SFA3: Rolento V-Ism


OK, I read the small bit of info on the “reborn” thread… but I’m still trying to figure out what the hell is up with Rolento’s V-Isms.

I tried the one mentioned in the corner… which was:

VC2: [c.LK-c.MK-HP -> sj.MP-MP] + finisher

However, I’m not certain of the timing on the cancel into superjump after the HP. Is it RIGHT AWAY… do I wait a bit? Every time I get to the superjump part, the opponent can jump out or DP or something. This is supposed to pin them down right?

Also, for the midscreen one mentioned:

VC1: c.MK -> Pipes, [HK -> sj.HK (land)] + finisher

I seem to pass them up in the air after one superjump HK. Also, it seems like they can tech out every time. Maybe I’m missing something… I dunno.

Anyway, some VC help would be appreciated… thanks.



I’ve seen the first one done but it was only on cornered tall characters like sagat.


Corner only… I think you may have to use standing fierce too, I think it cause longer hit stun… If anything I think Chikyu did that VC against Thao at B5… Activate VC2 then crouch short, forward, standing fierce then sj into whiff strong (For timing issue I don’t know) then another attack for jump-in then repeat… I know it combo’s though, he had it going for like almost 20 hits I think…


Like I was saying, it seems like the opponent can jump or DP or whatever during the sj.MP after the stand HP. Maybe I’m missing a crucial timing issue or something.

The V-Ism I see in videos now (midscreen) is just VC1, c.MK-c.HK, deep crossup MK-c.MK-c.HK etc… then finish with Pipes when low on meter. Sound right?



Oh ok… Maybe you can stagger the hits?? Like delay the hits or add as many before you start SJing the first time? Actually are they dping you out of the first sj attempt or it doesn’t matter when you sj there is always a hole for them to get out? Cuz sometimes you have to get past the first rep part in order to set up the rest of the VC correctly…

If I can find a CD that Bas gave me I will try to send it to you or something… Has all sort’s of nutty VC’s and shit for every character…


don’t sweat it Tragic, you still won’t be able to beat my A-Gen, LOL. Seriously though, if you could get one of his v-ism’s down, especially the corner unblockable one, your v-rolento will be solid. also you do the hop and alpha counter into that rush combo really well, pretty scary stuff.


his unblockable sweep vc is his most useful vc.


Look out Miguel… I’ll get crazy!

I’ve been trying to practice V-Isms on Final Burn… but if the difficulty is too easy, the cpu doesn’t seem to tech. As for home versions, either the timing is off, or Rolento VC just slows the universe down… =(

Oh well, I’ll see what I can do. The crossup VC is damaging but kinda boring. I personally like a little bit of flair. I’ve been practing this one for now:

CH QCB+LP-LP, VC1, HK -> sj.LP, land, cc walk, HK -> sj.LP etc


VC1 c.MK -> QCF+HPx3, HK -> sj.LP, land, cc walk, HK -> sj.LP etc

I’ll see how it goes in real gameplay. Gotta work on figuring out what beats what.



wow, what a coincidence, i was having the exact same problem and thought about making a thread but i was too lazy heh. anyways

two things i dont understand about the corner combo:

I am also having troubling continuing the combo after the HP. i figured I just should be sj’ing as soon as i could but it doesnt seem to work.

also, i’m not sure about the timing of the two MPs in the air. for the most part i cant even tell if both are coming out. geekboy said to whiff the first one in the other thread but going along with the other problem, it just wont seem to combo. for the most part, i dont think its that big of a problem because i dont think people are gutsy enough to try to DP or anything, but it would be nice to have the whole thing combo

i was also wondering when the best time would be to activate. i try activating after jumpin or sj + MP but the computer seems to be able to DP out and also after knockdown but i also get DP’d sometimes. the c.MP is rather slow startup… so whats the best way to start the VC?

tragic: the midscreen combo (that works for me) goes like:

VC2: c.MK -> QCF+Px3, [HK, c.HK -> sj.MP] + finisher

hope that helps


how does that go?


VC1: c.MK-c.HK, crossup deep MK, land, c.MK-c.HK, on final crossup, c.MK -> Pipes



rolento corner

in the corner i do VC3 in the air jumping strong. low short, standing forward,standing fierce, repeat… and it all combos


note it’s unblockable, not un-escapable.


You can reversal the crossup vc.

The first vc has good damage but it’s hard to land in a match
you can land the second vc but the damage wil be horrible.

Rolento only has one special move which launches the opponent in the air and that special move ( QCF+HPx3) is horrible in vc’s , it has horrible damge scaling.
So al that is left is the corner vc (which I can’t do :frowning: )
I only play v-rolento for command normals and alpha coun ter. I might even switch to a-rolento . I’m still doubting

My problem with the corner vs is between the ground part and the superjumps. I also don’t know for sure if it’s vc2 or vc3


heres another variation:

Kawaks replay:


boo i cant get the replay to work

you just throw it in the saves folder and replay input right??


You have to put it in the recinput folder, not the saves folder.


ooh ok. thnx