Sfa3 Psp A.i

Have anyone notice in SFA3, when you play survival mode/dramatic battle. Your computer partner is really weak.

I ve notice how it base on your combos and attacks so that the a.i start to react.

If you die, the computer partner really just walk around and do almost nothing.

Beside the other computer opponent who just kick you around with his almighty priorities over both of you.

I kind of frustrating since you make the effort of covering your partner and he just do nothing.

Beside that, im pretty happy with it, eventhos it s not the arcade port of the game.

I think they intended not to beef up the AI because of the advantage of 2 over/against 1.

And it’s not just that, the CPU opponent damages more than both teamed fighters by an high ratio.


I really dont mind have a very difficult A.I opponent, on the contrary that is great.

But after you die, your computer partner just sit there doing nothing but react as a punching bag tog et beat up lol.

Too bad we cant play survival dramatic battle in 2 player mode, that would be a blast.

Lol, yeah I know how shitty the cpu is after you die. My partner had a full set of health and still lost!!

Pisses me off to no end.

and when you play reverse survival, the oppenents just hell too abusive + special cpu priority over you haha. When you play with a cpu partner, you partner always try to get back on your side instead on staying on the opponent side to pincer him, like the 2 cpu vs you use to do lol

Too bad they dont have that mode on console system. the one on console is too short. :stuck_out_tongue: