SFA3 Tricks video (Version2)

Version 2 is currently being hosted by combovideos.com

New features in Version 2 :

  • Added subtitles.
  • Removed taunting.
  • Corrected aspect ratio.
  • Reduced file size.
  • Added generic unblockables for: Ken, R.Mika, Ryu, Sagat, Sakura, and Sodom.
  • Added corner unblockables for: Akuma, Blanka, Rolento.
  • Added additional VC demonstrations for Guy, Karin, and Rose.
  • Added delayed rekka juggle demonstrations for Karin.
  • Added Karin’s M.Bison throw VC.
  • Added Jump-in and Cross-up feints for Karin.
  • Added Gen’s Juli and Juni glitch.
  • Added Anti-air and rolling tricks.
  • Added Rose Pong game.
  • Modified generic unblockables for: Adon, Akuma, Birdie, Chun-Li, Juni, Karin, Rolento, and Rose.
  • Modified Chun-Li’s SBK demonstration.
  • Modified Akuma, Birdie, and Karin’s OTG combos.
  • Modified ‘escaping unblockables’ demonstration.
  • Modified Rolento’s kattobi cancel demonstation.

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PLEASE seed it for as long as possible. I’m on a crappy cable connection, myself, so I could use some seeders.

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Can you send it to me on AIM or MSN? I don’t use P2P or any of that. Oh and I got LAN so it will download at your max upload.

lol sorry but I’ve got to correct you.

DL the bittorrent client and then install it, when you DL a torrent file, open it and it’ll ask you where you want it to be placed and it’ll DL it. Not eactly hard.

As for the LAN, umm no. Had this person existed in your LAN you would DL at a high speed but if that was the case you can walk over to his place and get a CD with it on it. But the rest of the people on the LAN slow down your connection to the internet, not to mention other traffic on the internet that you’re pinging might get lost or get in a traffic jam, not to mention the traffic going in and out of his computer will slow down your connection.

So that said… umm no.

Great vid, lots of interesting stuff. Thanks.

Minor complaint: It’s not a 4:3 aspect ratio.

For permanent hosting try www.combovideos.com.

Thanks man.

I’ll keep the aspect ratio thing in mind.

I’ll also see if I can get it on www.combovideos.com

That’s a really nice video. Lot’s of crazy stuff. My favs were the Sim Oriren combo, the Juni Teleport tricks and the crossup unblockable VCs. Oh and that damage reduction part was also nice.

Hm, I guess editing a 15min long video would take too long. But it’s ok as I enjoyed the content of the video very much. You should make a video bible like the cvs2 ones. Seriously, that would be dope. I play Alpha3 a lot, but I hell don’t know that much about the game, let alone specific tactics with all the characters.

Good work and thanks for creating such a video. I’ll steal some of the tricks and use them in game, k? ^^

“Brief” Explaination

  • Section 1: “Float” moves.

Various normal moves that take your opponent off the ground and above most low attacks.

Most of these are timed as late as possible to demonstrate how easy/hard it is to do on reaction. Chun-Lis, for example, will take her off the ground a frame or two after execution, so it’s the easiest to do on reaction.

  • Section 2: OTG VCs (off the ground/on the ground).

Akumas demonstrates a method of crossing the opponent up in the corner as player 1 towards the end of the combo, allowing for an additional demon flip. The method used can’t be tech-flipped.

Karins demonstrates two of her basic OTG VCs. It also demonstrates her crouch cancels and re-set OTG via air throw. It then demonstrates 9 additional setups she can use to lead into the OTG command throw. Note that the opponent does not tech the first air throw, then techs the second air throw. The 3rd and 4th air throw set-ups are her kick air throw (no tech, and tech).

R.Mikas and Sodoms demonstrates methods to cross the opponent up mid-screen, allowing for additional juggles.

The others demonstrated are rather generic.

  • Section 3: Multi-Dizzy OTG VCs.

Birdys demonstrates a variation on his generic OTG VC. However, note that it requires a counter-hit to set up properly.

E.Hondas demonstrates a bizarre feature that allows him to string two command throws together.

Junis demonstrates two different variations of her multi-otg VC. Like Birdys, it requires a counter hit to set up properly.

The others demonstrated are rather generic.

  • Section 4: “Slam” throws.

This section begins with a demonstration of Gen performing two of his infinite juggles. Note that the damage from either kick is only doing 1 pixel of life. However, when Gen air-throws the opponent at the end of the series, the damage is not scaled by the number of combo hits. These types of throws are considered “Slam” throws and also do a fair amount of damage even when tech’d and/or mashed.

The section then demonstrates everyones slam throws. Note that the combo counter is set to 99, but none of them scale damage-wise with combo hits. Also note that Guy was not included, because even though his air-throw appears to slam his opponent, his air-throw does scale with damage.

  • Section 5: Unblockables.

This section starts out with a demonstration of 3 “perfectly executed” Chun-Li cross-up unblockables. They are considered “perfectly executed” because she crosses-up at the exact right moment, which disables Ryus ability to do a Reversal.

Note: Ryu can NOT do a reversal during the first three demonstrations.

Ryu does, however, attempt an Alpha Counter. Normally this would hit Chun-Li out of her VC because she is unable to block it or escape it by jumping, she is also unable to attack fast enough to stuff it.

However, the first demonstrates how she can avoid being hit by the AC by using an invulnerable special move (in this case, a SK Sen’en Shuu, axe kick).

The second demonstration shows how she can avoid the AC with yet another invulnerable special move, and also demonstrates how she can link that special move into her CC infinite.

The third demonstrates Ryus failed attempt to block low and then high.

The fourth demonstrates an “imperfect” unblockable, which enables Ryu to do a Reversal Dragon Punch. However, it demonstrates how the shadows from Chun-Li still knocks Ryu out of his DP.

Normally Ryu would be able to tech-flip at this point, but it also demonstrates how Chun-Li never reaches a neutral state, and thus Ryu is not able to flip. Chun then goes into her CC infinite.

The purpose of these demonstrations is to show the viewer that, when properly executed, a cross-up unblockable is also completely inescapable by anything other than a super or by Juni and V-Dans pushblocks (guard pushes).

The next set demonstrates various cross-up unblockables and re-sets for various characters.

Chun-Lis in particular demonstrates a few variations on her generic CC infinites. Note that she is controlled by player 2.

Junis shows how these can lead into OTG command throws throws.

What makes all of these cross-ups particularly evil is the fact that sometimes you must block left, and sometimes you must block right. It is very difficult to tell from the video which way is the correct way.

The next set demonstrates various A-Ism Rose unblockables. Note that each of these are completely unblockable, though a few of them can be escaped in various ways.

  • Section 6: “Kattobi” cancels

Demonstrates a few useful kattobi cancels for Guy, Rolento, and Zangief.

Guys and Rolentos leave them “stuck” in the air after the VC ends, however, they do considerable damage and are technically over-head attacks (since they are attacking in the air), which can be useful to finish a match with.

Zangiefs demonstrates how you can get absolutely absurd damage from just outside of Dhalsims s.RK range. Note that Dhalsim did not have to attack in order for this combo to work, however it does demonstrate how a whiffed s.RK can be severely punished.

The second one of Zangiefs demonstrates how 50% meter can = 50% damage. It also shows that he can “blow through” attacks using this method, via the invulnerability.

  • Section 7: “Proximity” cancels

This section demonstrates a few of Guys proximity cancels via his Bushin Chain.

The first demonstrates how you can cancel the last hit of his Bushin Chain into a special move, which can be ideal for some nasty confusion/surprise techniques.

The second demonstrates how it can be canceled into a super. It also demonstrates how, when canceled, Guys s.FP becomes his elbow move – which can be canceled into his s.RK via bushin chain – instead of his normal s.FP.

The third demonstrates how incredibly screwed up this concept is, by showing a 38 hit Guy combo which can not be tech-flipped.

Note: The level 3 kick super can not be tech-flipped, neither can the Bushin Chain juggles, thus, the combo is completely “un-flippable” and is a “true” combo. It also demonstrates how the last hit of the Bushin Chain can be delayed during juggles to allow for greater control over the timing of special moves, without reaching a neutral state.

Also Note this combo had to be performed on E.Honda.

  • Section 8: Crouch Cancels and Walk Cancels

This section demonstrates how crouch cancels can also be performed by A-ism and X-ism characters (and classic characters too, for that matter).

The next combo demonstrates walk cancelling, which is performed by a very fast QCF or QCB (quater circle forward / back, respectively) motion right as you hit the ground. It also demonstrates the ability to attack twice or more in the air during a VC.

  • Section 9: Miscellaneous stuff.

In order, these demonstrate :

Blue mashing (block mashing).

Red mashing (damage reducing).

Uneven sides (P2 CC infinite techniques).

Codys Bad Spray move.

Codys Knife demonstration. Note that
the knife causes block damage and higher guard damage.

Dan’s air Dankuu Kyaku. Note that he performs the move faster and very close to the ground when a tiger-knee motion is used. The QCB motion can be input, followed by an up, or up-towards as well, allowing you to fly in different directions and at different speeds. It also demonstrates how it can cross-up and how it can also be used as a feint.

Dhalsim’s teleport cross-up VC. Note that when performed, the opponent must block the correct direction (in this case, right) in order to block the fireball. If, however, the teleport is delayed by even a fraction of a second, the opponent would have to block the opposite direction (left) in order to block.

Dhalsims anti-fireball tricks

Dhalsims throw tricks/feints.

