SFA3 Team Tourney Teams and Rules (Yes Finally)

When: July 22nd, 2006 7:00 PM (EST)
Where: Godweapon Server: We’ll start there but if the teams want to play in another server like Anti3d or whatever, its up to them. Also, if there’s a WC player involved, I HIGHLY recommend using the p0wn server (ip: so everyone is relatively equally situated.
How: Mame 0.61 on EXCELLENT. Download HERE. For most people, its a little better for lag than .64 while having the same interface as .64 (unlike Hk2mame and 0.67 or whatever). If its too laggy, you can revert to Good, but I can’t imagine playing on anything less than Excellent if I have the oppurtunity.

16 Teams: I just randomly chose names and paired them up. No rhyme or reason to the method

  1. Ryu1999-shinobi00
  2. Lucky- Raphy_Stryker
  3. Jeebus-Decoy
  4. Tom@$$-Strider2k2
  5. RockLee-Jion Wansu
  6. Kwaza-CoosCoos
  7. Gatsby-PimpUigi
  8. Nagata Lock II-KlarkO
  9. HeatBlazn-Serpent
  10. Santoscrew-Spectre General
  11. fatherbrain-Mansize Rooster
  12. r3ko-Tsumuri
  13. sailboat-nomrah
  14. Litany-Overworld
  15. BlanK-Juice
  16. Musashi-Mr. Newbie



  1. Turbo 2.
  2. Best 2 out of 3 Rounds.
  3. No character bans
  4. First to 6 “points” wins
  5. If the experienced player wins he gets 1 point, regardless of other player
  6. If inexperienced player wins against an experienced player, he gets 2 points
  7. If inexperienced player wins against another inexperienced player, he gets 1 point
  8. Up to the teams to decide on their own what their batting order is
  9. PLEASE No autofire

you forgot to mention WHEN and WHERE

edit also, why do people keep putting a capitol F in my name?!?!?

Fixed both <3

Drat, I didn’t make the cut. Oh well. Good luck all.


Let’s beast this lol j/k.

… good luck to everyone and I still hope to see such an event for europe …^^

(insert generic bravado here)

Looking forward to it!

For the record, I’m holding the “experienced” player responsible for letting their partner know about the details, making sure they show, and coordinating the matches. Think of it as a mentorship experience :slight_smile:

Also, sorry to all the European players. I know r3ko and Santoscrew are in but those 2 entered a bit earlier. Also, Eishi and Terry_Nb bring up some good points about time difference and the lag obviously. I can vouch for r3ko because I’ve played him during normal waking hours here and the lag was fine as well for ST. Santoscrew…i’ve seen him on at normal hours but the delay was pretty bad for me. Maybe it’ll be better for other people?

so is this like the ladder thing from before or will there be a bracket?

Well Decoy, message me or something so we can have a couple of matches to decide who the experienced player is.

hot shit.

K, I try to explain some probs …

outside off kaillera:

  • big time difference in terms of the countries (from my city to New York for example is a 7 hour difference)
  • so very hard to get a good date for everyone (I mean I’m a student and have to work a bit aside, so not that much time, also others have this in the US and work for real etc., so big prob to get everyone in on a fine time)

kaillera itself:

  • with a Ping difference of 40ms the little packets of data send over the net give some frame differences already (so completly different timing, if the diff between player is around 10-30 it should still be fine, but this is never the case for oversee playing)
  • get’s bigger with higher difference -> P1 30ms P2 115ms is really bad, exspecially for reaction players
  • the game itself get’s slower
  • also desync will appear more, but on both sides and also the lag will be the same for both, like the kaillera guide said …

So, that’s how I think about it.^^

Litany, message me when you can with some good times for us to play, to prepare.

So no mirc? Take it from Nagata. It runs way smoother and you know who showed up, and who didn’t. With his experience, perhaps he could run mirc.

Yes, #srkkaillera @ efnet is there for you!!! /shameless plug

I don’t get it…I didn’t mention mirc at all. If you’re suggesting that we meet up on there or something then to coordinate, ummm sure? Nagata’s probably better at organizing things, I just wanted to come up with the idea :slight_smile:

@Rock Lee:
Its just normal bracket. Not a ladder/league thing

Yeah, that’s what I meant. =P


I’m here.

So i guess i missed out despite my mentioning i wanted in during the last thread? Probably better that way anyway - too many good players.

Aren’t you nomrah? And that would mean you’re paired with rage02fire?