SFA3: Ryu...

Could anyone here do a basic rundown of Ryus main strats/tactics/combos in A3? I just started playing A3 again since I’m getting a little bored with mvc2.

The only combo I know with Ryu is his main corner one, j.hp, c.mp, hk hurricane, c.mp, hk hurricane. Other than that I am clueless. The main ism I’d like to learn with is V btw.

Thanks in advance.

The hell?! I didn’t know that. I’m on my way!

-BF-: I have a bunch of vids on V-Ryu if you want. Just hit me up on AIM. Oh yeah, fair warning though. I can’t send files directly for some reason, only post vids as a reply for you to download. It’ll take a while but it gets the job done. Check you PM’s for the AIM SN.

I’m just starting to tinker with faq’s so it probably isnt too great but it’s something.

some here, but not as much on the other character threads:


could someone post Ryu’s midscreen anti-air VC? goes something like DP, hadoken hopkick hadoken tatsumaki… twas on an a-cho vid but it didn’t go any further than that…

Awesome. :smiley:

Jiorn: I’ll hit you up on AIM when i see you on.

=dave=: Thanks for the guide, I’ll check it out.

If anyone knows of videos for matches/VCs Id appreciate it to hell.

His anti air VC is not worth it, in my opinion. I would do the standard GC/Rave if they are in the corner or I would do his anti air juggle in the corner. I would never start his anti air out side of the corner. You can do it when your about 3-4 steps from the corner and only need to hop kick once to do the juggle. That at least does half life. The mid screen anti air/hop kick is not worth it.

bah, just do j. Jab (CH), land, cc foward jump, activate VC, j. Strong, land, cc j.Strong x n…

Does anyone know how do this cross-up properly: Basically you jump forward, MK (cross-up), followed by c.MP, c.LK, 236+LK, walk forward and grab.

Basically in the end of the 236+LK it seems that your guareented a throw since they are still in blocking animation. I may have got the commands wrong after the cross-up. I saw some dude do it down the arcades.

Listed on the new VC thread

It’s not a V-ism combo, just a normal one.

it’s not really a combo or a guaranteed throw, more like a tick set up or feint. if V-Akuma ducked the hurricane kick, Ryu’s VC fodder.

wow… this thread is old. good to see people using the search function though.

Do you know where I can find a list of tick setups (eg: FAQ or guide) for different characters (never heard of the term before but I seem to understand what it means).