Guys buggy cross-up juggle. Note that the opponent will face the opposite direction from Guy if they perform any move immediately after wake-up, which includes normals, specials, and supers.

Guys other cross-up juggle (not bugged).

Juni and Cammys mid-screen cross-up juggle (performing their corner combos mid-screen).

Junis retarded damage (which also applys to Cammy)

Junis pushblock (guard push) and air pushblock tricks. Note, she escapes 3 seperate unblockables with it.

Dans pushblock and air pushblock.

Juni’s Mach Slide (teleport) rushdown and feint tricks.

Note: The first one demonstrates how Sakura is unable to throw Juni on wake-up (it gets stuffed).

The second demonstrates how Sakura is unable to do a reversal DP. It also demonstrates how a counter-hit c.SK can link to a c.SP. And then demonstrates how an Earth Direct (command throw) can be used on wake-up to punish a block attempt by Sakura.

The third demonstrates how a counter hit c.SP can link to a c.RK, which then leads to another Mach Slide rushdown. It also demonstrates various feints, cross-ups, and mix-ups. Note that she avoids Ryus jab reversal DP attempts after each Mach Slide, and punishes him.

The forth demonstrates another feint used to avoid reversal DPs after rushdown, and then goes on to demonstrate various set-ups for a rushdown (including her cannon drill, cannon spike, and hooligan combination command throw). It also demonstrates how a meaty c.SP can link into a second c.SP without the need for a counter hit (due to frame advantage).

Roses ridiculous AC range.

Roses ridiculous 27 hit juggle combo off of 1 bar of super (note that this combo can be tech flipped).

Ryus Shin Shoryuken range and damage.

R.Mikas “Kara Cancel” range.

Zangiefs “Kara Cancel” range.

Dhalsim being silly.

Me being silly.

Thanks a ton for the feedback.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone who has seeded it and is still seeding it. It’s much appreciated.

So, thanks a bunch.

Wow, crazy stuff. I’ve been a dedicated A-Karin player since 2000 but that vid made me want to play V-Karin seriously.

The only suggestion I can make it, maybe insert some explanations in the vid of what’s going on. Most of the stuff I could figure out being a serious A3 player, but some stuff I didn’t at first.

Other than that, it was a LOT of great stuff I’d never seen before. Awesome! :smiley:

Damn I think I single handedly convinced Xenozip to make this video. And what a video it was. Awesome man!!! Good job!!

When is part 2 coming out lol. j/k :cool:

how do you kara cancel in a3?

Wow, that was a huge compliment. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I always pondered the pros and cons in relation to A-ism vs. V-ism Karin. It would be very interesting to hear about your experiances.

And yeah; I really, really, really wanted to add subtitles to the video. But sadly, being that this was my first video project, I had no idea how and lacked the programs in which to do it. I couldn’t even make any fancy screen transitions or intro/credits screens.

Yes, thank you for the inspiration. Good call.

Hehe, let you be the first to ask about part 2, even if you meant it as a joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kara-cancelling in A3 usually refers to canceling a normal into a special, within a few frames of the normal. Or cancelling a normal into a command throw, again within a few frames of the normal.

R.Mikas “kara throw” is s.FP canceled into her 360+K

Zangiefs “kara throw” is JP (crouching or standing) canceling into 360+JP, usually. Though in the video I do a cancel from c.FK into 360+JP, for the sake of looking wacky.

Well, I was going to post something here, but I decided to take it to the A3 thread instead…

What’s the Rose combo?

There’s a few of them.

The 27 hit one can be tech flipped. Though, it is diffacult to tech flip.

counter hit j.FK, cc j.RK, c.SP xx FP-Soul Reflect, (window for tech flip), level 1 soul illusion, c.SP xx RK-Soul Spiral, (opponent is dizzy), j.FP, FP-Soul Reflect, (window for tech flip), j.FP, Soul Illusion ends, c.SP xx RK-Soul Spiral.

Uses only one level of super, and by the end of the combo she has re-gained half of that level. Does about 70% damage (maybe?).

Then there’s the ones in the unblockable re-sets section.

c.RK, walk forward, jump toward, mid-air VC1 activation, cross-up FK, c.SK (unblockable), [c.SP]x3, toward+RK (soul piette), delay c.RK, whiff s.JP

Walk toward, repeat cross-up.

Walk toward, cross-up j.FK, c.SK, back+FP xx SK-Soul Spiral xx back+FP xx FP-Soul Throw.

About 90% damage.

That video made me want to learn A3. Good stuff, I’ve never seen half that shit before…

Seeing as how I love A3, I want to see the video. Is there any VAkuma on it?

Have you thought about making character specific vids? Something like Kakarot’s All About Sakura video. Let me know if you want it.

does cody and charlie have a kara cancel?