SFA3 Sakura VC

So heres what im doing, VC2 jp.dp -> (st.fp xx fp.fb) x 6 -> quick st.sp while the fireballs coming out -> jp.sp -> walk cancel … shadow hits-> jp.fp x 3 -> cr.fp xx fk.dp … if i set the opponent to do nothing but stand this works great, if i set the opponent to tech and then block it doesnt work. So i ask you fellow srkrs, do you have to anticipate the tech and do a diff combo or what? This was asked in another thread but never got a reply, i would appreciate some knowledgable individual to come drop a smart bomb on me.

I don’t play Sakura really, but at what point is the CPU flipping?

As i go to j.sp, ive noticed that if I end with s.fp xx fp.fb and then as the computer is going to land on my s.fp’s shadow i do a quick lp to cancel the fb im throwing, i get better results, but sometimes the computer will still tech and fall through the shadow. Anybody that may read this, please go into AA and test doing the sakura setup on the computer set to air tech random directions and set to auto block. I think the stupid thing has jesus block.