SFA3 Team Tourney: Anybody interested?

I am a no name noob, I’d like to team up with the best kaillera a3 player and have my seed to have the most weight, kthx.

How would seeding be decided?

Well, unless there’s some random offline a3 expert who decides to finally make an appearance on kal, I think we know who has more experience with the game (and would assumedly be better at the game). I guess seeding would be an in appropriate term since we’re essentially grouping people into 2 pools rather than ranking each player.

I’d like to play in this. Sounds like fun.

I’m down for this.

hmm, sounds good but i’m sure ppl would rather play with their friends or people they know pretty well. Like i wudn’t like to be paired up with someone i’ve never met before let alone ever played before.

Sounds like fun, I’m down.

I haven’t played on kaillera in hella long, but I’m down for this shit,

Count me in. I hope this actually gets going, I’m pumped. :karate:

Sounds funny. Count me in.

Updated first post

Im in but hows the lag playing people in the US?

i will play

Maybe you should get this running when the ST tourney is done? Just a suggestion

No, we actually want this tourney to start.

[/counter sarcasm]

LOL. Well, I didn’t mean my post in any tone or anything. =D

im in.

but no promises

just give me time and date then Il have better chance.

Post up the teams as soon as possible, it’d be nice to go ahead and get to know who it is and play around yeah together.

(Also, anyone want to just play around for practice? It’s been forever and a day since I played this game, and never really on kaillera.)

Is it too late to sign up? If not count me in, and I’ll team with whoever it’s just for fun. I’m playing a local tourney soon, this would be great practice :smiley:

:sweat: Im bored so count me in, just let us know when it will be and at what time. I dont care who i get partnered with.