarding SRK heads:)

Strange. I thought I made that clear from the beginning.

Gamefaqs? LOL. Yikes!

Why not develop an Evolution site? Not a tourney site but a fighting game site dedicated to all fighting games. Makes more sense then. As is, it’s like SF got whored out for everyone else to benefit when SF was dissed by many of the other fighting game groups. There was always resentment towards SF from a lot of 'em. Attack them with LOVE!!! heheh At least I don’t see “f*ck SRK” like I used to.



So far it appears their are 5 SSBM votes unaccounted for, and 1 Alpha3 vote unaccounted for.

Anyways I would vote SFA3 since I don’t think popularity shouldn’t be such a major factor in considering a game for inclusion into EVO.

Besides, I think alot of factors had a hand in reducing general interest in SFA3 in the US, like CVS2 being released, and the general consensus between US players that SF3:3S might actually be worth playing after seeing what Japan was capable of. As well as alot of players becoming disillusioned with the SFA3 engine after seeing how abusable V-ism could be in US vs Japan and EVO2k2.

I think this divided up the player pool as groups of people seperated and chose to play CVS2, 3S and GGX/GGXX.

…well thats my theory anyway :lol:


Then let’s have a tournament for one of THQ’s popular WWE fighting games. Those games have a HUGE following. And, they are considered a fighting game.




Alpha. I’m too tired to post why again, but in summation:

Blah blah console scrubs, blah blah not an SF, blah blah cosplayers invade Evo, blah blah selling out, blah blah Soul Calibur and SSBM only at Evo2k8, blah blah more players.



Lol. I heard your initially reactions in IRC but things change when going to the public. Perhaps I hear wrongfully.

First off, get a clue. You’re actually upset because I’m checking something with SRK peeps? Why? What’s fair? If I wanted to know if ppl preferred pepsi to coke in the united states of pepsi, that would be offensive?

Get real. You’re an SRK mascot now. There’s nothing objective that comes from your posts anymore. They simply reflect the SRK agenda. I’ve been told this from numerous ppl but I defended you thinking, no way. Then I’ve seen numerous recent writings and…lol. I’ve been thinking, what happened to Seth? He has zero respect for anyone aside from SRK staff now? That’s what it looks like. The individual that was Seth looks like an SRK propaganda machine. It takes away from the impact of anything you say now. You go into a post or article knowing exactly what’s going to be said. Not because we know you, but because SRK staff has made their position clear in the area that you’re speaking about.

What happens when there’s a survey? Let’s get clear here. I had an objective. I’m going to do what’s necessary to achieve that. Let’s have an off topic example for fun:)

Surveyor:Seth, what’s the most exciting thing, sexually, that a woman can do to you or for you?

Seth:It has to be a woman!?! That’s telling me how to answer. What if I find something exciting that isn’t sexual? Your questions are too specific and biased towards women. What about those of us that prefer dick!?! That’s just not fair.

Surveyor:I’m sorry. I was doing this poll in the “heterosexual pleasures” store hoping to get feedback from heterosexuals.

Seth:that’s won’t produce an accurate reading of what’s exciting sexually!

I could go further but, I still don’t think you’re a moron. I just think you’re stuck in a mode with little hope of seeing straight anymore. I’m just being humorous and not seeking to humiliate you. Understand that by your response, it wouldn’t have been hard to make you look like a total fool. However, we’ve been friends awhile and I’m merely showing you how ridiculous you’re treating me and what I’m trying to do. Don’t get stupid-smart and take my example as if I’m calling other gamers gay, haha.

Any poll is biased. Unless choices are open and not fixed, it’s a poll between the choices given. You call that “manufactured.” What if I posted a poll that asked what your favorite game was and listed 10 fighters? You wouldn’t be calling my poll manufactured since it only allowed you to choose between fighting games, would you? The design of the poll is relative to the objective. When I see a poll that’s stupid, I don’t vote. It’s as simple as that. I would think this would be obvious to someone of your intelligence. Arguments like that show me that you’re not thinking thoroughly at all. It’s OBVIOUS that a poll or survey is going to coincide with the objective. I even specified the objective and you’re still spouting a stupid argument.

Further, the US had a tiny VF showing last year. In 2k2 and 2k3 I would’ve placed money that A3 would’ve had more entrants. VF had jack last year and the scene in the US has always been tiny. That argument on popularity holds no water when held under the light. It’s obvious to many that Evo influences what ppl play. Being excluded from Evo 2 years in a row, even I see no point in playing A3 competitively. I know ppl will be influenced by SRK. This isn’t speculation. I’ve had many conversations over the last couple of years and that’s the common denominator:“It’s not going to be at Evo.” The VF scene was always smaller in the US than A3. If it’s any bigger now, it’s reasonable to attribute that to its’ entry into Evo.

As for your claim about A3 getting maybe 7 entrants? Yo, if SRK made A3 official, I’d make a nice bet with you where the loser would have to completely humiliate himself. However, the stakes would be hidden as to not influence the outcome, heheh. Still, there won’t be any takers. Unless you’re stupid and don’t check tourney results, I can pick one state(not NV) that already would fill a bracket on A3. These are evolution attending peeps. But you don’t know squat about A3 and what causes what so you should stfu about things you’re OBVIOUSLY ignorant about.

As for this load of garbage:

Again you’re presumptuous. I RESTARTED the thread when only 5 votes with zero posts were up. OMG! These 5 ppl might have to clickety click again! If I was deleting it for the reasons that you think, why would I make it so simple to just vote again? Why didn’t I wait until things were really lopsided?

By your reasoning, I could claim that the WHOLE poll was deleted because it was a close run at the time. Much closer than 4-1, lol. I never asked anyone to delete the entire thread or ppls votes and reasoning. Staff deleted close to 40 votes and the posts along with them on their own accord. Should I call foul there? 40 votes is much more telling than 5. You’ve lost your sense of reasoning and just WANT to believe I restarted…WAIT…deleted my poll because I was upset at the outcome…in 5 minutes. But you don’t accuse STAFF of being upset at a 40 vote outcome and deleting not only votes, but the entire thread.

I’ll assume that it was a misunderstanding. But your standards apply to me and not staff? Convenient. I don’t hide my agenda. Yours is to make me look bad. As long as I can post, you can’t prove what isn’t true and I’ll just point out how foolish you are now.

Here’s a logical question. If I were upset then, why would I restart it AND repost when the recreated thread was deleted? How does that stop those who voted before from voting again? It doesn’t. There’s no way to change the outcome like that. I’d only be asking for more frustration. As is, it doesn’t frustrate me at all. That’s why I posted again. The only thing that would be frustrating is when things aren’t legit at all. But you’re not concerned with shit like that anymore and it’s obvious. For all your talk of fairness, your attacks show the truth. You don’t want to be fair at all with me. Somehow, you’re psychic and know what I’m thinking and why I do what I do. Yeah, you’re fair. Fairly ridiculous now.

Let’s check out this doozy of a lie. Should I assume that you’re intending to deceive ppl with this?

I DID NOTHING OF THE SORT. YOU ARE A LIAR. Either that, or you’re in the habit of speaking out of ignorance now. I NEVER wanted your material or anyone else’s deleted. I specifically asked that my name and my initial post to be deleted since it was no longer my thread. SRK STAFF DELETED YOUR BS. I would love for your shit to have stayed. I think that it made you look bad and my response to it was fine where it was too. There was nothing that you posted, like now, that I’d be afraid for ppl to see because I can respond. Just like now, you’re lying or you’re ignorant. Please continue. It makes not difference to me when ppl continuously post bs. Ppl pick up on that shit after awhile and many are on to you now. Your material would just further what ppl are seeing and thinking about you now. That’s good when ppl consider the source.

BY ALL MEANS, post your material again or try to obtain it from the staff member that deleted it. I’ll take the time to respond again. That shit was funny. In fact, I’ll play along and rip into the nonsense again.

Anyway, post some truthful meaningful shit now. You’re getting nowhere with your lies or ignorance(see? I can give you the benefit of the doubt without pretending that I’m inside your head).

Go on about what? I have yet to post my reasons and opinion. Oh! You mean why I reposted this? I reposted it so it could be done the way it was intended in the beginning. Tom closed my restart and Tragic took control of my poll. That’s my reason for doing it again. Take it or leave it. Seeing where you come from now, it makes little difference to me.

Why would I delete your post? It’s entertaining to watch you shoot yourself in the foot. You don’t check yourself anymore. You step in sh*t now. That’s fine with me if you lose credibility. You don’t have to see it. I don’t care. Ppl can read for themselves. To me, this is great:) I didn’t delete your shit in the first place.

I did try to get a hold of you on IRC to say wtf? No answer. I suppose you’d rather post bs.

Not only did I quote you within your post, but I also left the original for all to view again. Yay for you! lol

I can’t promise that bs won’t get boring but, call me out in another thread unless your intent is to purposely mess this one up.

You are so scared about the conclusion when SSBM could easily win! Funny:)



like both games so yah :slight_smile: