SFA3 v-ism ryu combos for dummies

Hi all,

I’m getting into SFA3 again (it’s been a while), and have started experimenting with v-ism ryu. I really like how he plays, however I’m new to v-ism in general.

Anyway, how do I go about learning to play in v-ism? Are there any combos that you can recommend, keeping in mind that I’m a beginner who has never really used v-ism?

In a couple of old videos I have, I have noticed a combo (not VC, just a normal ryu combo) where he jumps in with HP, does a crouching MP, and a HK hurricane kick, hitting the foe with every kick, then juggles the foe with a crouching MP and connects another HK hurricane kick. Instant dizzy, repeat. I can never seem to catch the foe with a crouching MP in time before he lands to complete the juggle. Is there a reason for this?

Anyway, I’m having fun with vryu and was hoping someone could recommend some easy VC’s. Right now all I use it for is sending double fireballs when I’m desperate.


I have searched and found these:


Can someone remind me what the buttons are called? Other than “low medium high (LP MP HP LK MK HP)” it’s all greek to me. Is it jab strong fierce punch/short forward roundhouse kick? And what does “whiffed t+fierce” mean?

Thanks for taking the time to help a noob.

Alright sunshine

LP/jab - Light Punch
MP/strong - medium punch
HP/Fierce - Hard punch

LK/short - Light Kick
MK/Forward - Medium Kick
HK/roundhouse - Hard Kick

cr. crouching
st. standing

You’re doing it in the corner?
I honestly didn’t have any trouble doing this combo. I don’t even really play Alpha 3, but it was pretty easy. Try timing the hit instead of mashing the button. You should cross-up after the hurricane kick, and then just nail a quick :d: :mp: as he lands.

If you’re having trouble with a combo like that, I dunno if you should be trying to learn V-ISM yet. Not trying to be insulting, but get the basics down first.

With Ryu you can do in the corner with VC1 (the 1 means activate with lp+lk) repeated fireballs. It doesn’t do that much damage, but should help you getting started, to later move to the real VCs.

And V-Ryu’s repeated fireball one is useful for Guard Break if all else fails.

Whiffed F+Fierce means intentionally doing F+Fierce and it not connecting…

And I agree…most new people wanna know the tricks when you can never get the tricks if you dont understand the basics…I would stick to basics…master A-Ism.X-Ism first…bc V-ism is the hardest to master by far… I can help you with the basics however…and so can the Alpha 3 conglomerate thread…

Thanks for the help guys,

I have already mastered A- and X-isms, and most often use charge characters. I started playing A3 at my local arcade years ago, and I couldn’t pull off any roll moves, since I’m a born and bred console player. So I used charge characters at the arcade, and thus became quite good with a-blanka, x-chun, a-juni, a-charlie, xORv-balrog, and the like. After having some fun with a-sakura and getting a control stick for my DC, I’ve learned how to control roll characters well (with a stick).

I have never used v-ism though, ever. Even the few people I’ve played at arcades that use v-ism don’t make it look very appealing. Why should I suffer having to deliver less damage and accepting more damage for a super meter that I can just get knocked out of? Combo videos didn’t convince me (a bunch of flash in training mode… meh) until I saw a tournament video of a guy dominating with v-cody. Since it looked like this stuff was applicable outside of training mode, I figured I’d give it a try.

As far as the VC1 + fierce fireball repeatedly in the corner, it seems like the computer will get hit from the first 2, then block the rest. Am I not doing it fast enough? If I panic and go real fast, I start doing dragon punches. Maybe I should start learning in training mode.

As far as the non VC mentioned above, is the jumping in with HP necessary? I’ve been walking with a cr. MP to hurricane kick to missed cr. MP. SOMETIMES I’ll connect the MP but then can’t pull the next hurricane kick in time. I guess I just need practice.

I don’t like to jump in that often, which is why I like v-ryu. His toward + HP, back + HK, toward + MP, and hopkick give him so many options.

Thanks again.

You’re probably doing the fireball motions too fast, not too slow.
The jumping :hp: isn’t necessary.
If you don’t use it, it just means you need to add an SRK or a hurricane kick after the :d::mp: to stun.

I assume you mean before instead of after, and you’re right… it seems that walking up and simply doing a cr. MP is punishable by almost anything. What do you mean by SRK? standing roundhouse kick? Won’t that push the foe too far away?

No after. When you do the :d::mp: after the hurricane kick, you’ve crossed over, and you’re in range for another hurricane kick or SRK after the :d::mp:.

Make sure it’s a roundhouse hurricane you’re doing.

SRK = Shoryuken.