SFA3 Team Tourney: Anybody interested?

I like team tournaments cause they’re a little different mentally and not as cut-throat as singles tourneys.

I like SFA3 and there hasn’t been a tourney for a while. Seeing as there’s a burgeoning player base I thought this would be a little less intimidating for people to join and for people to learn how to play a little without worrying about losing as much

I think for the most part the better known players shouldn’t be paired together. The only problem I can foresee is that people’d have to play their games separately as having 4p (with f5 switch) is just asking for lagfest and desynch

Update 6/13/06

Registration Closed

32 Entrants:

*Nagata Lock II

Mansize Rooster
Mr. Newbie

The people I have listed with asteriks are people that I’ve played before and I’ve known to be on Kalliera for a while. Kyokuji, in his humbleness decided he wouldn’t want to be on that list. Anyhow we need to nominate another 6 people to make it an even 15 teams.

I’m in…

I love 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 fights.

I haven’t played A3 in awhile but, I wouldn’t mind being in this.

If you can iron out how this would work online then count me in.

I…hate…a3…online…but im down to team up with you Ryu1999.

Well first I have to gauge if people want to have randomized teams or come up with their own teams.

It wouldn’t really be fair if two good players team up together. On the other hand, it’d be easier to practice with someone you know rather than a name from a hat. I’m also sure the whole “team” aspect is more apparent if its with someone you know as well. However I think the A3 community online doesn’t really have the familiarity that the MVC/XSF kal players have so random teams could be a nice ice-breaker :lovin:

If it was randomized I think we’d have to seed the players and then make a cutoff point at the first half and then randomly pair one player from each pool.

@WSOP: I’m not making any decisions yet until we figure out how teams are going to be made.

I’m in!

by the time this actually gets off the ground, i’ll be back in the U.S. :rofl:

I really…really…hate you…


Seriously though, I guess I’m being a pioneer here since team tourneys haven really occurred on kal for any game, but I think if we can get a foundation or standard going they should be easier to run in the future. Plus team tourneys encourage community etc etc. It will probably take a while to get this going but hey, trial and error.

p.s. It was my plan all along to have this tourney in July :sweat: Just kidding, by the time you get back we’ll probably just be finishing the first round :lol:

My Karins sucks, but count me in.

This team tourney ish is too good. Did a-cho give you the idea? Well, when i come back i wonder how far ahead you are in the game now. Especially with all that ST building. I’m scared. :wonder:

Hahah and in July when the first round is over, someone’s probably going to have to forfeit in there, and i jump in! Blaaooo

Did the a3 love on kal die down though? I’d have expected some more replies than this though :frowning:

I’d play, but I wouldn’t want to saddle anyone with someone that has the A3 talents I have. :frowning:

Though who knows, I may be able to get some strat down by the time this thing starts.

I’m totally in! how is it gonna work if it’s not online?

aim screen name = DrCrizon

hell…why not…if anyone accepts me as a partner, i’m in

I think I was unclear: this tournament WILL be on kal, but I don’t think we’re giong to be able to have all 4 players in one game to fully simulate the offline experience.

Teams should be random draw.

If possible, players should be split up into top seeds, and lower seeds, and teams should be a combo of both, so that two top players don’t get stuck together.

I’m pretty sure it’s 1 on 1, for example A and B are teams, C and D are teams

so A fights C,

then B fights D

They each play in their own games, then report who won.

i would have thought a 2v2 would have gone like this. Each team gets say 5 lives, everytime they lose they lose a life and ther team member takes over. The first team to lose all thier lives loses.


Team A - Players 1 + 2
Team B - Players 3 + 4

player 1 beats player 3 = Team B now has 4 lives
player 1 beats player 4 = Team B now has 3 lives
player 1 loses to player 3 = Team A now has 4 lives
Player 2 beats player 3 = Team B now has 2 lives
etc etc Till one team has zero lives, and the other team declared the winner

This way each player will at least have a few games, and make the tournament pretty fun imo.

I like your method. However, I’d like to kick it up another notch with having the lower-seeded partner having more weight. Like say if Player 1 is a 8 seed, plays against Player 3 who is a 2 seed, if P1 wins, he takes 2 lives instead of 1. That way the newer players won’t worry so much about losing and have a lot to gain by winning :slight_smile: