SFA3 Team Tourney Teams and Rules (Yes Finally)

This is by far my most fav Street Fighter game, I am glad that you would ask me to join, but I cant, I work at wal-mart on the weekends, sorry.:sad:

I hope everything goes well and you find another person, I would love to see these matches.

Are you sure about that, how about we have a few matches beforehand to find out who the more experienced player is.

Let’s do some on Thursday evening. GW???

i would but i have to work on thursday, how bout tomorrow

Eh, that’s bad for me, shopping with the girlfriend. Wednesday???

fine then, well just decide a few hours before the tourny

I just tried playing a few games with mame .61 and its just lag central. The damn thing is supposed to be smoother than .64, but its just too choppy. Cant see what im going when playing online. Hopefully others have better luck, but in my experience, its not good.

I think you forgot to mention the part where .61 wasn’t the problem and it lagged worse on .64…

Well I dont know, .61 lagged more for me than .64. Maybe it works for you, but that doesnt mean it will work with everyone else. From the looks of it, I say stick with what everyone wants. Alot of people arent gonna want to download another mame anyways.

man… NapalmKen is MIA

here in euro we use kawaks for sfa3. its much better than mame!

is BlanK there? i have not heard from him.


man it’s doesn’t look like i’ll be able to play, NapalmKen is MIA and my ping won’t come in under 130ms on GW for no apparent reason. Latency for everything suddenly got mad high.

I can just drop if that helps with reforming the teams. (Do we still have an even number?)

here in euro we use kawaks for sfa3. its much better than mame!

Except that kawaks has a tendency to desync with a lot of Neo Geo games, and Kawaks also has very poor keyboard recognition.

Sorry you guys, Kwaza forfeits the tourny. Apparently one of my friends died yesterday, and the funeral is on saturday, so im not gonna play.

I guess I have to withdraw too. Just finished moving, and right now I’m stealing internet from someone else. My pad is completely broken, and randomly will crouch, and it’s almost impossible to do any half circle motions without being stuck in crouch. RH gets stuck sometimes too. I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel it worth shelling out money for a new pad just for the chance to play kaillera.

I intend to be there if all goes well

Ok, I’ve postponed this thing for a little bit because a lot of people are busy this weekend. Also helps that my dearest Slide will be coming back around then too (I think) <3 <3

Well after we figure out who is still in and who isn’t, if there’s an odd number I’ll drop out to make it even, otherwise I need a new partner!