SFA3 V-Claw (Vega)

I decided I really want to learn V-claw, but unfortunately it is very difficult to find useful information on him. I know all his specials, how to do his VCs (though it will be quite a while before I pull these off), and his normals fairly well. However what about basic combos, match up strategies, etc. I would love some vid links to high level V-claw players as well if anyone comes across any. Thanks so much, any help is greatly appreciated.

Usually, you can go to YouTube and use words like “SFA3 (insert character name) Tutorial” and find a video or two. Have you looked in the Street Fighter Alpha 3 section on GameFAQs.com? You should find something there, too.

Look for videos of Arturo Sanchez.

Blufang, watch YuT play when he’s on ggpo – that guy has a crazy Vega.

The youtube tutorial showed Vega’s vism combos which was cool, and there are also some vids of high level Claw players (they are scarce though). Gamefaqs, did have Vega guide, but it only showed properties of normals and specials, and some basic advice which seems obvious. It did also have a General combo guide which had like 2 combos…(usable in Vism I mean), jFP, cSP…and then one I didn’t know…(jRK, dSK, Fierce Crystal Flash). However are these all V-Claw has as combos?
Oh I did find some vids of Arturo, and it looked impressive…thx!

Some specific questions…

  1. Is the backflip, or backslash useful at all (not including VC combos)? I see Maho never seems to use it. Is it too risky?

  2. If you do the sweep guard crush VC, what do you do, if they simply decide to take a sweep?

  3. I’m actually new to SFA3, I had it for PSX but barely ever played it, but am trying to learn it seriously now that its on GGPO. However spacing, and timing VC combos…it seems hard, does it take a lot of practice?

Oh Aizen ty! I’ll watch YuT if I see him, maybe even get in a few matches!