SFA3 Team Tourney Teams and Rules (Yes Finally)

No, im ks. nomrah is nomrah :slight_smile:

I’ll look you up. I’m not very good in A3 so I can tell you right now that you will be the anchor for our team. :wgrin: But, let’s play anyway and maybe you can help me pick which character I should play with.


I’ve still yet to run into my partner…

Litany was on the other day and told me that they lost their cable modem and was trying to play with a 170 ping. Should find her/him and see whats gooing on.

What settings? If it’s not on excellent, it’s not even worth playing usually honestly. This thing is going to be hella laggy…and I wonder if I’m the only WC person on here.

Yeah I saw him/her on this weekend with a ping of 189 or something. If Litany can’t get his/her broadband back in order you should probably talk to him/her about taking his/her place and contact whoever his/her partner was

Updated first post with new rules and requirements

I can play V-Karin in the tourney now that Mame .61 and excellent is standard


If Litany is unable to play I would need a new partner.

You can have Strider2k2

Conflicting with work I just found out…

No character bans?

wonders who’s gonna be the asshole to use Akuma

what’s wrong with akuma in a3


I was thinking ST…my bad.

goes to bed

Glad I ran into this thread / had a chance to get on the internet before the tourney actually started.

As of 1 week ago i’ve completely lost all net access and i’m at my cousin’s computer right now. No idea when things will settle down. I’m completely sorry for the letdown Overworld.

I’ll check back with everything when I can.

These rules are too confusing, so how do we know if the experirnced player or unexperienced player is playing another experienced or unexperienced player.

You designate beforehand who is your 2-pointer, and who is your 1-pointer and let the other team know…its not that complicated

I don’t know why you still have me listed, since my signing up was purely accidental, lol.
I know I could do “ok”, but I basically have 0 knowledge of the game outside of a couple VC’s, and I don’t like entering tournaments unless I have a good understanding of the game. Not particularly fond of being scrubbed to death because I don’t know what I’m doing.

Santos, you’re gonna have to find another partner.

I can tell you that you will be the 2 pointer on our team man…

will you guys be recording the matches?

is the same to record matches in Mame .61? LCtrl + LShift?

Yeap. If you’re not signed up already, would you like to take Kyokuji’s place?