SFA3 - Vega's most powerful VC

I’ve been playing V-Vega for over a year now, and I consider myself a decent player, or atleast a half-decent player - as Subliminal and Middlekick will tell you! :wink:

However, I’ve tried and I’ve tried! But, I cannot seem to execute Vega’s most powerful mid-screen VC, even though I’ve seen it in videos and it’s even been performed on me by Jimmy (“V-Ryu”).

As far I can see, there are 3 stages to this VC:-

STAGE 1 - Launch opponent into Air.
I’ve seen this begin on the ground with:
c.Forward, Scarlet Terror, Scarlet Terror.
However, I would be starting it as air defense, so I only need to perform Scarlet Terror twice, without the c.Forward.
What strength and timing is needed of the 2 flipkicks (Scarlet Terror), for the Overheard in STAGE 2 to successfully connect each time?

STAGE 2 - Overhead => Roll => Overhead => Roll(Repeat… …until you reach corner).
I know the overhead is performed as s.Roundhouse (this is the only way it can be done), but what about the Roll that follows? Which strength is used on the roll? Anyone describe the timing??
BTW, despite popular myths, this stage CANNOT be performed as Overhead => Scarlet Terror => Overhead => Scarlet Terror because you lose too much distance. I can CONFIRM that it’s done with a roll… but how?

STAGE 3 - In corner - I never got got this far!
Just help me with STAGES 1 and 2 for now!!

Does anyone know EXACTLY how to execute this VC?

I am not sure if you need 2 flip kicks to start the VC off (Specially for anti-air start)… Also seeing as that Scarlet Terror (ST) can be air blocked you can just go standing short into the ST then you can go standing roundhouse afterwards…

As for the second timing it seems you alternate between jab and strong rolls… But the weird thing about them is that you cancel before the claw attack for the jab roll and you cancel off the 1st or 2nd bounce of the strong roll… This part of the VC also confuses me as well…

As for the 3rd part (If you need to know)… I think it is standing roundhouse then crouch fierce cancel into backflip then repeat… I think the whole combo may be VC2 or possibly VC3…

I hope this helps out a bit…

post here next time


Inigma, I’m glad somebody knows what I’m talking about! I didn’t think I would get any replies.

You’re right, 2 flipkicks alone can be air blocked, but even if they connect it still doesn’t work, so I will scrap that.

I will try out your strategy with the standing Forward into a single flipkick and the low/medium rolls, but in the meantime I think I’ve worked out an easy method, which does decent damage.

Air Defense
c.Jab, Scarlett Terror, (pause a tiny bit), Scarlett Terror => s.Roundhouse, Fierce Rolling Crystal Flash (wait for second bounce), s.Roundhouse, Fierce Rolling Crystal Flash (wait for second bounce), s.Roundhouse…

The crouching jab enables the overhead to connect about 50% of the time, depending on the timing, so I still need to work on Stage 1. This is obviously not the best way to do it because I can only repeat stage 2 twice, so I will look into using the weaker rolls to shorten the distance.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t have ever seen this had it not had it’s own thread. The character vc thread is too much imo. There are so many possible vcs and too many characters for it to have one thread. That’s almost as bad as having one thread for combos.

The other forums get separate pages for individual characters and, while it’s organized, those forums look much less frequented and well…all and all it just seems nitpicky. This thread was very specific and in the area A3 is supposed to be in, “other games.”

Am I to think that A3 isn’t allowed to have individual character threads? No dis to you personally, MJ. However, if that’s the case, I call WEAK.

As for the topic, I think I’ll get back into “knowing the game” since well, A3 is just a better SF than anything newer. More fun too. Even with random characters, heheh. So, I’ll post on this later.

As for doing the RH(wtf? overhead? If it hit overhead you couldn’t block it while crouching, heheh) right into the flipkicks, you CAN do that. With vc1 anyway. It’s a bit too accurate on the corners to do it consistently on 360’s imo. Still, it can be done. I’ve done a few reps and I know Eddie Lee had that shit back in the day. The timing is mad tite and not merely repetitive. Just letting you know, with vc1, you can implement the RH right into the flip and it does the most damage I’ve seen. I don’t know the entire vc, personally. Might wanna holla at Eddie Lee or maybe Sabin.