SFA3 Sagat V gotta any tips?


Was wondering if anyone out there has any tips for Sagat in A3. I know he isnt “top tier” or maybe not even second tier, but i still like to play him. I was wondering if anyone could give some tips or maybe some nice customs i could use. Ive searched the forums for a while and havent found much so what ever you can add would be great.



V-Sagat regular VC is :
VC1-Jab Tiger Blow-[Standing Fierce-Tiger Crushx??] until you reach the corner and then do [Standing fierce-low tiger].


Thanks, got any more goodness to send me. I need all the help I can get.???





Thanks MJ for the links. With all this knowlege i hope to terrorize the local arcades, and if lucky head up to sjg and get owned.